Thadam New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arun Vijay, Vidya Pradeep, Tanya Hope | Magizh Thirumeni

تم نشره في 2019/10/18
#Thadam #newsouthmoviehindidubbed #ArunVijay
Presenting new south movie Thadam 2019 Hindi dubbed.Watch this south movie in Hindi. Enjoy this newly released south hindi full hd movie 2019 having action Thriller story. Have a fun by watching this south indian Hindi dubbed movie.
Ezhil & Kavin are twin brothers, one is a civil engineer and other is a swindler who knows all ambiguities of the legal system. One youngster gets murdered for which Ezhil gets arrested based on image found in the victim's mobile. While on other hand, Kavin gets arrested in a drink & drive case. Now struggle for the cops start. Who's the culprit and what's the moto of murder? all these form the rest of the story.
#Thadam New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Starring # Arun Vijay, Vidya Pradeep & Tanya Hope.
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Directed by Magizh Thirumeni
Produced by Umesh Gupta
Story by Magizh Thirumeni
Music by Arun Raj
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#online movies #southmovieshindi #hindidubbedmovie
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  • What a great case

  • speechless movie splendid

  • superb movie.. brother love 👍👍

  • What a wonderful, twist and turn super suspense movie... 👌👌 30 mins of story built up and then starts suspense, and plot twistin each 5 mins. You, viewer yourself cant tell who is murderer even if you saw the murder by yourself 🤐 This level of suspense is there. And superb acting. Small romance and good amount of comedy punches here and there. #MustWatch overall ❤

  • Masterpiece

  • Red movie hindi dubbing chaiye

  • Thadam2 banni chahie

  • Red Movie is Another version of Thadam

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  • What a movie!

  • Hollywood level story. Better than Bollywood shit movies 🎥

  • One of the epic movie ever

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  • Wow.. what a movie.. I need all gems Plz write movie name on my comment. Rastana U trun Thummad

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  • OMG what a wonderful story what script it's just amazing . good suspense movie

  • Zabar dast👍👍👍👍👍

  • A Good Movie.

  • This is one is of the best movies I ever saw. And I was a bollywood fab before Sushant Singh Rajput's murder. I never imagined South makes such wonderful movies. It was breathtaking.

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  • So interesting 👍

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  • bollywood should learn from south film industry that how to write a thriller story,,,,,what a movie ,,just loved it

  • The movie which inspired Netflix to make a remake🙏 just wow to the suspense

  • Its pure original tamil movie

  • what a concept 👌

  • Police Rapiest ko pakar leti to katal hota hi nahi Rapiest ko to police kabhi pakarti hi nahi

  • Watching this movie after reading ratsasan comment section 😂

  • Mind blowing movie👍👌

  • Is this a incomplete movie? I think some scenes are not there

  • Nice a movie

  • 49:30

  • Movie ho to aisee ke deemagh kharab ho Jaye samjhne me,, I liked this

  • Bihar vale bai like karo

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  • 25:24 ramcharan song laila o laila

  • Copy to red

  • Back in 2004, in Malaysia got big issue about drug dealer Satish and Sabarish. Judge Zaharah released R. Satish Raj and R. Sabarish Raj because got same DNA and same face. Police cant prove who was the culprit.. In Malaysia drug means death penalty. Judge said she cant hang both of them. She got no choice other than released both of them. But the judge statement became headlines in all medias and papers.😅

  • For telugu guys its Red

  • What a movie Yr ♥ Unbelievable

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  • So great.the story was also unique


  • This is Tamil movie 😍😍

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  • What a great movie.could not scipe a few seconds.The storyline of movie just incredible.

  • Amazing suspense.

  • Awsm ❤️ movie

  • Remake Movie = RED

  • Awesome

  • Sedih kali 😭

  • Great job.....pehle to samajh me nahi aarha tha boring lag rha tha but nyc yaar..

  • i loved that one infact more than love ,🥰🥰

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  • What a story... Whaaaaaaat a stooooooooooooryyy

  • Movie of the century

  • Totaly satisfied by this thriller action movie LEGENDARY MOVIE MUST WATCH HATTS OF TO THE DIRECTOR,WRITER AND CAST MEMBER❤️

  • Ritik ka mele main bisra hua bhai.....

  • पुरे दिमाग की नसे हिल गई यार इस मूवी को देखकर. Mind-blowing movie. इस मूवी को ठीक से समझने के लिए आपको इसे full concentration के साथ देखना पडेगा. Hatts of Tollywood

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  • Director and story raitar Selyut SAR

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  • Interesting story Suspence till last

  • Maghiz therumini Kamal story writer Hearts off u to

  • I feel so bad for elil

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  • Good hero

  • South Indian writers are much more brilliant n intelligent than Bollywood writers

  • I am speechless 🙂 Writer salute man🖤

  • Which type of movie is this...means what is main thing..i am going to start it...plzz tell

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