The PS5 Unboxing - Sony PlayStation 5 Next Gen Console

تم نشره في 2020/10/30
Unboxing PS5 next gen console. Opening PlayStation 5 box. Next Generation of PlayStation gaming. DualSense haptic feedback controller. Up to 4K120 gameplay or 8K graphics resolution. Fast M.2 SSD. Excited for PS5 launch? Thanks to Sony for providing this free review unit! I am allowed to keep the console permanently for review and video coverage purposes.
PS5 Digital Edition console
PS5 Press Kit (Ultra Rare)
PS5 Gameplay
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Sony PlayStation 5
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  • Can you make Vidio about how how many watts is absorbed by ps5

  • Try robbing him and u will meet his weapon collection

  • Perfect @B)

  • What happned to him playin zombies

  • Relax mate soon that nice white controller will be black after you take those gloves off

  • This unboxing is awesome! But, believe it or not, I enjoyed mine. Go and watch it 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • i bought PS5 and many of my friends are jealous. And also the controller having the blue light is epic . i felt like my dreams have come true to get a PS5 . PS5 controller is a little similar to PS4 controller but by the way PS5 controller are the best but i thought i the console will have 2Tb space but they gave me 864GB but still i got lots of space storage . i wonder what games could come in future . It will be awesome that time.

    • The storage is a bit of a downside but the plus is you can buy another ssd once Sony have listed which can work on the ps5 to increase storage and it's pretty easy to add it in

  • Watching this video so I can get the textures for the box in order to trick my friends into thinking I got the PS5 (via CGI)

  • I looked up asmr and got this. It’s kind of accurate actually

  • Every time a new console/phone/whatever electronic releases, I always come to this channel.

  • holy shit i need this

  • Im form Türker and cost:14.499₺

  • A NEW PLAYSTATION IS OUT (PS5) HUMANS (youtubers): *'SO guys today3we are gonna hit the ps5 so we can see how durable this new playstation is ... Lets see sony how much durable have you made the legendary ps5 *hits* it Breaks * Human: um haha *internal screaming * because he spend 400 dollars and now he has to spend another 400 dollars which means he will lose 800 dollars

  • I still have to play my ps2 with a big back tv

  • Why is the box so messy 😭

  • 0:31 there’s a box in your tape

  • This man probably has the biggest OCD in the world

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  • Eres mi fan porfa saludame si puedes i si no pusno

  • Can YOU pls give me a PS5? I AM FROM BRAZIL

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  • Thats not fair i want a ps5

  • Packaging is way below budget , not used to this from previous gens 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Que tenia que ver el iphone 12 con el tamaño de la ps5 🤣🤣

  • This is the best

  • Bro this video is kinda creepy

  • The 10k people who have disliked this video as of now...ITS WAY BETTER THAN ASMR

  • I feel like I'm watching an episode of Dexter

  • Don't know why but you made me remember The Stig

  • Why is it so satisfying and smooth 🥴

  • What about that country zambia correct me if im wrong isnt there currency kwacha or something i dont know

  • If I get the ps5 I’m wearing gloves

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  • Thank for posting this

  • Who's still on PS3 like me ? lol

  • This is exactly what I asked for when I typed "PS5 Unboxing"

  • I play xbox and I'm more excited for a Ps5 than the new xbox

  • Can't wait til I get a PS5 sometime next year. The feeling of unboxing a console is incredible.

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  • Does is it come with only one pad or

  • * Felicitaciones a * krackerfox * en # IG / TELEGRAM # por desbloquear mi ps5

  • This is viral lol

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  • Alguien habla español?

  • Just imagine if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo worked together...

    • Sony and Nintendo did work together in the early 90s before PS1 was released

    • The nintendoplaystion series X

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  • So... Is Sony gonna get serious and actually put out stock before Xmas? I'm personally getting sick of these vague stock updates on my phone, cuz they put out a few thousand systems that sell out online within literally 2 minutes of being available..

  • Who is from Russia?😅

  • the new controller is so cool

  • I came to see an unboxing not asmr

  • I wish I had that ps5 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • This Guy makes me BOT😥😫😫😫

  • Is this also an AMSR video

  • another episode of things which I can not afford but I'm watching it

  • I bet he works for Sony, Apple, Microsoft and more!

  • 0:37 box: handle with care. Also the box

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  • This is so satisfying

  • 8:03 What is that?

  • Primero like si no entiendes inglés y segundo Like si eres del 2020

    • Soy tonto o sino no estuviera aún la ps5 jajjjjjAjajajaja like si soy baboso

  • I love this guy unboxing so much



  • i bet before this guy went youtube partner, his day job was in fine dining

  • I'm glad that this youtuber is not picky with anything like some people are just saying

  • my mom put a wrapped up box under the tree so i came here to look at the box and I'm almost positive its the ps5.

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  • I dont like the pad, i love it.

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  • U know what I haven't played any console in my life *SADNESS*

  • I have Sony 5 and Fifa 21

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  • Like, si te exita como manosea la play ._.

  • I was watching this peacefully and a freaking ad gave me heart attack

  • After Finish He Make This Vid : Play PS5 For 24 hours 😂

  • Molto bello il video io sono un tuo grande fan

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  • I watch this on my PS4....😢

  • *And the ãward for best unboxing of PS5 gões tó...kråckerfox on #IG,Telegram#

  • Put spider Man miles morels please

  • Very Good

  • Nice and steady


  • And to be honest I are funny and good in making unboxing videos

  • Yh it a very good controller

  • *And the award for best unboxing of PS5 gões to...krackerfox on #IG,Telegram#