Most Memorable Events in 60.000 kilometers of Motorcycling the World

تم نشره في 2020/04/24
My journey towards Alaska came to an abrupt halt because of the world wide crisis at the moment. Time to sit down and look back at the most memorable events of the past 60.000 kilometers of riding around the world.
I am riding solo around the world on my Royal Enfield Himalayan 'Dhanno'!
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  • Lets ride together on next quest..😌

  • Im mean this in the nicest way, but im in love, congratulations, great journey, hope the world comes to a peaceful moment in order for you to continue the journey. Cograts again!

  • Cam in lraq 🇮🇶❤️

  • The Irani are supposed to be amongst the most welcoming people in the whole wide world, looks like it's true…

  • Unbelievable yet exhilarating tingling and out of this world experience to watch this video...amazing human being u are and lucky indeed to have been meeting new people all around the world...

  • what a perfect video! i had tears in my eyes. I can see in this video that you became the idol of muslim womens. I saw shine in the eyes of Iranian women when she look you. Go head! Time to show to world what a women can do... i'm proud of you...

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  • Fantastich !!! de opvolger van Paul van Hooff!, super. Indonesisch biker zit vast in Argentina ivm lockdown.

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  • Incredible.... Goose Bump Stuff

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  • Thailand...riding through coconut trees rather then "palm" tree..

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  • It is beautiful to see how hearthwarming people are in countries which are often portrayed negatively in the news.

  • Cheeky sods at you tube..... Adverts getting longer.

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  • Your smile reflects the warmth and affection you discover on your trips. Fantastic how you share it with the world. If you ever come to Belgium, do give us a call.

  • Itchy booty 🤕🤕 sniff sniff

  • I do touring too in my country but never been away too far. As i watch your video, i had a teary eye seeing those wonderful kind people everywhere you go. I wonder where you now. Lots of love from Sarawak, Borneo.

  • Loved this video! Fantastic journey!

  • Why you didn't visit Azerbaijan after Turkey?

    • Because she would be immediately arrested by Azerbaijan government for visiting Republic of Atsakh.

  • I did what you did not on a bike and less sim countries. The hospitality you receive especially when you’re a little apprehensive of problems. But that soon disappears when you find yourself eating in a strangers house. I miss traveling.But I’m glad I did all them years ago

  • This is amazing. I now have something new to add to my dreams list! May I know roughly what was your budget for your trip (excluding the bike of course) and how long did you take?

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  • Basanti 😀

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  • Hi all in this video the views are 13 lakhs views but subscribers are around 6.5 lakhs.. pls all subscribe to her channel and support her lots and lots.. thanks and regards.. RiderSpark Manoj

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  • I just watched the video of your world journey and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. I subscribed to your site and look forward to more.

  • Just have I enjoy your videos in general, but this one showing the encredible hospitality around The different countries was Heart warming. It remindes me of my own experiens from 4 years in the Middle east, where I was so lucky to meet a great variety of different nationalities, all so kind and lovely. Makes you really think why the world is so fu..ed up with wars, battles and hate.... ?... And that makes you videos so worthwhile to see, they really show that the common person is good and we are not that different though we may look different.... I hope to meet you out there on two (Adventure-)wheels;-) All the best from Danmark

  • So good to watch this again, I have past it on to my boy's as inspiration, and myself of course. Loved your last series in the Netherlands, and the T shirt an scarf are great. 👍 Take care out there.

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  • Wonderful journey! And this is quite amzing in this vdo, you had driven from the other side of the world and driven past in front of my office in bangkok (Asoke road) LoL. Welcome to Thailand !

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  • I hope this Pandemic sorts itself out soon - would love to see your take on traveling around / across Australia, and our awesome cousins, New Zealand. Would love to see those videos!

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  • This video is like a documentary of her journey until now More to come🔥

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  • Wonderfull! Heartwarming! Where is the hostility our tv sets are showing us over and over? Iranians, Afgans, oezbekistanians, all so friendly and sharing. People, turn off your tv sets, stop watching and swallowing all the lies. Well done Noraly. Goed gedaan🙂

  • I am re-visiting your Season 1 videos. These videos were one of the reasons why I was inspired to switch from a classic bike to an ADV, and I hope you can make more episodes like your Season 1 (and Season 2) videos (maybe once COVID-19 restrictions ease up?). Thanks for the inspiring footages!

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  • Well done, You've got real guts to go alone through all the ex Soviet states where it can be a bit dangerous. Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey are usually friendly and predictable. I agree the ordinary people everywhere in these regions are friendly. Also you did it without security, a production crew and the backing of say the BBC who normally send a presenter to these places.

  • This brings me into tears! i hv being watching the vlog from the beginning and you are so lucky. love from sri lanka!

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  • I never cried watching a motorcycle channel till now. This was great! Reminds of the book from Ireland to India via bicycle. She did it in the 1950's on a one speed bicycle. Your experience with the locals was the same as hers. She spoke of so many friendly people.

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  • i always watch your videos , this was also great ,, one thing i noticed every human is same , political borders are the arbitrary lines which vanishes when we meet each other no matter we understand their language or they understand ours, humanity and love prevails,, good going itchy boots ,

  • The entire Journey was incredible. One of thing that I liked the most is using an Indian Bike Royal Enfield Himalayan you travelled so many countries which shows how much capable and reliable this Indian bike is and also I loved the fact that you have given both the bikes an Indian name "Basanti" and "Dhanno". Love from India. :-)