The Largest Sandcastle Ever Built

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  • Daily Dose is a Chinchilla confirmed

  • 1:35 finally a flying car has been invented

  • *Cyber punk 2077* 1:34

  • Hmm, running the microwave when the door is open? Hopefully it's just the light and turntable that work

  • that talking like a girl crap was one of the creepiest things ever.

  • What if it rains that sand castle gonna die

  • spacex accidentally took land of the rising sun literally

  • Drone surfing, new police transportation method approved.

  • 0:20 and then some dude demolished it while trying to catch a football

  • Sand and water huh? Is wood just a joke to you??

  • It sort of looks like a new sun rising from the sky

  • Silent kid on a playground making sand castle Nothing to see here tee hee hee

  • The closest we’ll possibly ever get to a real hoverboard

  • In The World!

  • 1:08 casually making another sun

  • 0:50 Y'all gon' get cancer.

  • green goblin be like 1:42

  • 1:17 doesn’t it look like the sun is comeing up

  • 1:14 Escanor from seven deadly sins using his ability be like

  • Russains after seeing the sand castle: ok cool, wheres the big one?

  • What slime?

  • It’s all fun and games with sand castles until it rains

  • 3:02 Its all fun and games until he try to catch a piranha

  • I think youtube wanted to cheer me up as i was feeling ill!

  • Na the octopus obviously just had a foot fetish.

  • Okay, but that microwave is dangerous


  • The Chinchilla was the star of this episode 🤩

  • That outro.................... Loved it

  • The date on the microwave must've been set to Opposite Day

  • dude it took like 50 years just to load

  • bratty kids: *"destroys largest sand castle"* everyone in a 10 mile radius: PUNT THA CHILD

  • So we're just gonna ignore that Elon Musk was literally sending another sun in our solar system? xD

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Casually makes sun

  • WTF that guy who drone surfed is from the future.

  • God is gonna summon a flood just to take that sandcastle down

  • yes

  • imagine rain went by

  • 1:18 I wish I was them! Wow

  • that horses tongue looked cleaner than his.

  • Plot twist: the rocket was tied to the sun and it pulled it after it launched

  • 1:40 that kid has used a time mechine to get to 2021 from 2030

  • Hand fishing is technically illegal

  • I like that monkey rolling down the hill.

  • nice ending

  • My man playing sonic free riders

  • 1:34 He should've dressed up as the green goblin.

  • Hahahahahha lemme live in it and call me "Sanderella" hahahahaha

  • That Octopus was terrifying. If it would have gotten their foot, it could have easily mutilated it and made it unusable for a while.

  • "It was created using only sand and water" Wood: Am I a joke to you?

  • That one kid comes over and kicks the sand castle down

  • 1:34 Pretty sure this is fake, unfortunately, I can't find any info on this being done by anybody and I looked it up and high payload drones can carry up to 9kg or around that, nowhere near the weight of a person.

  • Ahhhhhh this ending!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It's the chinchilla at the end for me

  • *laughs in pyramids*

  • 1:38 green goblin

  • 0:05 Now thats some Warhammer shit right there

  • Guess what it's a SAND Castle

  • The space ship looks like god ascending

  • 0:33 My colleagues in my company every day like:

  • if it rains, that sandcastle is DONE FOR

  • It’s all fun and games until that one kid kicks the sand castle

  • Can we have that as an outro all the time

  • The Rocket launching looked like a sun rising in rblx

  • Is that ur pet? At the end???❤️❤️


  • 1:13 it looks like the sun is rising 🤣

  • The third one is extremely dangerous

  • Don't the pyramids count as sand castles?

  • looks more like a sand kingdom.

  • Strong gust of wind be like...

  • 1:34 The true fan of Watch Dogs: Legion

  • -_-' hooosh. And I thought that the mouse 🐀 was a face reveal

  • 2:00 Siblings when mum is around

  • when you put circus monkeys in the wild national park.

  • The guy from the last clip is actually real-life Aquaman, he goes around saying "Hey bro pull my finger" and the fishes fall for it

  • 1:01 correction, they saw the sun rise

  • if the sandcastle is destroyed, imma just kill everyone at my school then their families

  • THAT CHINCHILLA ENDING!!!! That was awesome!

  • Funny monke

  • 1:38 Hoverboards are real

  • Finnaly a face reveal !

  • Does that last guy need fishing license?

  • Drone surfing? Didn't know it was a thing!! Looks really fun!!

  • yes Lemonade impact



  • 1:05 what were those noises

  • That guy catching fish thoughhhh wtf

  • The sand carsel is from Denmark and im from Denmark ✌️🤗

  • That chinchilla is adorable.

  • Spirit bomb 1:09

  • 1:03 they launching sun to the space

  • Juicy like for chinchilla :D

  • 1:08 imagine seeing a big ball of light going up while casually watching tv

  • giant sandcastle: *exists* every kid in a 10 mile radius: ima end this whole sandcastle me: *blocks them with a sword* dont

  • let the rain do the work..

  • Yeah just wait for a tsunami to bring down that sandcastle

  • Wats that yellow things again?!