Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Lamborghini Urus vs Jeep Trackhawk // DRAG & ROLL RACE

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These are the three most powerful gas-only powered SUVs that you can buy and today they’re at the Throttle House Track test for a Drag race. The 2021 Durango Hellcat ($115,700 CAD, $81,000 USD) Lamborghini Urus ($300,000 CAD as specced) and the Jeep Trackhawk ($104,659 CAD, $88,365 USD). Will the cheese-eating American SUVs stand a chance against the raging bull from Italy? Things don't always go as predicted!! Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!
A massive thank you to the legend @Vanity.JW for lending us his Urus
& to @Gabe.Calandrino for his Trackhawk!!
And to Steve, who is a king among men.
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  • Welll....even with all the money in the world I'd rather buy a durango than a urus. 🤷‍♂️

  • The guy in the urus fucked up Which carwow can do the same drag race

  • That TRACKHAWK is not to be fucked with

  • Thomas.. I'm with James in this race . Dodge love

  • I love the Durango. I've been looking at the SRT 392. I already have a4cyl honda accord, to commute with, so this would be a weekend vehicle and a family traveler

  • American muscle 💪

  • I was expecting the urus to best the roll race but i had no idea the dodge would be such a weapon

  • #CJ_on_32’s @CJ_on_32’s

  • Great Vid

  • Needs a bmw and a amg as well! Would like to see that

  • It's sad to say but the urus only sounds good 😞

  • I still love the Trackhawk

  • Why so few videos goddamniy

  • Something I've learned in recent years is that in a straight line, the car with the bigger numbers always wins

  • I'm trading my Tesla in for a Durango hellcat lol wow

  • hellcats & track hawks !!

  • The only Hellcat that can actually launch

  • Dodge is the greatest car brand in history.

  • How did urus lost ! Bruh

  • Stage 2 Urus will destroy both

  • Your paying for the Lamborghini badge & the luxury that it brings while in the other hand at the of the day you won’t impress many with your “Jeep” or “Dodge” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ mad respect for the hellcat Durango tho! What a beast 👏🏽💯

  • Yuri and Jacob look different on this channel.

  • the British guy looks like young ti m curry

  • You upgrade the pully on the srt and a tune and thats it you’re already inching the 800hp mark.

  • Disappointed with Lamborghini

  • Where is the timings

  • Silly Lambos. 😂

  • But does it talk? 😅😅😅

  • *watches two girthy American land yachts rip up the lean mean Italian machine* "Laughs in Bacon"

  • I don’t understand why price is always mentioned in straight line performance. The Domestics have massive supercharged engines powering their vehicles so it’s no a no brainer they kept up on the rolling race. I don’t see how the price of the Urus has to do with it winning in that short distance. I know the suspension, transmission, gearing and aero of the Urus may be superior but the domestics have decent set ups too.

  • Put em on a track We'll see

  • That lambo was some trash!!!

  • We have seen the Urus beat the trackhawk, this race is up to the reaction times of the driver. But 15 / 20 years ago no one thought SUV's would be supercar fast.

  • I need that power in my life

  • The driver in the Lamborghini Urus is a sissy if I was behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Urus I would smoke you both because the Dodge Durango hellcat and Jeep trackhawk are NOTHING!!!!!! In my eyes

  • F*** a foreign if it's not AmericanMuscle it's nothing a Uris is overrated not really stylish the only reason people want it is because it's a Lamborghiniif a yours was not a Lamborghini nobody will want that piece of crap

  • Dodge put it on their Instagram!

  • That Dodge launches well!

  • Hi guys thanks for providing us such a beautiful videos could I say something if u guys can provide us bmw m5 cs review I know it’s very rare car though

  • Just something about the Grand Cherokees they are fucking beautiful muscle cars

  • Ain't no way that trackhawk should have lost

  • Remove the Asian guy 😂 he’s too serious for the Channel bring the other funny guy back we enjoy the commentating aspects to the Channel as well

  • And this is why you purchase a mopar product we win all the time 💪🏿🔥

  • NO BMW??

  • Where’s Bentley Bentayga?? Haha

  • Lamborghini Urus - this machine took years to finally hit the streets and all that just to get beat by a Jeep of all was in racing games back when I used to play games or almost a decade ago.

  • Every race from a dig the Lambo was catching them towards the end. I believe the lambo driver needs to launch better but hp number never lie...

  • Why not compare to BMW and AMG

  • Yeah put the Asian in the yellow car lol smh

  • good publicity for american product

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dodge haters call them Boats Beacuse their tears after losing help Dodges float to Ws!!!! 🤣🤣


  • Days they'll put a huge dent in your pocket but you can buy the Durango and Trackhawk together while still not equalling the Urus lol.

  • Thank God it wasn't a mustang it would have died before they even shoot the video😂😂😂🤣

  • Crazy That Durango under $100,000 in the world running against a Vehicle costing over $300,000 and running it

  • I got brain damaged. How’s the Durango more expensive in CAD but cheaper in USD compared to the Track Hawk 😂

  • Lambo proving it's overpriced yet again

  • Why did it say it had 666k views

  • Why the ururs why not the x5m or x6m

  • I think what happened was this. The designers at Dodge were asked to make a really good SUV for the school run, but they couldn't really be bothered, so they just got a Hellcat motor and built a drag strip car instead.

  • wow this is a lot like carwow

  • The obese glue nally rhyme because feeling genotypically puncture without a determined dock. friendly, aboriginal gong

  • Hmmm...I could buy a Hellcat AND a trackhawk AND a Honda Accord for the price of the car that came in LAST???🤣🤣

  • seems with the specs the trackhawk would be faster trackhawk Torque 645 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm Base Engine Size 6.2 l Horsepower 707 hp @ 6000 rpm Curb Weight 5363 lbs. Gross Weight 6600 lbs. Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) 3.70 durango Displacement. 376 in3, 6166 cm3 6.2 l Power. 710 hp @ 6100 rpm. Torque. 640 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm. Curb weight: 5,710 lbs gross weight:7,100 lbs Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) 3.70

  • Please do a drag race BMW X5M competition vs Jeep Trackhawk vs Lamborghini URUS❤️

  • At the end of the day it’s a Durango . How many 10 year or older Durango’s do u see?

  • I been waiting for a video like this

  • They spoon that hellcat engine in every car these days huh. Makes it less and less special imo.

  • Dodge is the new muscle beast!!!😁

  • Love your content recently. Keep killing it.

  • I dont believe urus was the defeated ..cheated race!!! ofcouse your the american and american car won hahaha!

  • to see the real power of the usus take the 3 to a race track

  • You forgot the BMW MX6

  • should have added a X6 competition

  • Its funny how butthurt the trackhawk driver was that he and the Durango kept walking the lambo, then they set up a roll at a speed where the lambo had a big advantage due to gearing and being in the power band and he acts like a little kid on christmas when the lambo barely won haha and kept making excuses about the lambos tires when infact the lambo had better stickier tires than the mopars lmfao! Plus the way cheaper mopars actually come with useable launch control

  • How many miles does this race have?

  • U need one BMW X 6 Cmoeticion

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • And I still wouldn't buy either of the dodges 😂😂😂

  • The slap in the beginning always gets me link please....

  • Should have brought the X6M Comp instead of the urus

  • Lmao $200k just to get walked by a dodge

  • urus doesn’t launch as good but won the other one 🤣 favorite car there

  • They want to excuse the urus by saying it couldn’t grip just didn’t want to accept the loss

  • I need lawnmower HELLCAT lmao they putting the Engine anywhere nowadays. My Saturday morning going to be FUN, but not for my Neighbors 😂

  • 200k for that pos to lose to a kitty haha

  • Please do the review on IS 350 2021 as well.

  • No matter who wins the Lambo always wins in sound

  • Cant wait to see that durango used. I want it!

  • MoPowahh baby MoPowahh!!!!

  • Urus is 2nd fastest in the world 1st is bentley suv

  • Dodge is so ugly.. looks like buffed van

  • The fact that Durango is even street legal is amazing

  • Please put amg Gle63s and the M car suv against these would be amazing

  • I hope they increase the production of the hellcats for the coming years

  • I am lmao bye lambo get out here I am getting the DURANGO SRT

  • Dam, I really wanted an Urus too

  • Lambo needs a roll start to win lol how sad

  • Omg yes finnaly