Becoming a WWE Superstar for 24 Hours! (ft. Dominik Mysterio)

تم نشره في 2021/04/30
I met up with WWE superstar Dominik Mysterio, and he taught me what it was like to be a real WWE star for 24 hours! We even wrestled at the end!
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  • Should I actually join the WWE now?

    • Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss

    • Yes!

    • Nooo you should stay with ARdown

    • @Liam Allen hahaha

    • That moment u fight with chunky dunkys and i can't even afford jordan 1s 😭😭

  • Yeah I watch it, and Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston are my favorite current day wrestlers.

  • He's my favorite wrestler

  • Yes you should

  • I watch wwe

  • Good job on your match Dominic mysterio.

  • Its crazy how dominik grew so much since the days of Eddie and Rey

  • Yes bro

  • I watched a DeArmond video and you were in the video where a super power can be shy

  • 619

  • and his name is John cena

  • i love him

  • No and no offense and not trying to be rude but you’ll be smushed like a potato

  • ¨That was the fastest WWE match of all time YT Edition¨

  • Yeah my favorite wwe wrestler is Roman reigns

  • Know I believe that WWE is real

  • It was like 2 kids fighting

  • Smackdown

  • I know everyone from wwe

  • Yes I do know what wwe is I watch it lots when I was younger

  • Yo that Looks Cool I wish I could Be a wrestler Soon

  • Yo that Looks Cool I wish I could Be a wrestler Soon

  • I think brock took offense to the kendo sticks doing more damage to doms body than he.

  • I thought he would do it for actual 24hrs so he did not do it for 24hrs

  • can you tell Dom mysterio to tell his dad to show you his face when you hit 20m subscribers

  • 14:14 - 14:22 Dominik actually did this to dolph

  • And fun fact I wanted to be a girl wrestler lmfao

  • Tell me why as a kid I was inlove with ray mysterio🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 even though I didn’t know what he looked like

  • الي عربي لايك

  • Bro I am the wwe fan I am a fan of roman reigns seth rollins and but not lest dean ambrose like if you are a fan of wwe plz make this 1k for how many people like wwe

  • I love WWE

  • Next part 1 rey mysterio please

  • W vid

  • Ive watched wwe ever cense i was 2

  • faZeRug Guy was like im the boss in here! 😁

  • I always loved Seth Rollins until he became heel

  • You wwe gabg

  • done

  • Is that rey mysterio son hahah 😎 🆒️

  • WWE

  • Faze rug has 1000 fans, im 1 of them Faze rug has 100 fans, I’m 1 of them Faze rug has 10 fans, I’m 1 of them Faze rug has 0 fans I am no longer on earth Faze rug is against the earth, I am against the earth.

  • The rko was hilarious I did it 9 times

  • The only reason I clicked on this video bc of dominic

  • I watch wwe

  • This takes me back. All first week basics. I'm glad to see Dominik showing its entirely possible for anyone to get into wrestling. Even if means just learning the basics and sticking to the indies. I do have to know if this was cool with Vince and Triple H? I mean it is common for wrestling terminology and how matches work to get out and become public knowledge for die hard fans of wrestling, but I'm curious how other wrestlers and managers feel about how-to style videos being done by official WWE superstars on ARdown?

  • All the fortnite kids getting excited when he said crash pad 😅🤣

  • Meet Ron Stroman

  • The ring etiquette to start. Always wipe your boots on the side before getting in. Starting with rolls and bumps. My only thing is - y'all didn't have to do ANY squats?

  • Fase rug vs ksi

  • Your the best

  • please another video with him i watch wwe and i love him please another big fan of u both .

  • Royal Rumble

  • Idk u where a wwe fan

  • Youtbers vs Tik-Tokers Wrestle Mania? like for rug to see

  • I think you can but be careful for Roman reigns or the other legendarys

  • i watch wwe :D


  • How do you have almost 20mil and your only worth 4mil but the royalty family is only 14mil not yet and they worth 15mil racist?

  • rey was my childhood, I even got a pic with him and he signed my mask, i love you rey

  • I watch wwe Becky Lynch is my IDOL

  • I miss the old WWE

  • I watch wwe all day every day

  • 12:02

  • Dang nice r.k.o oh dang 619

  • The funniest thing is he got pin fast

  • Having dominic train you to be a wrestler is like having kim kardashian train you for the olympics...

  • Rug:can I watch a wwe episode Dominik:you have to earn it

  • Also yesterday i was 1v1 ray and the undertaker

  • Bro like dominic is so hurt but the street fight happend he is one of the best wwe stars

  • You make the best yet videos on ARdown I have never seen someone do this before😆

  • I love WWE

  • FaZe rug-Can I breath Dominik-your talking so your breathing

  • Yes

  • I think fase rug wuld be really good at the wwe

  • I watch wwe

  • I watch WWE everyday live

  • Faze Rug Ur not To much Trained To be Wwe

  • I need to be a wwe star

  • oooooooooooooooooooooo

  • If you’re really old WWE fan you would know Dominic was adopted by Rey Mysterio

  • I'm trying to see him and Brock Lesnar fight

  • I like rio mistreo and undertaker

  • ye i know wwe

  • That’s amazing. I have seen him on the show.

  • When faze rug did the you can’t see me it’s the man the guy John cena!

  • I love WWE

  • Well that match happend

  • I watch WWE videos every single day

  • Me & my dad love WWE i love triple h he loves rey Mysterio

  • Pewdiepie vs FaZe vs Mr beast!!!!

  • I like WWE because I’m computer literate is playing with them right now can I come in the room with you that would be my dream thank you

  • Wow this is cool Two awesome things I like wwe and faze rug

  • I love how faze rug went for the five knuckle shuffle

  • Your relly good u should become. WWE and your name could be rug

  • It faze joins wwe:gets spears multiple times,gets spine busted multiple times,gets choke slam multiple times.

  • Spoiler given by smackdown tag team champions rey and dom😂😂

  • Yea you should join wwe and btw this is also my dream


  • y este quien es? jsjsjs

  • Please make a part 2