Motorcycle CRASHES, SCARY moments & OUTTAKES of 60.000 kms Itchy Boots

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I decided it was time to share some of the lesser successful moments of my journey around the world! These are the times that traveling alone on a motorcycle were not so easy...
I am riding solo around the world on my Royal Enfield Himalayan 'Dhanno'!
Tools, gear & equipment I use:
Modifications & accessories on my Royal Enfield Himalayan:
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  • Love these B sides!!! It´s look like dogs are fast everywhere !!

  • Most of those "crushes" are just going to slow and laying the bike down. Keep up what You doing and stay safe ;)

  • I suggest an air horn or even mace for the dogs. I've experienced the same.

  • Al doen leert men, niemand is perfect, ik ben ook al eens omgevallen :-( Hou U goed en safe X x X

  • Much respect from an old south african biker living in Italy!

  • Wow and jij doet het alleen 😳 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🦾🥇🏆

  • Gewoonweg schitterend om ook deze beelden te tonen,want dit hoort er ook bij.....héél véél respect voor jou !!! Bedankt voor de prachtige post op ARdown !!

  • Amazing !!! Love your courage.

  • You are amazing! I’ve ridden solo in remote areas but you are way up there. Damn dogs! :)

  • Mitica

  • Oh boy , you´re a fighter . You go girl ! Awesome Vid ;-)

  • Love it. The good bad and ugly. I've had my share of crashes as well. Your bike survived better. Does your dad watch you going around a truck on a narrow trail with a steep drop??? lol..

  • Crashing it is fine...but lifting that thing back up with all the load..gawd...

  • Corajosa !no meio da cachorrada e pedras soltas na estrada!

  • You are a beatiful girl 😁😁

  • Damn what cool trips and experiences you offer. Great to see you driving in Sweden and the TET track. Thanks for that :) I recognize myself in when you drop the bike, remember when I myself went up a mountain in Bosnia, it was difficult, a lot of rocks but everything went. But when I got up I dropped the bike ..... The dogs are not fun either. But again thanks for your great movies :) //Josef from Sweden

  • 😂😂😂😂✌

  • Sale that Himalayan and buy new ADV motorcycle ....😠😡

  • An Aussie bush trick .Carry a roll of cling film wrap. wrap it around your legs arms and torso. Keeps the heat in and the wind and wet out. and doesn't weigh much or take up much room.

  • I bet this video worried your parent’s the most.

  • Thanks a lot for this video! Allow me one question: Why don't you sometimes stand up on your bike?

  • You are amazing .. very brave :)

  • Waaaaw!!! Jij gaat ver! Echt stoer.. 😘

  • Go girl go ....

  • I don't feel so bad anymore that I managed to run wide on a corner and put my bike in a ditch. That bit with the river going over a cliff and the washed out road was truly terrifying.

  • You are 1 gutsy lady

  • Wow, glad you didn’t get hurt bad falling, that water crossing was super scary!

  • Um... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪

  • Eu quando caiu de moto só penso na moto!!.kkk.

  • well if you where a man...... you wouldnt be able to sit down because your balls would be too big, you young lady i have nothing but admiration for well done total respect

  • This woman is one badass. I really love her spirit. She falls and get up again. Nothing's going to keep her down.

  • Ты не только красивая но и очень смелая девушка!👍🙂

  • Omg that was hardcore. You are literally riding EVERYWHERE! :D Love it! You are awesome

  • “Built like a gun” since 1901. And the Enfield 303 got us through two world wars after all. 🇬🇧 🇳🇱 🇮🇳 ✌🏻

  • I hate when dogs chasing 😠

  • Oh dear...wot a scenes..❤️ stunning...😍

  • You are one tough cookie🤩! Kudos to you! And I love how you always laugh even when the trip throws you a curveball😍!

  • Is there any ideas to avoid dog attacks

  • Very difficult when you are on your own, bless you. Well done, keep going. 😮

  • Fantastic video!! God bless you.. Himalayan is very good bike?

  • I can't believe my eyes. Seriously

  • I love the dog chases! lol! The life of a rider! Awesome fails! Thanks for sharing!

  • you should choose a bit lighter bike if u want to ride a very long off road...i think Honda CRF Rally is more suitable. its lighter than yr current cb500x..dont waste your energy by riding heavy bike during overland. CRF Rally is comfort to ride and easy to handle. i pray for yr success and yr safety on every journey u're heading to..good luck dear..

  • Put some of these in each episode you ride

  • Grate lady

  • The dogs😆, they really love you!.

  • As a hiker, I feel you on the dogs. Something about country dogs which don't see strangers, especially weirdly dressed ones with weird scary tools and clothes, they go crazy. A lot of owners get surprised with the sudden ferocity of their pet or work dog

  • You are one incredible young lady Noraly. You have a fighting Spirit that has taken you so very far in your young life. To travel around the world as you do, riding solo, can only be described as awesome! Every time you fell, or had an issue, like with the dogs, and the flooded roads, i felt for you, even though we know that you are safe now. I am in awe of you and what you have achieved so far in life.

  • You are an inspiration. Once i get my license im getting the newer version himalayan and although ill only be touring the UK i have you and your videos to thank for the inspiration for my next adventure in life :D

  • Wow, im a man and i have never did such wild adventures, be careful up there...

  • Nieuw stopwoordje "Whoe" ;-) en daarna lachen, top! Gewoon super stoer !

  • take good care always to your travel

  • Really amazing courage to do this. Hope one day, i could have 1/3 of that attitude. Amazed!!

  • You are brave. The snowy mountain pass, and the flowing landslide took a lot of guts to do such things.

  • I would of been swearing my head off 😀

  • سلام خوبی؟ ان شاالله که حالت خوبه و دلت شاد واقعا شیر زنی دل شیر داری تنهایی جهان رو دور زدن دلی میخواد به وصعت یک کهکشان خدا قوتت بده ♡

  • If I was a woman I wouldn't travel in those countries

    • @Neggo well i am not from a Muslim country but as per her , she got the best reception in Iran . It depends on the culture more than the religion. Iran has been pretty liberal in its treatment of women as compared to countries like saudi Arabia or Pakistan. All Muslim countries but the western media coverage they get is based on their alignment with western governments.

    • @M Viv I am not, I would travel in those countries because I am a man and I don't have to fear for some fanatic Muslim or whatever it is, I meant to say that in those countries there is a lot more people who don't respect women as much as civilised country do

    • U are a woman...

  • I discovered this channel a few days ago and saw about 20 episodes, now I love you like my own daughter.!

  • Such an inspiration!!

  • Congratulations! What an awesome experience! I hope I'll be able to do something like that someday. You're very brave!

  • да,это лучшая твоя поездка

  • You're incredible!

  • That Bolivian flood! 30 min later and the road was probably gone.

  • U are an inspiration for all riders ❤️👍👍

  • jaren geleden had ik eens iets gemaakt op de motor. oogje links en rechts waar je een stok in kunt steken en een buis met tennisbal er op kunt insteken. Ik schroefde deze er altijd in op moeilijk terrein, want dan viel de motor niet plat op de grond. maakt niet uit hoe goed je bent, je gaat altijd vallen, maar dat telkens oprapen was een serieus pak gemakkelijker met die stokken. Mensen lachen me uit, maar hey het werkte :-) moest ik het ooit opnieuw maken ditmaal zou ik er beugels van maken die inklappen.

  • You are very brave..

  • tc n drive slowly 👍🇳🇵

  • Hi never ever stop motorcycle with handle bars turn, this is good tip, Milo.

  • Blijf het mega stoer vinden dat je dat toch maar gedaan hebt!

  • I am impressed. Sure "got some balls"

  • Lots of love to you.

  • True Moto Adventurer! Very impressive!

  • bravo!!!! tu peux être fière de tes performances Itchy

  • Consider adding in those bike drops and scary moments to your regular videos. Most people are not watching to see a tourism video, they are watching because they want to experience your adventures. Those moments add drama and will be the most exciting part of your video to the viewers. After seeing all your out takes here It is without question that you earned your stripes.

  • Bravo, brave girl

  • You are TOUGH WOMAN...SALUTE !!!

  • I'm very worried when i see your video when you're chased by dogs. i hope the dogs didn't hurt you. may Allah help you. Thanks milon .from Dhaka Bangladesh

  • Have you tried leg guards, maybe the dog won't get you next time. Some of your Adventures are extra-ordinary!

  • Okey das wel respect @ 12:00 😆👍haha. Veel geluk op je komende reizen!

  • OMG every clip gave heart attacks. Surprisingly no major accident, wondering where did she learn driving motorcycle so well.

    • Bikers don't like to admit it, but crashing a motorcycle big time is about how you approach the road you're on. In safety training, they tell you to always (in any situation, straights, bends, traffic, offriad) go 75% of what you're absolutely sure you can do. If there could be gravel, go like there IS gravel, if there could be an idiot pulling out, go like there IS an idiot pulling out. You'll still crash the bike sometimes, comes with the territory, but you'll walk away from it. The dead guys are the guys that do hang-offs on a backcountry highway they've never been on.

  • Wow, amazing footage of your adventure. You really are a person, a woman, a rider to admire. You have my respect ma'am.

  • damn! that was scariest moment when flood flowing from cliff to river.. glad you could passed the road.

  • Dear Norely, I'm sending you my deepest appreciation and respect for going through these moments. I would have been so scared of being alone on these kinds of roads. You're an awesome character - keep your spirit for your great channel and videos!

  • Love you from Malaysia

  • Forte combattente caparbia💪donna molto coraggiosa grazie dei bei video🤗

  • Definitely more guts than the majority of the earth's population

  • Handle bar taking the shock of so many drops . Why are my thrust bearings failing every 11000 km ?

  • OMG be safe its shocking whn seeing dogs movements and moreover I'm ur big fan that to I was watching ur videos it's really too good to see and your English as well any all the best for your channel and we are waiting for all new videos 😊

  • 4:50 my wife asked me what kind of movie are you watching? (she only heard the sound) LMAO

  • Adventurous woman

  • basically Tai means crash so Tailand = Crashland

  • Wow,you are real hero 😎,what a courage you have,God bless u ❤️

  • salute 🙏🙏🙏


  • Can just say that you have my respect

  • Iron lady 😘 huge respect

  • I'm sorry for you because of the accidents

  • You are a huge credit to the world , rockOn

  • You fall but you never give up. You are amazing!

  • This women is more of a man than most men I've ever known.