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Bondi Vet is your one stop ARdown channel that covers all important aspects related to pet care and choosing a pet. With NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK, be sure to check back everyday.

We provide crucial vet advice for different health issues related to pets, give tutorials on how to train your pets from basic-to-advanced levels, and provide comprehensive information about specific dog breeds and how they suit different lifestyles.


13:21Tim Faulkner Raids Alligator Nest And Incubates 42 Eggs! | Bondi Vet
Tim Faulkner Raids Alligator Nest And Incubates 42 Eggs! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 32 ألف17 ساعات قبل
21:31Tim Gets Worried After A Koala Goes AWOL! | Full Episode | The Wild Life Of Tim Faulkner
10:17Vet Induces Vomiting After Hank, The Puppy Eats MUSHROOMS?! | Bondi Vet
Vet Induces Vomiting After Hank, The Puppy Eats MUSHROOMS?! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 30 ألف17 ساعات قبل
1:36Bondi Vet x Advantage Petcare Competition
Bondi Vet x Advantage Petcare Competitionعدد المشاهدات 8 ألف7 أيام قبل
8:19Owners Suspect Their Dog Has Eaten Hearing Aid Battery! | Bondi Vet
Owners Suspect Their Dog Has Eaten Hearing Aid Battery! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 29 ألف7 أيام قبل
10:21Vet Suspects He Found A SPIDER Down A Dogs EAR! | Bondi Vet
Vet Suspects He Found A SPIDER Down A Dogs EAR! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 64 ألف7 أيام قبل
7:42Cockatiels Beak Growing Into Its NECK! | Bondi Vet
Cockatiels Beak Growing Into Its NECK! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 147 ألف14 أيام قبل
12:29Tim Faulkner And The Team Wrestle 6 Metre Long Python Who Needs An X-Ray | Bondi Vet
3:06Dogs Looks Permanently Shocked With His Protruding Eyes | Bondi Vet
Dogs Looks Permanently Shocked With His Protruding Eyes | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 97 ألف21 أيام قبل
36:40Bam Bam On Last Legs After Being Diagnosed With Diabetes | Full Episode | Bondi Vet
3:17Owners Suspects Pug Ate OPEN Safety Pin! | Bondi Vet
Owners Suspects Pug Ate OPEN Safety Pin! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 68 ألف21 أيام قبل
4:13Vet Helps Rescue Dog With His Arthritis | Bondi Vet X PAW By Blackmores
Vet Helps Rescue Dog With His Arthritis | Bondi Vet X PAW By Blackmoresعدد المشاهدات 22 ألف21 أيام قبل
33:46Vet Helps Police Dog Return To Active Duty After Knee Injury | Full Episode | Bondi Vet
13:34Vet Removes 3 TEETH That Got Trapped In Crocs Mouth | Bondi Vet
Vet Removes 3 TEETH That Got Trapped In Crocs Mouth | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 14 مليون28 أيام قبل
42:01Vets Pull A 5cm Stick Out Of Cats EYE?! | BRAND NEW SEASON | Full Episode | Bondi Vet
9:24Callous Burglars Attack Innocent Dog! | Bondi Vet
Callous Burglars Attack Innocent Dog! | Bondi Vetعدد المشاهدات 671 ألفأشهر قبل


  • Honey...what an amazing baby to be so sweet when you know she has been in pain her entire life with those lashes scratching her eyes.....she is going to make somwone the best pet!

  • Hey i follow the pettit creek farms socil media they are great. Their instagram is pettitcreekfarms1, and Facebook is pettit creek farms. Would definitely recommend giving them a follow for updates.

  • Its disgusting to think someone would do that to a cat, how was that a considered a good death thanks to the person who brought him to the vet

  • So a system that kills yourself when it comes to it. hmm.

  • Funnel web: *Stay back. I got venom and I ain't afraid to use it. Look for yourself.*

  • I love cats and I don't want to watch a vid ever where cats die so I hope this one survives

  • you know youre a mouth breather when there are algae growing on your teeth

  • I don't understand people who get a dog, whether pure breed or rescue, and for some unknown reason can't handle the dog and then heartlessly, just abandon the dog, especially when there are many organizations and individuals ready, willing and able to be of assistance and take the unwanted pet. Not only does the dog suffer greatly from the abandonment (both physically and mentally), but may actually pose a threat to other people, either by biting or spreading disease or both. People who think nothing of abandoning their pets should not only be severely fined (which fine could then be used to offset the costs of taking care of an abandoned animal), but should also be jailed for a long time to feel what an abandoned animal feels when taken to a pound and not to a rescue organization.

  • Please spay/neuter your animals, there's a huge pet overpopulation problem. Chances are those poor kittens will eventually end up on the street

  • did he get high on the shrooms

  • 31:28 is when they get back to the eye

  • 25:52 if you came here for the cat

  • I Really feel bella's owner, im also very sensitive when animals are in pain. Best of luck to both of them

  • That thick is endemic Australia or that can happen with every thick?🤔

  • I can't believe they're letting kids around a Komodo. I hope I'm missing something because risking a year long gangrenous infection seem like a weird choice.

  • I feel like my jaw is getting dominated through the screen by his strong jaw

  • So glad that they could save the poor seal - it's awesome

  • The cops need to find this guy. The facts of this case suggest this guy is more dangerous than a couple of mischievous kids or a junkie. Attacking an animal that clearly did not attack him coupled with his choice of crime suggests a likely psychopath who's working up his antisocial confidence.

  • Money making techniques

  • I always thought that a camel has two humps and a dromedar has one 🐫🐪

  • 😅

  • I'm so happy that these animals are getting healed

  • I can't look while they take the spoon

  • This guy has one of the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom... The croc's jaw is also pretty strong too

  • I love it when they come to my country South Africa 😁🔥🔥❤👍

  • I'd hate to be the guy on the mouth

  • Absolutely love Shar-Peis my parents used to have a kennel but they took very good care of their dogs got there eyes tack if they needed it and anything else they needed my parents always took very good care of their dogs one of these days I do plan on getting a Shar-Pei again they're very good family dogs

  • thanks gura, very cool

  • I don’t care what you say horses r the best

  • Worrying how it’s first move was to go into a threat postured

  • Simba's got that unique personality I hear, seeing as his owner says he'd do something like that.

  • หมอและทุกคนเก่งมาก👍👍👍

    • The vet’s jawline is more terrifying than the croc’s jaw.

  • Godbless em all!

  • is it just me or do australian dog muzzles just look mettel as F (im American btw)

  • B.J. Blazkowicz

  • Dr cris your the beeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • spidey has two episodes now

  • The Royal families and Blue Bloods don’t mind inbreeding. They prefer it. So gross. If you know what characteristics to look for the UK lizard family are textbook photos.

  • So glad Honey the sweet Shar Pei found a forever home. Spidey is one very lucky cat! That little Joey peeing on the kitchen bench 🤣🤣🤣

  • No veterinary doctor should associate him/her self with the abomination called "Noah's Ark". These people refuse to believe in evolution ( they even claim that dinosaurs where in the ark) and that the earth is 6000 years old. Also their cult leader is a Christian fundamentalist from Australia called Ken Ham

  • I am a vet from India and love the professionalism and love with which Australian vets work 👍

  • I can't with people who don't spay/neuter and then don't take responsability for pups or kittens. They'll say "I want to see what it's like to have baby animals", nah, what you're saying is "I'm egoistical, I want cute things, and I want to add to the growing problem of overpopulated shelters"

  • It's not really that annoying when you think about the amazing lives they save on a daily basis ! It's honestly inspiring !!

  • I live on the third floor. My cat fell off from the balcony railing to the pavement below. I rushed him to my vet down the street. All he had was a broken fang. My boy didnt want to be up on the railing anymore. I have since then enclosed the balcony for all my baby's safety.

  • Spoiler!! . . . . . . . I'm so sad about Terry the snake, and so sad for Jade. Rest in peace, know you were love. And to Jade, I am heartbroken for your loss.

  • Cool. I was also feeling relieved. Well done

  • Thank you Scott and the rescue teams!!!!!

  • Don’t go to see this ark.

  • How horrid! Using these poor animals used, used for human fodder. And for what? A dumb ark!

  • --My cat ate a 60 mg slow release morphine pill I diddnt notice till the morning which meant he'd had it 8 hours ago before slipping off to sleep . He was OK but I still took him to the vet

  • Nobody knows how much someone can love their pet snake. But the snake knows. For sure.

  • Broke my heart when she started crying. Didn’t have to zoom in on her face like that lol

  • Thank god for doctors.

  • Hi Bondi Vets If you can't get Chris Brown or he doesn't want to be on,Luse and all the other VET on Bondi Vets. Your Fan Diana Knight

  • 12 ads nice

  • Sampson is an adorable kitten, he reminds me an old cat we inherited from an elderly neighbour. He had the same colouring and majestic long fur. He lived to be 25, older than me at the time, and king of the place. He also looks a lot like George, Dr. Chris's rescue cat. Such a shame that people don't care for animals, just the money they can make out of them.

  • The Virgin Crocodile vs The Chad Veterinarian

  • oh gosh poor spidey

  • This is my favourite part of the day , when they up lode

  • Rileys girlfriend actually snuggled up a bit to him in the end! <3 <3 Thats so fecking adorable! She checked on her man after he comes back from the dentist! This is so lovely <3

  • The way he shook that one pupper

  • Poor scott bumping his head

  • Getting French kissed by this vet could either be the most amazing OR the most painful experience ever.

  • 8:17 start

  • It needs EIGHT men to hold down a barely struggling croc! Geezeus.

  • G

  • 14:02 They didn’t speak at the same time this is something to celebrate 😩

  • Scared of a water dragon?

  • King Browns dont just have deadly venom like most snakes. But they have necrotic venom! As in,their venom doesnt just overload the nervous system and causes breathing and heart failuer. But their venom actually Kills tissue! A bite from a king brown causes necrotic damage to the bite, aka, the flesh literaly ROTS on the living body.

  • "Do what he does best, sleep"😂😂

  • In Australia. A snake. "Dont get bitten!" WELL DUH! Next youll tell me to breath and drink 3 liters of water a day. XD

  • Hey i live here and my sister is doing volunteer work at the sanctuary its called billabong

  • his jawline is almost as strong as the crocs one damn

  • I just realized... People arent wearing masks in this! At first i thought the video is 2+ years old. But its 1 month old!? Is Australia covid safe? Or whats going on?

  • I love your channel I also want to be a wet.I also have a cat and have a channel about gaming and animals.Hope u rescue more animals

  • The frick kind of ticks exist in australia, that they can shut down a cat like that!? :O Geeze

  • Frick frick

  • "Oi, Timmy!" "You got one?" "Yeah, yeah yeah yeah." Expectations: At least 5 metre long slither monster. Reality: n o o d l e

  • Frick

  • Im heartbroken for cookie, poor little guy, he was healthy and the surgery wasnt needed on a health basis, i understand that things happen during any surgical procedure and its clearly not the vets fault, im not blaming anyone or passing judgment, its just sad that the little bunny was healthy and he died over a procedure he didnt have to have💔