Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


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  • I was like, OMG that's soooo pretty and emotional, and then I got scared xD

  • Fantastic. This video is a mix between Alfred Hitchcock 's movies and American horror Story. Lana Del Rey is amazing

  • Alex Jones brought me here lol


  • This video deserves more appreciation since she took a whole 2 years collecting stories onto one plot of this video and how great cinematically this is

  • Damn it man!!! She sold out hardbodied to the beast system. Smh Fuck you Lana. Was it really worth it?? Sold your soul for what?? I will not be buying this album or any thereafter. Dueces weak greedy freak sell-out$!!! :( UNSUBBED

  • melody starts off like BANKS - CONTAMINATED

  • hey my love, do not promote the mask or the stupid " new normal " . The mask is the most insane and unhealthy and useless stuff have i ever seen in my life. by the way 1:50 i love those feet, and legs. thank you very much.

  • This should win every award that exists!

  • This is one of the best music videos I have seen in years! OMG, so awesome!

  • 2:21 goosebumps 🤯💙🦋🦋


  • ok i love the aesthetic with the wearwolves, I HATE the fact that she's wearing that mask cause i know (rich) folks are gonna actually wear it while it doesn't serve its purpose and shouldn't be used.

  • That mask is gorgeous and useless. Love it ❤️

  • Неплохой пиар от Леши Шевцова

  • Reminds of when Scooby -Doo and the gang went to the country club and all the workers and owners were wolves. All she needs is the wax figurines.

  • because it is a very rare video, what the fuck is wrong with you Lana del Rey?

  • I suddenly want to become a vampire 😄🌚🐺🧛‍♀️

  • just wow

  • bayılıyorum sana kadın

  • Song about alex jones

  • Lana del Rey: sings Me: 🥺

  • 🎵It's never too late baby so don't give up ❤️❤️

  • We need more celebs to expose the deep state and chemtrails. These global elitists are out of control.

  • segzi

  • The perfectest music video ever 👏👏👏🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️💕

  • Why do I feel nostalgic?

  • Te amo Lana, ídolaaaaaaaa 😭❤️

  • Chemtrails are not pretty, they are trails of shit and pollution blotting out the sun rays which provide vitamin D.


  • Love this bitch !!! 🥰

  • Proud to be called Lana🥰

  • We are on the run to heal with Lana.

  • Amei tanto

  • I've had this on repeat since it came out, I can't stop

  • i love you lana

  • Like the song but no understand why she and her friends become demons, so dark sorry!

    • they didn't become demons. In fact, the whole song, including lyrics and mv is about feminism. We have patriarchy women (washing her hair, doing the laundry, also my cancer is sun is about that housewife) and other side of women, wilde one. Thats why they become wolves (inspired by book women who run with wolves, where free women are compared to wolves, my leo is moon is about that). It's totally lana, deep style. She always give us art.

  • How many will wake up now


  • O lago de fogo 🔥 a espera.

  • In 💘 with that ol skool Mercedes!!!

  • catchy asf

  • Chen trails are spreading in the sky to make us sick.

  • Não há nada de errado em contemplar Deus...

  • I tried singing this out loud. I sounded like a horse.


  • your craft...such an artist!🔥


  • Am I the only one who hated the horror scenes?

  • Amooooooooo 🥀

  • This doesn't hit it like NFR, I feel this is going to be a subpar album.

  • Me and very Pilot when they see "Chemtrails" in the title: 🤦

  • I cant stop listneing to this, it doesnt leave my head 24/7, heeeeellp but seriously this brings me so much peace and listening to it in th headphones feels magical!

  • end part kinda reminded me of the buzzfeed unsolved theme

  • Demonic.

  • Okay, but is anyone going to talk about her hair?!?!

  • My skin shudders when I hear it from the first second😳🥰❤️

  • Kadın ne iş yapsa muhteşem 👍

  • No one: Literally no one: Lana Del Rey: My moon's in Leo My Cancer is sun.

  • Instantly recognized the brthr

  • I don’t believe I have ever seen or heard a less relatable artist in my entire life. I’ve been following her since the beginning and I am definitely not surprised, with an album title like that, that this turned out to be more vapid, horrendous poetry that ruins what could have been a decent song. It’s always her lyrics/poetry that ruins it for me. She writes like an angst filled teenage girl. And that poetry album... my god! I was embarrassed for her when I listened to that. Maybe I should stop waiting for the moment where I am going to be pleasantly surprised. She has potential. She just always ruins it with her words. Also, cool, we get it. You’re a witch. Good for you.

  • 10/10

  • Gorgeous song and an amazing video, both are true works of art. Just slightly concerned that she thinks "chemtrails" are actually a thing though.

  • Oddly enough this beautifully wonderful piece of art makes me think of my fam

  • Alex e.Jones sent me here...

  • Amazing voice.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Oh mulher vc é totalmente perfeita

  • this was a ride

  • People aren’t seeing the message, they are really poising us with chem trails while we are just trying to live and have fun .. We are over looking it because some of us don’t know or some of us don’t realize. How sad 😢

    • @Thru the Veil lol exactly

    • Agreed. I don't know what is more horrifying? The casualness that she is singing about chemtrails or the all of the comments failing to mention the magnitude of this pop culture revelation?

  • Ok Lana 😩

  • Estávamos Sedentos🎶🎶👸🏼❤❤🇧🇷

  • Lana Del Rey vc é linda

  • Lana, sou eu te novo, eu te amo

  • Shes the queen of the sad songs

  • Lana is the Queen of the Royal Society for aviation preservation. Sometimes.

  • Illuminati PUPPET!!!

  • not the net mask!

  • Everyone is upset about her mask when everyone else in the video and OTHER music videos, new ads, tv shows , newscasters do not wear and have masks on.

  • This sounds a little like How to dissapear. Either way, I love you Lana, you make all of my days!

  • The way I understand it, the chemtrails she speaks about are drugs. She does this a lot in her music, she mentions LSD in here as well. She says "beautiful" followed by "lsd", and along with the vibe she's creating with the video... it's kind of a really beautiful happy lsd trip. She also says "what to do next?" followed by "baby what are they? White picket chemtrails"... White lines? Remember her song Florida Kilos from Ultraviolence? And as soon as she says that the whole vibe changes to the wolves. From that I gather the wolves represent strong females... It's weird cause when you take coke you sorta feel invincible.. It's interesting that the wolves are directly after those lines.. The song is a lot like her first album. The idea Americans have of what goes on at country clubs is also portrayed with all the beauty and seemingly perfect lives, but then that's like juxtaposed with all of the drugs and other political issues. So... yeah very takes me back to Born to De/Paradise era


  • I’m soo happy she took a more 50s aesthetic :)

  • This is real talent! Her music has depth subliminal messages. Genius.

  • This song it is i love it love is somuch

  • queen

  • I remember being in the premiere stream & everyone was just like : NOT THE MASSKKK💀💀💀💀🤣

    • fist thing i thought when i seen it on her

  • Rainha da porra toda

  • Queen of disaster💕

  • Why it's only 8,6M !! She was right when she said "you little fuckers "

  • To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie- True Poems flee-

  • If you know what a Chemtrail actually is and what it does over time ,you would see this is a very profound video !

  • Never been there but can feel it ❤️

  • With Norman fucking Rockwell she took a giant step...just keep doing it!

  • Is there a deep message here?

  • Perfect beatiful 🇧🇷❤️

  • Greetings from itpedia!

  • another one that sold her soul and satan is waiting for her in hell

  • 6 days late. But I like the video. Soothing song nice message. Very wild indeed as sexy werewolves. With sheer elegant white clothing.😳

  • We destroy the earth but she’s the one who rides the jets making jet trails!

  • Pay attention the “elites” are telling you their plan!