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Hey, I'm Milad! Welcome to my ARdown channel which is a collection of segments from my life. I hope you enjoy your stay :)


0:19I Went To The Wrong Subway #shorts
I Went To The Wrong Subway #shortsعدد المشاهدات 13 ألف
0:16Why Does It Matter? #shorts
Why Does It Matter? #shortsعدد المشاهدات 41 ألفأيام قبل
0:16I Took A Small Break #shorts
I Took A Small Break #shortsعدد المشاهدات 47 ألفأيام قبل
0:18The Moment I Finished School Forever #shorts
The Moment I Finished School Forever #shortsعدد المشاهدات 88 ألفأيام قبل
2:20I graduated college
I graduated collegeعدد المشاهدات 207 ألفأيام قبل
0:16Cookie Pizza 🍪🍕
Cookie Pizza 🍪🍕عدد المشاهدات 223 ألفأيام قبل
44:50Making Subs At Subweh (Live)
Making Subs At Subweh (Live)عدد المشاهدات 287 ألفأيام قبل
0:15The Best Chips #shorts
The Best Chips #shortsعدد المشاهدات 515 ألفأيام قبل
0:15Off The Apple Cider #shorts
Off The Apple Cider #shortsعدد المشاهدات 401 ألفأيام قبل
59:44Making Sandwiches Live (Last Try)
Making Sandwiches Live (Last Try)عدد المشاهدات 438 ألفأيام قبل
0:18Don’t Touch Meat 🥩 #shorts
Don’t Touch Meat 🥩 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 653 ألفأيام قبل
0:13Making Kabobs w/ My Mom #shorts
Making Kabobs w/ My Mom #shortsعدد المشاهدات 540 ألفأيام قبل
0:14Making Ramen w/ My GF #shorts
Making Ramen w/ My GF #shortsعدد المشاهدات 639 ألفأيام قبل
0:11Volcano Experiment 🌋 #shorts
Volcano Experiment 🌋 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 427 ألفأيام قبل
3:01why are you so mad
why are you so madعدد المشاهدات 827 ألفأيام قبل
0:18Man Was Either Possessed Or Pranking Me #shorts
Man Was Either Possessed Or Pranking Me #shortsعدد المشاهدات 846 ألفأيام قبل
0:20Why Do We Use See Through Gloves #shorts
Why Do We Use See Through Gloves #shortsعدد المشاهدات 943 ألفأيام قبل
0:19My Other Job #shorts
My Other Job #shortsعدد المشاهدات 1.6 مليونأيام قبل
0:16“Why Do You Sound Sad?” #shorts
“Why Do You Sound Sad?” #shortsعدد المشاهدات 761 ألفأيام قبل
0:16Someone Drops Their Sub #shorts
Someone Drops Their Sub #shortsعدد المشاهدات 734 ألفأيام قبل
0:17I Don't Pick What Subs I Make #shorts
I Don't Pick What Subs I Make #shortsعدد المشاهدات 1.1 مليونأيام قبل
0:19Clean Your Restaurant #shorts
Clean Your Restaurant #shortsعدد المشاهدات 482 ألفأيام قبل
0:15This Man Has Jokes #shorts
This Man Has Jokes #shortsعدد المشاهدات 793 ألفأيام قبل
5:07my first vlog
my first vlogعدد المشاهدات 885 ألفأيام قبل
0:18How Many Subways I’ve Worked At #shorts
How Many Subways I’ve Worked At #shortsعدد المشاهدات 347 ألفأيام قبل
0:14Subway’s Secret Menu #shorts
Subway’s Secret Menu #shortsعدد المشاهدات 452 ألف7 أيام قبل
0:20Why Do Americans Tip? #shorts
Why Do Americans Tip? #shortsعدد المشاهدات 1 مليون7 أيام قبل
0:21When Someone Accidentally Tips $1000 #shorts
When Someone Accidentally Tips $1000 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 1.8 مليون7 أيام قبل
3:13ma’am i’m gonna have to ask you to calm down
ma’am i’m gonna have to ask you to calm downعدد المشاهدات 987 ألف7 أيام قبل
0:25Man Threatened Us At Subway #shorts
Man Threatened Us At Subway #shortsعدد المشاهدات 624 ألف7 أيام قبل


  • If they cut the line cut them back

  • I hope you are haveing a good life

  • Congrats your so amazing! 😊✨❤️

  • Congrats! You've finished your 4 year prison sentence


  • Yay!

  • Good job bro

  • Your free now 🤗

  • congratulations!!!!!

  • How to you change you canvas dashboard color?

  • Chip sandwichd :>

  • I used to work at a subway and did the same thing, but because if i followed the formula then people would keep asking for more and it was just annoying so i did everyone's with extra veggies.

  • Callage

  • 😅

  • Congratulations Milad!

  • Hi avi

  • PDA means Public Display of Affection 😁🤭 im old 🤣 😂

  • omg my sister graduated today too!

  • I always watch these and think in my head "I am going to get this exact sandwich next time I go" and I always forget

  • The entire uk:

  • Nearly impossible for them to fall off..

  • Congrats man! Now you should prepare cus u gonna suffer in the near future

  • Congratulations, Milad!

  • Nice I haven’t even go to college yet lol

  • whos gonna tell him...

  • Random person: Has an 8 year old kid ever shot the store? Milad: So there was this one time when...

  • Imagine how weird it must be for the owner to see a random person working who isn't on the schedule

  • Cool.I drank some beer and pretended to be drunk to my sister and the first thing she said was "Really?Wow lightweight much?" Then she got worried lol then proceeded to chase me with a slipper and a butterknife after she founded out that I was pranking her.

  • Congrats man

  • Thank you so much I’ve learnt something

  • Im a health in specter. It's a health code violation to touch meat and vegetables with the same gloves. The customer shouldn't have to ask you to follow health codes.

  • The meanest person I have ever met was a girl in first grade her name was Deandra and I just want to say deandra if ur out there just why, JUST WHY

  • 👍👍👍👍💭👍👍👍👍

  • congrats milad you deserve it

  • Good job on finishing college 😃😃

  • It's canvas lmao. BTW congratulations, really happy for you. Lets hope I make it through college when road comes along.

  • Congrats try to make your best subway sandwhich

  • Do you know arabic because iran or persia is close to arabs like Saudi Arabia iraq and a bunch of other countries

  • Congrats on graduating give life your best effort love you 😊😊😊😊

  • Hey Milad, what degree did you graduate with?

  • What are one of your most favourite toppings

  • So true bro, congrats on graduation too. Graduated too just last week (May 7) . Welcome to the grad gang!!

  • This is if ever youtuber tried to loop their shorts perfectly

  • Hey bro, why are subways eggs so juicy?

  • dat PC is better than mine that can't even run 10 chrome tabs

  • Congratulations! 🎈🎉

  • Das tuff

  • What degree do you have? Or what are majoring in


  • Is that marker on ur hand or tattoo?

  • Is that a challenge?? First to not het busted and called out gets free subs for a year!!!

  • Do u get recognised Pls answer

  • It is only 6 minutes away from each other.

  • Malid congrats

  • Congratulations

  • It’s you

  • They speak Spanish or another language .. 😅

  • Less go milad best of luck!!!

  • Some rubbish car not that bad but still trash

  • How can you be new at subway? You haven’t been living life correctly if you’re American

  • I can almost tell the that do is Raw

  • Imagine if you were going to the wrong subway every day

  • Congrats dude 😉

  • why u turn off pc on button milad, why?


  • Oh no

  • You have any pets?

  • Why did the comment say have you ever made the wrong subway by accident

  • I get sick from the fumes in subway so I don't go in, but if I were to go to any subway I'd go to Milad's. He is so cool.

  • Congrats man!!

  • The teeny department cephalometrically water because tuba literally whisper alongside a thick australian. gifted, ill-informed opinion

  • Congrats

  • If u ask meh

  • Olives

  • U look so 😍 cute I couldn't tell it by your voice

  • How do you go to the wrong subway who does that

  • Congrats bro

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations Milad🥳🎊🎂

  • Guy, I love you vids....but you have no idea what is a real KAREN is....