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Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for the best trending videos, or videos people have forgotten about, and put them all in one video. I upload 2 times a week to keep video quality high. I always ask for permission to share videos that I find!


If YOU film a video and think it is good enough to be featured on Daily Dose Of Internet, you can submit videos to me using the link below.

Only send in videos that you personally filmed. If you are not 18, you can have a parent or guardian sign for you.



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3:20Dog Amazes People By Running Over Pool
Dog Amazes People By Running Over Poolعدد المشاهدات 4 مليونأيام قبل
3:24Paragliders Collide And Fall 4,000 Feet
Paragliders Collide And Fall 4,000 Feetعدد المشاهدات 4.4 مليونأيام قبل
3:24Blind Cat Has Unique Eyes
Blind Cat Has Unique Eyesعدد المشاهدات 5 مليون7 أيام قبل
3:21Man Born Without A Collarbone
Man Born Without A Collarboneعدد المشاهدات 12 مليون7 أيام قبل
3:20Giant Cloud Rolls Through Neighborhood
Giant Cloud Rolls Through Neighborhoodعدد المشاهدات 7 مليون14 أيام قبل
3:17Why There Is Plastic In Fish Meat
Why There Is Plastic In Fish Meatعدد المشاهدات 6 مليون14 أيام قبل
3:20Rare Gemstone Looks Like The Cookie Monster
Rare Gemstone Looks Like The Cookie Monsterعدد المشاهدات 6 مليون21 أيام قبل
3:21How Blind People Text On Their Phones
How Blind People Text On Their Phonesعدد المشاهدات 8 مليون21 أيام قبل
3:19Sheep Goes Years Without Being Sheared
Sheep Goes Years Without Being Shearedعدد المشاهدات 10 مليون28 أيام قبل
3:18Why This Slug Cut Off Its Own Head
Why This Slug Cut Off Its Own Headعدد المشاهدات 8 مليونأشهر قبل
3:19Friendly Cat Scares Away Delivery Man
Friendly Cat Scares Away Delivery Manعدد المشاهدات 6 مليونأشهر قبل
3:21Firefighter Saves Man From Falling Out Window
Firefighter Saves Man From Falling Out Windowعدد المشاهدات 6 مليونأشهر قبل
3:18Baby Moose Saved From Drowning In Lake
Baby Moose Saved From Drowning In Lakeعدد المشاهدات 4 مليونأشهر قبل
3:16Birds Fly In Shape-Shifting Pattern
Birds Fly In Shape-Shifting Patternعدد المشاهدات 4.8 مليونأشهر قبل
3:15Plane Engine Explodes Mid-Flight
Plane Engine Explodes Mid-Flightعدد المشاهدات 8 مليونأشهر قبل
3:20Giving A Banana A Tattoo
Giving A Banana A Tattooعدد المشاهدات 6 مليونأشهر قبل
3:21Mountain Creates Extreme Static Electricity
Mountain Creates Extreme Static Electricityعدد المشاهدات 8 مليونأشهر قبل
3:23Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask
Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Maskعدد المشاهدات 19 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:19Elephant Steals Hat And Eats It
Elephant Steals Hat And Eats Itعدد المشاهدات 4.6 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:19What Happens When You Swallow A Pill
What Happens When You Swallow A Pillعدد المشاهدات 8 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:17China Built Their Own Fake Paris
China Built Their Own Fake Parisعدد المشاهدات 6 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:19Giant Earthquake Interrupts Interview
Giant Earthquake Interrupts Interviewعدد المشاهدات 7 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:19Driver Reverses Away From Sliding Car
Driver Reverses Away From Sliding Carعدد المشاهدات 6 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:21Lava Devours An Entire Car
Lava Devours An Entire Carعدد المشاهدات 9 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:15Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hill
Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hillعدد المشاهدات 7 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:21Cat Addicted To Catnip
Cat Addicted To Catnipعدد المشاهدات 8 مليون2 أشهر قبل
3:22Porcupine Loves To Get Pet
Porcupine Loves To Get Petعدد المشاهدات 8 مليون3 أشهر قبل
3:16Crow Helps Hedgehog Cross The Street
Crow Helps Hedgehog Cross The Streetعدد المشاهدات 6 مليون3 أشهر قبل
3:28What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Apples
What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Applesعدد المشاهدات 11 مليون3 أشهر قبل
3:22Dog Rescued From Tar Pit
Dog Rescued From Tar Pitعدد المشاهدات 8 مليون3 أشهر قبل


  • Can we all get a r for respect for my 5th grade teacher? She's awesome

  • 0:31 Barney (HIMYM) says,"meet me in the bar in 15 minutes"

  • اللي شاف الجربوع لايك 🤣

  • I think I overdosed on Internet 🤭

  • Me: Burns the resurrection plant Also me: No resurrections this time

  • Mr. Stiffy

  • I wanna see him make the sound of a chicken head

  • 0:24

  • 0:27 be Uber drivers who are daredevils

  • Heartbeat sounds like printer


  • that cat is the embodiment of smh

  • NPC levels of failure with that pizza oven

  • man taht sick dog made me sad ╯︿╰

  • Sad when you realise that safe haven here is just another way of saying baby dumpster for irresponsible knockups

  • Poopy poopy poop I like my cereal with fruit loops Loops make circles and hoops A farts are gooey and goop

  • For all honesty, that looked like true love

  • Doggo Water bender Walker on water

  • "They are using plastic instead of noodles." I got some bad news for you and anybody else who doesn't know the molecular make up of packaged Ramen Noodles. (Hint: its basically plastic. Thats why you can feed a college student with them for a year for about 10 dollars.)

  • I thought this was a face reveal from the thumbnail trailer!

  • This is MY daily dose of pleasure :D

  • he look like amogus :O

  • 1:43 now do it with time stop

  • Jesus Dog

  • 0:51 the face of every parent

  • 0:30 big mess

  • The mom: *stairs at baby* The baby: WAHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHH The mom: WAHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH The baby in his mind: what is this dumb lady doing

  • I don’t think das a pouch if you know what I’m sayin

  • Naruto is real

  • first thing to do when you tongue swells up "ask tiktok"

  • That dog is flash

  • _Thats no design feature, that’s a laser sight! get down!_


  • Dog used his ultra instinct!

  • The 2nd I seen before from Zach king

  • I love you feeding the squirrels 🐿🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏

  • So you can feel the same way as dinosaurs

  • I guess King Kong knows how to swipe on a dating app.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s bird man!

  • If that guy was a airbender. No one would stand a chance

  • 1:12 “the aliens are using their gravity weapons on us, this will be a tough one commander”

  • if all I had to do to get on the daily dose of the internet was to do what I do every day, land at an airport after telling the tower to reduce lights, I would have done it. DAMMIT.

  • Cat: "Say eh again"!!!

  • *scoff scoff* CPG Grey *scoff scoff*

  • That’s a buzz saw and then edited into paper

  • Googer

  • To be fair, I’m disgusted by that baby too.

  • The frog looks like it's takin' a wazz.

  • Cats back then: Fast, strong, stealthy, amazing hunters Cats now: 0:19

  • fun fact; this is the 25,001th comment:)

  • *Technically* it is clickbait but let's ignore that

  • Daily Dose Of Internet: Cat sounds like lazer beam 15 mil people: *Interesting*

  • Why he sound like that lol

  • that`s not a cat, that`s caracal!

  • 6:28 link? Name?

  • OO pet hamster eats broccoli

  • Yea we dont like kids

  • them squirels are fat

  • 0:52 I can relate

  • They call the dog Jesus

  • 1:00 CAMPERS

  • How he draws attnetion: *Censored rock*

  • That dog is jesus

  • Wow time for another forest fire

  • That cat doing that is literally the most cat thing EVER

  • This is why no other country is intimidated by the United States anymore lol

  • Reminded me of Sam & Max Hit the Road

  • that squirrel is me when costco has free samples

  • 1:22 my cat looked up to find a bird.

  • We should get Mark Rober to make a custom feeder for Daily Dose and his squirrels

  • Collar McGregor

  • 0:30 Me in minecraft with the elytra

  • Is the bread 🍞 still edible?

  • This made my fkn day omg :P thank you sir

  • Awe my dog used to do what the dog did in the last clip-

  • I too am disgusted by babies. They're useless little aliens.

  • What the


  • RIP the huevó

  • 2:59. People in the 3 cars: Hey look we gotta free car wash although we need soap. *drives awaY to a car wash just to get some soap* *3 cars come back* Ocean: NO MORE WAVES. *cars start to beep at the waves* Waves:😐😐😐