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Hola Amigees!
It's been one crazy year, crazy quarantine, and 6 months of non-stop van building. We always like to make a video compiling all of the labor and hard work into one video and we absolutely couldn't wait to get this video put together and out there for the world.
For everyone looking to the full tour... We're exactly 1 week away from a full tour video of the van, bookmark it on your calendars. We wanted to make sure we were able to properly video every part of the video for the tour before pushing that video out. We'll also be putting together a complete build guide for Chevere (our van) detailing the major and minor components that make this build unique, while offering some insight that can be replicated in other builds regardless of the layout. We'll be launching that next week along with the tour video.
Life is good.
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Water Filtration System:
Puck lighting:
Shower Hardware:
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46 Gal water tank:
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We're Mariajosé and Chase. In 2018 we sold our house, moved into our self-converted school bus and took off traveling the United States. We sold our bus, bought a new-to-us Sprinter Van and we're doing it all over again. If you're new to our channel, subscribe & stick around. We're excited to have you here. If you enjoy our videos please let us know, give us a like and drop a comment down below. If our videos just aren't for you, we understand and hope you find what you're looking for somewhere else!
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  • Done

  • You lost your job? where did you get all the money for a new van and the equipment for the modifications?

    • At first we had savings as a safety net to get us by without an income for the better part of a year in the event that I ever lost my job. Due to the circumstances of my company restructuring me out of a job, I received a severance package, we had a lot of money in equity in the home we sold, but it had also doubled in value from the time we bought it to when we sold it, we built a Skoolie to travel in and then sold it for $26,000 more than it cost us to convert it. All that time later we started making a full-time income here on ARdown, started a small business helping others convert vans and buses, and started working a fully remote corporate gig with a company based in Nashville.

  • What a team.

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  • is a how love life of a man, saw your video, work so seriously and patience

  • Next time....think of putting the floor the otherway round as it visually makes the van wider😊

  • Muy buen video!!! Son unos genios! 💜

  • I’m somewhere between admiration and jealousy. Good job you two. Amazing. 💕

  • Amateurs ? Ok.

  • The Beverly Hills Ninja used to warns us not to live in a van, down by the river. I'm going to miss him.

  • You guys did a good job. I want one for my camping and road trip.

  • I am doing this now. I went with sheep wool insulation (a hefty 100mm). I was fearful of off gassing if I used the spray foam.

  • Awesome job - well done. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  • Amazing video, excelent work

  • The music

  • That is sooo bloody impressive

  • Episode 3: "So we're downsizing again ... We found this nice scooter ..." ;)

  • This is awesome, what does a build like that cost?

  • A lot of hard work for sure, you two should be proud. It looks well done and awesome!!

  • soothing first music edit : forget it.. all were good.. gratz on completing the housevan.. 😊

  • Nice +++

  • it says builders build a van but only the guy is building

    • Weird. I was there and my wife was totally building as well. Even more weird that she’s building quite often in this video.

  • Good enough for 2 person travel

  • This has got to be one of the nicest, most well planned out, van builds that I have seen yet. I love the hidden, flexible bathroom/shower door. And the wall mounted bed is really nice too. Would love to know what are all the solar power & battery storage specs on this build. What’s the van length as well.

  • Homey! Good job

  • me and my best friend emma, we both our planning on living in a van for a few years when we are older to travel around to places we really want to visit

  • they build this for a month and we just watch for for 17mnutes..amazing

  • Beautiful!

  • many thanks mate really enjoyed watching it all come together like that your very skilled

  • I am from indonesia... I like your video

  • Que bonito y original🤙🇪🇦🇵🇪

  • Que bonito y original🤙🇪🇦🇵🇪

  • Such a cool conversion 🔥 Gorgeous interior

  • gg que talento

  • This van is a perfect size. The materials they used are light-weighted products. I love the video.

  • You guys have Professional touch on this rebuilding, like it do start Travel soon, all the very best for your journey 😍

  • how much did this cost all together?

  • Best van home I've seen so far!!

  • 3D printing

  • Good video ON MUTE

    • Glad you know how to use the mute button. We personally love the tracks a lot. Hope you enjoy 😉

  • Incredible!!!

  • this is a great build. what the stainless steel item? it looks like a dishwasher!!

    • Hey John! It’s a 12v marine fridge.

  • nice bro..

  • me and my best friend emma, we both our planning on living in a van for a few years when we are older to travel around to places we really want to visit

  • How regular you have to fuel the van up ? How many miles to gallon does it do ???

  • Very interested this design

  • The custom hand shake of success was everything at time marker 12:00. I actually enjoyed the music selection during the video as well. Awesome job y'all! Thank you for sharing, stay healthy during this global pandemic, and be of good courage. Peace and blessings to the both of you throughout the rest of your journey. (Smile)

  • I hope those batteries are LiFePO4! AGM/lead acid are heavier, less energy dense and cost more (over their life)

  • Amazing! What price of this tiny house? 💖💖💖

  • The best part about this is the shower, because if you have to pee or poop you don't have to leave the shower.

  • well done!! 8)

  • This is how we sent our quarantine time as well! Ours sleeps six. Nicely done.

  • fantastic job guys, far from amateurs. Id say and extremely skilled team.

  • Wow, beautiful

  • Wish I could Do this with my kids

  • Do you had a badass bus and gave it up for a van? I mean if that's better 🤷‍♂️

  • AAAAAAAAWSOME!!!!! i love it!!!!

  • Those two are great, it's beautiful the van that is, if my wife and I were ever together that long one of us would be dead ,!,,good upload very interesting very informative.

  • Brilliant design and craftsmanship. Great working partnership. Better than ones produced commercially.

  • this is crazy amazing.. really good... !!

  • Nice work and a lot of it. I would be interested in how much the van weighed before and after. Thanks.

  • miss

  • Hate the music, love the work. Keep it up guys.. the work not the music.

  • Sensacional! O sistema da cama que vira um painel para tv, foi incrivel. Parabens! 🇧🇷

  • If they are amateur builder than how a pro b?

  • Is beutefull

  • Great job! 👏🏼

  • Wow...such a great job..let me know if you're selling it😎

  • Nice shoes dude. Looks like "vellies". That is so South African!

  • bizim kadınlar da şunun kapağını açıver ben beceremedim diye elimize versinler.

  • Amazing ! love this video.

  • Wonderful job! It's stunning! :-)

  • This can't be get any better than this. This is really beautiful and comfortable for 2 person

  • Hey this was great work and a relaxing watch; but how did you learn to work together like that? I believe a couple in healthy partnership can accomplish their dreams together. Where did you find each other? I need to find the right partner and establish a mutually beneficial relationship to discuss shared dreams and work together to accomplish shared goals like this. Cheers! 👍👍👍

  • Verrrry nicely done. Chapeau..! [tip of the hat]

  • Wow that nice but the background music is amazing i wish you all best, 👍

  • the lyrics at the end , ends this video on the right note lol

  • Crazy how they did this all in 17 minutes

  • Wow!

  • Amazing work, looks great. Cant wait to try a bug van conversion!

  • This is a goal of mine

  • Good job I have in my mind in 3 years by 65 to have one like yours, with the bed hiden clever idea.

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  • Amazing... Simply amazing...

  • Love from India friends..stsy blessed..

  • Do you have a list of all products used in this project?

  • I enjoy your amazing work!!!

  • when cutting . Protect the paint . Metal flakes melt into paint . Then rust

    • It mainly happened on the roof when I cut the roof vent out. 84 Chevy van. Then I had to buff it all out. Different paint now

    • We treated all edges after cutting to prevent rust. We did the same thing when cutting holes in our bus, three years later and still no rust

  • Все чудесно и красиво , но жить лучше все равно в квартире .бедные американцы , не могут платить банкам и надо бросать свой дом и переселяться черт знает куда . хотя тоже довольно неплохой вариант .

  • How u use water

    • We got a 46 Gallons of fresh water install under the step in the back.

  • How is water used

  • Its awesome,I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

  • i want to bbuild one as well but do you have the diagram for your electrical? also, how do you order the glass to fit the cut out for your windows?

  • I came here to see a van being turned to a beautiful home, yet my attention was caught on you two. What a beautiful and happy couple you seem to be! Best wishes to you two :)

    • @Tío Aventura I don’t think you have ANY IDEA how much we fans love you and your amazing videos! Enjoy life and most importantly, *stay safe!*

    • Omg friend you have NO IDEA what your comment means to us. We are very grateful to have you here. Happy to know you also enjoyed the video 😊

  • great job

  • Amazing

  • Casa en alquiler en wetor vega

  • What most people want to do when they’re older- buy a house get a job start a family Me- own a cafe and live in a tiny van with my soulmate and 3 dogs, adopt a teenager when I’m ready

    • You can have what you want bad enough to work hard for, sometimes. Time flies.