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0:16When he says tonight only for the boys 😏 #shorts
When he says tonight only for the boys 😏 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 26 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:15The car ride after a fight 😭😂 #shorts
The car ride after a fight 😭😂 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 24 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:15How to lose weight 101 😂😂 #shorts
How to lose weight 101 😂😂 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 32 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:13A\u0026B Things Basketball Date 🏀 #shorts
A\u0026B Things Basketball Date 🏀 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 8 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:36Girls Friday Night Be Like... #shorts
Girls Friday Night Be Like... #shortsعدد المشاهدات 18 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:09They say kids come running when this sound plays 😂😂😂 #shorts
They say kids come running when this sound plays 😂😂😂 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 65 ألف9 ساعات قبل
0:37Toxic Relationships Be Like... 😭 #shorts
Toxic Relationships Be Like... 😭 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 42 ألف7 أيام قبل
0:58Nobody Will Come Up To Her 🤣 #shorts
Nobody Will Come Up To Her 🤣 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 285 ألف14 أيام قبل
0:38Boyfriend Rates Girlfriends Instagram Pictures 🥺💕 #shorts
Boyfriend Rates Girlfriends Instagram Pictures 🥺💕 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 77 ألف14 أيام قبل
0:36COUPLE EDITION 😂💗 #shorts
COUPLE EDITION 😂💗 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 163 ألف14 أيام قبل
0:31THE BABY BUMP IS HUGE 🤰🏻👶🏻 #shorts
THE BABY BUMP IS HUGE 🤰🏻👶🏻 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 113 ألف14 أيام قبل
0:24She uses her pregnancy card wisely 😂 #shorts
She uses her pregnancy card wisely 😂 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 2.5 مليون21 أيام قبل
0:13A\u0026B Things 1 Year Ago 🥺💙 #shorts
A\u0026B Things 1 Year Ago 🥺💙 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 340 ألف28 أيام قبل
0:23Calling Boyfriend My Husband 😂 #shorts
Calling Boyfriend My Husband 😂 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 225 ألفأشهر قبل
0:13Anthony Vargas Popped Off 💅🏻 #shorts
Anthony Vargas Popped Off 💅🏻 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 179 ألفأشهر قبل
0:31Bella Retamosa Pregnancy Journey #shorts
Bella Retamosa Pregnancy Journey #shortsعدد المشاهدات 272 ألفأشهر قبل
0:15Mom \u0026 Dad 👶🏻💙 #shorts
Mom \u0026 Dad 👶🏻💙 #shortsعدد المشاهدات 126 ألفأشهر قبل
0:19Trying This Trend 6 Months Pregnant #shorts
Trying This Trend 6 Months Pregnant #shortsعدد المشاهدات 188 ألفأشهر قبل
0:34Bella Retamosa TikTok (Trying Outfits I Used To Wear 6 Months Pregnant)
Bella Retamosa TikTok (Trying Outfits I Used To Wear 6 Months Pregnant)عدد المشاهدات 155 ألفأشهر قبل
0:15A\u0026B Things TikTok BABY MOVED AT THE END OF THIS 👶🏻💙
A\u0026B Things TikTok BABY MOVED AT THE END OF THIS 👶🏻💙عدد المشاهدات 225 ألفأشهر قبل
0:35A\u0026B Things TikTok (The painnnn 😭😂)
A\u0026B Things TikTok (The painnnn 😭😂)عدد المشاهدات 95 ألفأشهر قبل
0:20A\u0026B Things TikTok (Guessing Bella’s Replies 😂) @imanthonyvargas
A\u0026B Things TikTok (Guessing Bella’s Replies 😂) @imanthonyvargasعدد المشاهدات 293 ألفأشهر قبل
0:11A\u0026B Things TikTok (Pregnancy Bump 🤰🏻👶🏻) @bellaretamosa
A\u0026B Things TikTok (Pregnancy Bump 🤰🏻👶🏻) @bellaretamosaعدد المشاهدات 76 ألفأشهر قبل
0:11Bella Retamosa TikTok (Baby mama 👶🏻)
Bella Retamosa TikTok (Baby mama 👶🏻)عدد المشاهدات 70 ألفأشهر قبل
0:21A\u0026B Things TikTok (Hide and Seek) @bellaretamosa
A\u0026B Things TikTok (Hide and Seek) @bellaretamosaعدد المشاهدات 74 ألفأشهر قبل
0:27A\u0026B Things TikTok (My sister set me up 😭) @imanthonyvargas
A\u0026B Things TikTok (My sister set me up 😭) @imanthonyvargasعدد المشاهدات 102 ألفأشهر قبل
0:25A\u0026B Things TikTok (sorry) @imanthonyvargas
A\u0026B Things TikTok (sorry) @imanthonyvargasعدد المشاهدات 68 ألفأشهر قبل
0:52A\u0026B Things TikTok (😂😂 sorry baby) @bellaretamosa
A\u0026B Things TikTok (😂😂 sorry baby) @bellaretamosaعدد المشاهدات 39 ألفأشهر قبل
0:12A\u0026B Things TikTok (Are y’all in a relationship??) @imanthonyvargas
A\u0026B Things TikTok (Are y’all in a relationship??) @imanthonyvargasعدد المشاهدات 45 ألفأشهر قبل
MAKING ANTHONY VARGAS MAD! 😡عدد المشاهدات 48 ألفأشهر قبل


  • Twist: she is not pregnant, hes calling her fat. it's a joke don't attack me please

  • And in a few years she’s going to weigh 50 pounds more and you’re gonna wish you had never given her any pizza…

  • After saying this shit this guy has the guts to put it on the internet.RIP dude☠️

  • That’s not funny at all u might of actually hurt her Hopefully everybody who is reading this is having a good day god bless u 😎✌️

  • What a manchild

  • Dang.. he already got the music and all

  • When keeping it real goes wrong. Dude is oblivious to the fact that this video should never have been uploaded. "You're lucky you're pregnant."??? Wtf

  • tf? "you're lucky you pregnant"? are you fucking serious? are you saying that if she didn't you gonna hit her or something? 🙄 weirdo. you better treat her better than this and stop that stupid words.

  • I've never understood women who use the pregnant excuse to stuff their faces..no one is eating for two..it's a fact...it's just a pathetic excuse to get Fat and get away with it..I've had 5 kids .all late 20s early 30s..I always knew if you eat healthy your baby will be healthy..also the more you put on the more you've got to lose..in weight.no need for it AT ALL..any doctor will tell your being pregnant does not make it ok to eat shit that has no nutritional value.why would you when you have a baby inside you..for 9 months surely, you can go without junk food. The fluid and extra weight gain(which comes with th baby) is all you need to be putting on..not adding more weight by eating shit.

  • Quick minute

  • Why do I get the impression that if she *wasn't* pregnant this would become a domestic violence case? That dude needs to take a chill pill! She's trying to grow a lifeform in her body, if you want pizza that damn bad, then go buy another one! The woman's pregnant for God's sake, of course she's going to be wanting to eat!!

  • So will his child be lucky he’s a child so he or she can take his food ?

  • U can by urself another one its not that hard at least its better than saying those words

  • In the beginning I choked on my Fruit gushers

  • Shes using a chickfila ranch i think thats pregnancy for sure lol needed that ramch

  • I feel bad for your sis

  • What are what is he doing with his feet

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • “Don’t offer me my own pizza?” Dude just have some. Don’t be weird.

  • The way how your boyfriend works is killing me in laughter😅😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😅😅😅😂😂😂😅

  • If shes pregnant why did you just get her a pizza anyway.

  • This dude is weird af how he gonna be so greedy he gonna be mad over pizza pregnant or not don’t matter .

  • To all the feminists out here: i beat my wife if she doesn't listen hehe. Makes me feel all macho. She's cooking for me right now. I'm Intouchable. Bye feminists. True story btw.

  • My husband offered his food every single time although I'm not even pregnant. dang I'm so *lucky* to have him as my husband.

  • Lmao The song they put over it hahaha ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 👌👌

  • LMAO The "do u want one" got me 👌👌👌


  • You should give her her food she's pregnant she's eating for two you are going to be a great dad and I want to know if it's a boy or a girl and I vote for girl my cousin votes for a boy

  • Yassss GO CRAZYYYYYY 😝

  • u could take my food I see it this way my girl wants food u can take my food that’s fine

  • I sense future divorce or horrific parenting/relationship abuse Sounds like the guy who's first thought when he heard she was pregnant was "oh she trapped with me now"

  • Lucky me having a man that offer me everything and we always share our food 🥰

  • Its funny because you can tell this guy thought this video was going to be relatable and he was going to come off funny get him self some clout but instead he just comes off weird and off-putting lmao

  • When is the baby going to arrive I a, so annoyed

  • Abuse if it was the other way round

  • He’s so loud. What a douche.

  • It's a joke and if he says you're lucky you're pregnant than It's fine because she doesn't care she just wants to eat

  • What’s the app

  • Shes cute

  • Dude is a douche. Red flags are flying everywhere girl! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • She pregnant pregnant women eat a lot leave her to eat 🤬🤬

  • Addison is beautiful

  • I don't share my pizza😐nor should you

  • Went through the comments and everyone so sensitive without a sense of humour??? It's clearly just a joke (probably staged) on the "girls always say they want nothing and then eat my food" trope.

  • True

  • 😹😹😹

  • Whoa saw this video in #shorts and immediately came to read the comments because I felt some reaaaal weird vibe. I know you shouldn't judge from just few seconds video but if this is how you talk to her in that few seconds, I could only imagine what 24hours with you felt like.

  • Lol I can’t stop laughing irl

  • Its his money and he bought the food and its his damn food, and she is eating it in his own car which is fuelled by the oil for which he paid the price and you all have the audacity to say that he was rude. He even shared the food. The only thing he said was she is lucky she is pregnant so she gets the food which he ordered for him. What is wrong with that

  • man is lucky that sis even want to carry his child.

  • How about your lucky she's pregnant so she doesn't knock you out.

  • What is this song name

  • Dude is the perfect example of Douchenozzle

  • no person should ever dip pizza in ranch. Wtf.

  • That ain’t anything my dad go crazy when he’s mad or if he’s had an argument to be honest I think he has BIG anger issues

  • Is it just me or Lexi is so pretty!🧝‍♀️

  • I'm so over people. This dudes video is obviously a joke and everyone in the comments is being so soft. Get a life

  • Bruh you dont lnow how painful it is to give burth a baby the most painful thing to ever happend to a woman.

  • You're lucky you're pregnant Me..what do you mean dude I love that girl

  • Bro fuck that shit take your pizza back.

  • I love love love your videos I'm your biggest fan 🤩

  • You are so lucky... You are pregnant.. Really I so want to see this man pregnant ....then I am sure his definition of lucky will definitely change

  • Congratulations 👏 on your blessing to come. Gonna make an amazing mom. We can share👍. Food is food.

  • Imagine if she wasn’t pregnant😳

  • What the hell

  • When are going to give birth

  • Everyone commenting here about the guy but this girl is pretty spoiled too lol just watch other videos lol

  • Just take the mayo 😈

  • THAT WAS MY CHiCKEN SANDWICH 😭😭😭😭😫😫 WHY WOD YOU DO THATTTTTTT😭😭 ( slaps him) go queen

  • This comment section is sad. People are legit recommending that they split up because the dude said something sarcastically 😂


  • You know she’s pregnant. You shoulve bought 2.

  • How can you be attracted to a girl that eats like that.

  • Cry more good people of internet

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  • You do have a dad technically, you can't reproduce without one sorry

  • Anthony making coughs deals on the phone , trucha playa 😉

  • "you're lucky you're pregnant" like that's your wife and soon to be child :/ weirdo

  • Oh yea oh yea.skin and bones turn into something beautiful ....I still remember the time you went to get Anthony from MCC it brought bacck memories I didn't really like but I know how that felt seeing your girl after months of being locked up at MCC smh