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5 best buds just kickin' it.
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25:56Dude Wars | OT 24
Dude Wars | OT 24عدد المشاهدات 12 مليون7 أيام قبل
4:57Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfectعدد المشاهدات 12 مليون
9:41Game Night Stereotypes
Game Night Stereotypesعدد المشاهدات 17 مليونأشهر قبل
9:17Flying RC Car
Flying RC Carعدد المشاهدات 14 مليونأشهر قبل
30:23Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23
Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23عدد المشاهدات 15 مليون2 أشهر قبل
26:19Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22عدد المشاهدات 12 مليون2 أشهر قبل
26:19Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21عدد المشاهدات 17 مليون2 أشهر قبل
26:13It Finally Happened | OT 20
It Finally Happened | OT 20عدد المشاهدات 14 مليون3 أشهر قبل
6:54Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battle
Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battleعدد المشاهدات 11 مليون3 أشهر قبل
15:32Go Kart Paintball Battle
Go Kart Paintball Battleعدد المشاهدات 13 مليون3 أشهر قبل
10:47Halloween Stereotypes
Halloween Stereotypesعدد المشاهدات 26 مليون4 أشهر قبل
25:49GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19
GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19عدد المشاهدات 20 مليون4 أشهر قبل
10:47Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
Giant Grouper Fishing Battleعدد المشاهدات 15 مليون5 أشهر قبل
WORST PUNISHMENT YET | OT 18عدد المشاهدات 25 مليون5 أشهر قبل
8:37Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Concrete Shoes Football Battleعدد المشاهدات 15 مليون6 أشهر قبل
10:53Airsoft Battle 3
Airsoft Battle 3عدد المشاهدات 14 مليون6 أشهر قبل
28:01Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17عدد المشاهدات 28 مليون6 أشهر قبل
8:21Swimming Pool Stereotypes
Swimming Pool Stereotypesعدد المشاهدات 38 مليون6 أشهر قبل
6:59Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots
Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shotsعدد المشاهدات 23 مليون7 أشهر قبل
5:19Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
Card Throwing Trick Shots 2عدد المشاهدات 22 مليون7 أشهر قبل
6:47Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Winsعدد المشاهدات 25 مليون8 أشهر قبل
4:51Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfectعدد المشاهدات 46 مليون8 أشهر قبل
13:47All Sports Golf Battle 4
All Sports Golf Battle 4عدد المشاهدات 26 مليون8 أشهر قبل
24:25Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16عدد المشاهدات 28 مليون9 أشهر قبل
1:24:31Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary
Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentaryعدد المشاهدات 28 مليون9 أشهر قبل
9:43Quarantine Stereotypes
Quarantine Stereotypesعدد المشاهدات 47 مليون10 أشهر قبل
21:17Eating Dog Food Like Cereal 🤢 | OT 15
Eating Dog Food Like Cereal 🤢 | OT 15عدد المشاهدات 16 مليون10 أشهر قبل
7:18Blindfolded Archery Battle
Blindfolded Archery Battleعدد المشاهدات 16 مليون11 أشهر قبل
8:54Giant Foam Pit | Dude Perfect
Giant Foam Pit | Dude Perfectعدد المشاهدات 22 مليون11 أشهر قبل
26:10Top 10 Candy List EVER | OT 14
Top 10 Candy List EVER | OT 14عدد المشاهدات 30 مليون11 أشهر قبل


  • *me realizing HoW dAy DoO dAt*

  • Tyler’s

  • Imagine at the end ty said ping pong trick shots 4 then they had to restart😂😂😂

  • ?

  • Could you guys make another metel detector Battle please.

  • B

  • Chase elliot? He's a professional Nascar driver now you got him as a coach before he was famouse that cool

  • Will there be more bucket list episodes?

  • It's cool

  • 1. Garret - $13 2. Coby - $7 3. Cody - $6 4. Tyler - $4 5. Cory - $2

  • Lol

  • All the dads out there are “The Lost Guys”

  • nobody: americans when kayaking: 4:33

  • 1. Tyler $34 2. Cody - $28 3. Cory - $6 4. Coby - $2.25 5. Garret - $1.25

  • Thanks for the video i love the overtime videos.

  • 2:32 me when i try and show off my skills in Egypt

  • Cody just literally took the chips out of Garret’s cart

  • 35,136빠

  • Ty is my favorite!!!!! I love his personality❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • That scene fight though. Plot twist there VADERS

  • Tyler

  • 15

  • 2:26 it’s a boy

  • 1. Garret - $40 2. Tyler - $30 3. Coby - $25 4. Cory - $10 5. Cody - $0

  • can you give it a shutout Lets play all kinds of games

  • can you give it a shutout Lets play all kinds of games

  • 1. Cody - $3,000 2. Coby - $750 3. Tyler - $435 4. Garret - $85 5. Cory - $45

  • Why don't you guys make a glow in the dark trick shots 2

  • there is no way this was 8 years ago

  • I hat you cory

  • ping pong sing song 2: pop goes the weezle

  • The fight scene was so funny, "just so you know, I finished the syrup too" hahahaha

  • Whenever I’m feeling down, these guys always cheer me up

  • 1. Tyler - $300 2. Cody - $8.00 3. Garret - $5.00 4. Coby - $3.25 5. Cory - $1.85

  • Model rocket battle 3 PLEASE

  • Twinkle twinkle little star?


  • I'm hoping for top 10 frozen pizza BUT there's a new rule if ty does not put any of my frozen pizza's in any of the spots he's an automatic wheel spin!!!!!!!!

  • LoveForever

  • Corby

  • I can do a video like this the only difference, is the fact you do it in one day i l'll do it in 50 years.

  • Can we just come clean and say that Tyler’s panting was the best

  • If he made it first time

  • My brother has hair just like neds like EXACTLY just dark brown and it’s not a perm

  • 0:19 i was 13 years old till I saw this message on the bottom 😂😂😂

  • my name is Henry

  • I do like not get crafty

  • Why is everyone being like this The Comments: Gary, give me my ten bucks because I knew the pins would fall or something Me: Knock knock. Not your money Them: who’s there?

  • disgrace

  • 5:43 that one pin is making me triggered

  • Anyone still watch this in 2021? XD

  • I always wonder... who cleans up after the Rage Monster...

  • Those 3D models were cool... only real ones know this

  • You guys should make birthday stereotypes

  • One

  • What is that grenade?

  • Can you guys do a pregnant Stereotypes

  • They should do a blind cool not cool. Like they should 5 objects and have the dudes randomly pick them and try to get a super cool

  • how much money do they waste with the rage monster?

  • Something was controlling the dart trust me

  • I saw a line with the dart trick

  • 5:22 that hurt I cringed so hard

  • Please do school stereotypes

  • Hey can y’all do paintball sterotypes

  • TT TT TT!!!

  • Guy theres no land on saturn or jupiter they're gas giants...

  • Imagine being a fish and getting your lips pierced by some ginger guy just to get yelled at your not big enough....

  • I love this line so much cause I can Relate I always this... A Holographic charzared Pokémon card! Yes.

  • 6:15 that made me put the saddest moments of history

  • Man that time you lit the candle Garrett watch that table man your welcome :)

  • The dislikes are the ones who couldn’t get tickets to the show

  • Editor addition 3

  • 1:40 what did he say

  • I love you Cory!! (You told me to say that)

  • 0:42 they are crazy

  • How many times did It take?

  • Go back they had a string on the dart

  • 16 ping pong

  • Can I go there to do some trick shots

  • Dude perfect should make a school stereotypes