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Noal Farm Noal Farm

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Noal Farm contents : Harvesting , Procesing, Packing , agriculture technology, food processing,

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8:12Amazing Crocodile Farming Technology - Crocodile Meat Processing Factory - Alligator Farm
9:06How it's Grow Reishi - Red Reishi Mushroom Farm - Reishi Mushroom Harvest and Processing
10:32Amazing Bluefin Tuna Net Fishing - Big Tuna Farm Harvesting - BLUEFIN TUNA Cutting in Factory
8:10Edible bird nest harvest - Swiftlet Bird nest Processing - How to make bird nest soup
8:23Red Chilli Pepper Harvest - Chili Powder Processing in Factory - How chili sauce is made


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  • What is the brani of the filleting machine and what is the percentage yield you can recover? Thank you

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  • Hello from Romania by Ferma Gradina Bio

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