The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley - WWE Championship Lumberjack Match: Raw, Mar. 1, 2021

تم نشره في 2021/03/ 1
Bobby Lashley finally gets his hands on The Miz with Raw Superstars surrounding the ring in a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Championship. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Omg Bobby lashelly is so strong

  • Lashley v Reigns?

  • Was amazing momment and match !! I’ll remember this one with Cm Punk , Triple H, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and of course The Fiend !!! Two favorite wrestlers Bray Wyatt & The Fiend and Bobby Lashley

  • 0:58 its so sad that Benjamin and Alexander helped Lashley but they broke the Hurt Buisness

  • Next to Braun Stroman was that Titus O’Neil?

  • Ngl watching it back, Michael Cole’s commentary gave me chills.

    • That’s Tom Philips, not Michael Cole

  • Yes

  • Bobby Lashley 💪

  • Whos here after he retained at Mania ?

  • Y did they get rid of Tom Philips

  • 1:39 is one of my favorite commentary calls I recent years

  • Who’s here after Bobby Lashley retain at Wrestlemania

  • Whos here after Bobby retained at Mania 37

  • Miz got pummeled

  • Somewhere far away in Lio Rush's voices : LASHLEY! LASHLEY!! LASHLEY!!!

  • I need to start watching wwe over again lol. Sure it isn't as good as it used to be at all but it's much better than aew.

  • Ye`S

  • Chris master masterpiece

  • Wooooow....the video's in back are creepy....I'm actually living in the movie The Running Man.

  • Miz is no wwe champion

  • Boby lashley deserve that

  • 🤑🤕🤕🤕👹🤕🤕🤕🤑

  • 2:12 look at riddle and Alexander they look happy together

  • *THE ALL MIGHTY* Is *WORLD* Champion 😉😎

  • Did anyone saw that bobby was not stepping hard on miz while posing . 2:54

  • Time for The Era of Bobby Lashley🔥🔥

  • I'm so glad that Lashley won the WWE title.

  • they should make a biopic film of boxing great Jack Johnson starring Bobby Lashley

  • man i love miz as champ but bobby deserves it

  • 0:57 so that's how Benjamin and Alexander helped Lashley win the title. Consistency. LOL.

  • I hate you boby lashely

  • Broke lensner should back wwe

  • waiting for it

  • Shad Gaspard Smiling down with MVP

  • Fun fact miz really crosses lashley this aint a match just for them working he really is making him pay for crossin em

  • WWE Championship keeps on losing its prestige after these awkward title changes

  • This is a nonsense for a failed scenario with all the meanings of the word

  • If Lashley loses to Drew McIntyre, then it will be shame

  • I'm glad that the Hurt Business don't got beef with Riddle

  • Finally lashlay win WWE title after 16 year of hardwork

  • 1:28

  • It’s about time long over due he should’ve beat cena back during his first run in wwe

  • Man, everybody wants lashley and Lesnar... i do too. But I would love to see and hear MVP and heyman go at it on the mic. I don't think Heyman will kill him off the bat because they will need to sell the feud but i think this would be awesome

  • Why didn’t the rest of the hurt business join in after. Terrible acting

  • i really hope bobby beats drew

  • both bobby lashley and big e won titles in a lumberjack match nice

  • The hurt lock!!!

  • The last time we saw Jeff on TV 😒

  • The miz berlagak je lebih Dan poyo.. Je.. 😏🙃

  • Dominance absolute dominance

  • Brock VS Lashley

  • Lashley the strongerst as ever

  • I still call the title wwe heavyweight champion

  • Bobby Lashley should lose the title to Cesaro,Aleister Black, AJ Styles, or Jeff Hardy.

  • remember when lumberjacks used to beat up whoever goes outside the ring?

  • Nobody wanted Miz as WWE Champion

  • What Was The Point Of The Miz Being Champ Lol

  • Im glad someone dominated the Miz, dude is garbage. I’m even happier to see another black WWE Champion!!

  • Some dude on the hub 1:32

  • 4.2 million views

  • It took me 3 weeks to learn there was a new champion. Who cares anymore hope you sell lotsa merchandise...

  • So disrespectful to miz

  • I’ve been waiting for this moment since The 2007 Great American Bash.

    • Right. Same here😁

  • Bobby broke Chris Master’s Master Lock, then took it as his own years later. Love this guy.

  • Bobby Lashley is the GOAT

  • World biggest show WWE my favorite👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • F I N A L L Y.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The miz deserve a longer run than that. If miz was still wwe a little longer. He would have made a great run with wwe title like what he did with the intercontnetal title run. Lashley should have gotten his oppotunity at wrestlemania to give the miz some time to shine.

  • We need Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesner match

  • Only believable guy on the roster since Lesnar left. Psyched for a good Lashley run, finally.

  • Boooooooo!!

  • I just realized that Lashley only needs a tag title reign now to complete the grand slam

  • It's a damn shame how WWE books The Miz 😞 this may have been The Miz's last chance to be called WWE Champion 😰

    • I agree, but Bobby Lashley is my favorite of all time, so I’m cool with this.

  • I knew bobby lashley would win the title

  • Hell yeah

  • Let MVP become the champion next

  • This my first time watching Bobby since he been back. Mans straight put him in the master lock 😂😂

  • Big insult

    • Wrestling is embarrassing. It used to be the most entertaining thing on TV.

  • can you imagine if bobby makes brock lesnar tapes out in Summerslam 2018

  • Miz might turn face now after what Lashley did to him. BUT more importantly FINALLY Lashly is WWE champion!

    • por que el Miz estaba siendo buen campeon

  • Dominance, absolute dominance!!! Great call by Tom Phillips

  • MVP has truly saved Bobby Lashley's career. From that stupid romantic storyline with Lana to WWE champion. Congrats 👏👏👏

  • How many day reign 2 or 3 MIZ seriously 🤣

  • Imagine the pop he would’ve gotten if there was a crowd

  • Awesome

    • times in the main event??? I would say the same thing if The Miz was still champ and went to Wrestlemania main event.

  • 2:46 when you get your high school diploma

  • Congratulations Bobby

  • Man has been here for 17 years I rem in 2027 battle of the billionaires and bobby shaved vinces hair I think this run should last in-till summer slam I would even be fine with longer

  • ♥♥♥

    • Who is next for Bob. B.....e....s.....t???????

  • i like this now

  • MVP has really elevated the Hurt Business! Really happy to see lashley as the new champ..

  • Amazing call by Tom Phillips🔥🔥

  • por que el Miz estaba siendo buen campeon

  • Wrestling is embarrassing. It used to be the most entertaining thing on TV.

  • Sorry but I hate shane mcmahon

  • Thumbnail looks like he's biting Miz.

  • I’m so happy for Bobby Lashey ❤️✌️👍👍👍 this guy deserves all the love and respect. He’s been waiting for this for very long time.


  • Wrestle mania will be pointless without Lesnar return for Lashley

    • @dolita windo true. They had Lashley like a McDonald's worker flipping burgers with that Lana story lol. MVP should be a manager. He's like a Black Paul Heyman.

    • MVP has truly saved Bobby Lashley's career. From that stupid romantic storyline with Lana to WWE champion. Congrats 👏👏👏