Lion & Leopard Fall Out Tree While Fighting For Food

تم نشره في 2021/05/ 1
This week, in Londolozi, Sandra captured an incredible sighting!
A leopard was up a tree, eating, and a pride of nearby lions could smell something was up. They explored the area until they found the Leopard and its food.
One lioness decided to try and get to the meat, but the Leopard put up a fight!
While they were fighting, the tree broke, giving the Leopard an easy way out!
Thanks again to @Sandra_I_ab ( sandra_l_ab) for letting us share this footage!

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  • 😲👏wow this is next level action right here 👍👍

  • Three's a crowd

  • I love these portrait fucking vids

  • Nobody is asking how the lion got up there in the first place.

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  • _lion is like "Where he gone"_

  • hopefully the leopard is fine!

  • So the lioness can run fast, swim excellent, climb and fight on trees, and fall from high with no issues....she is a power ranger😀👌


  • 😂

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  • 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  • That ladies and gentlemen is what they mean when they say cats always land on their feet both big and small 😻

  • That leopard suffered a broken tail and sprained leg, but it'll be 2 kms away before it realizes it

  • After falling both lion and leopard " ദേവ്യേ " 😆

  • The lion must've been starving to even try doing this

  • 😅😅😅😅😅

  • O leopardo.teve maior agilidade!

  • Why didn’t we see when the lion was climbing?

  • first time? 😂

  • Leopard 🐆 wisely made his escape without hesitation.

  • Leopard was really awesome in recovering and flying from the scene 😂😂.. it really save it from the deadly lion attack. hats off to the reflection and action 👍

  • Leão é o demônio da selva

  • 👎👎

  • I’ve never seen a lion climb that high! It would’ve been z last supper, had the branch didn’t buffer the fall!

  • Never seen such a video . right time at right place .

  • This channel always get the good stuff

  • Leopard: oh shit oh shit i have to get outta here Lion: what happened

  • And y'all wondering who's cutting trees in the wild 😂

  • Haha stupid lion

  • Just as in India, Leopard hunts a street Dog and the Lion hunts the Leopard in Africa.

  • Who hears the leopard crazy scampering at the end ??? lol

  • Leopards are going to have real tough times near future. Lions seem to be evolving.

  • To be honest thats pretty impressive for a lioness to went that high even to where the branch cant hold her

  • 8 lives to go 😁

  • 🤭That's Funny As Hell

  • Ha, Ha , Ha !

  • Leopard: U can have it then, it was spoiled anyways... Damn it , that was tuff gettin that thing up there. Gotta find a new stash spot.

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  • se fosse eu que tivesse caido dessa altura teria morrido.

  • Ok there's no way a lion can climb up so high. I m thinking humans probably airlifted her up there.

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  • That tree was like "Fudge this !", "Take the branch and the kill and begone !"

  • Lions think leopards are like cheetahs weak an defenseless LOL leopards actually fight back an i guess the lion was expecting that

  • The carcase belongs to lion with broken legs

  • It's amazing how MUCH more resilient non-human animals are. If these were humans, that fall would have most likely killed them.

  • This is the only channel that doesn't fake it... What ever they said happed it happened

  • I hope it was worth it for her.😂

  • That's one wicked fight 😅😅

  • Baby are cutest. Babies get the meat. Babies make noises to go fighting. Babies are silly.

  • I wonder if the lioness was hurt from the fall!

  • Leopard 🐆 disappeared into thin air. Lion : where in the world am I?

  • Never think you (human) can climb out of danger with a leopard or a lion around.

  • Leopard: Feets don't fail me now!


  • This channel never disappoints !

  • What the heck can the lion climb that up

  • Good👍👍

  • The lion is also a great climber

  • Leopard chose the right branch.

  • 0:28 someone trying a doggie on top of the tree🤣

  • Cheetah ran for life in the end 🔚

  • Really great video very interesting

  • nope spraining falling thrill

  • Tree: Ok …so no one’s gonna mention about what these guys just did to me!!!

  • What a so incredible sight I have ever seen !!! Well, the lion was so hungry and no choice she took her life risk to climb up to the top of the tree to steal the prey!!!! Finally, very successful to took that food from the leopard anyhow !!!

  • સિંહ નો વાહો ભાંગી ગયો દિપડો નાસી ગયો.

  • Can we talk about they both landed on their feet from an awkward fall?

  • Hihihi

  • These days even leopards are not safe in the tree🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣evolution crap

  • He just got off n jetted like he didn't fall 2 stories and the lioness is fine as well. Felines are powerful

  • Nem foguete pegava esse leopardo 😂😂😂

  • So I’m guessing I can’t climb up a tree to escape a lion. NOTED!!! 😂😂😂

  • Trẫm chết thì chúa cũng băng hà😅


  • Survival

  • Food must have been really scarce there for a lion to risk climbing that high on a tree!

  • They took the elevator down!!!

  • That tree was like, "get the heck outta here"

  • That tree branch broken and saved lepord life

  • Wow

  • Leopards are my all time favorite big cats! They will eat anything and live close to humans without detection (except when your pets and livestock start missing)

  • Comment a-t-il pu chuter d'une telle hauteur sans se briser les pattes !! Incroyable !!

  • Big cat could easily break its neck 😹

  • Me: what a lion doing up in a tree this is click bait Me clicks on video: -0

  • Sorry, tree huggers.

  • Covid-19 hav changed animal kingdom

  • Well that was pretty stupid by the lion. Can easily break a bone from that height with that weight - Leopard, not so much.

  • Excellent 👌😊

  • 0:38 It's too bad leopard got an antelope first, then lion have to come and get 'em. That branch of tree's gonna break it! 👍

  • Leopard said: “F this Sh I’m out!”

  • Leopard quickly realized it safe to run.

  • Gepard?!

  • Lion in a tree, would never have believed it if I didn't see it

  • Run away as a coward and continue living.

  • Holy mother😱 I was always made to believe that lions couldn’t climb more than a few feet. This means that if a lion is determined to get me, he will?