TWICE(트와이스) - I CAN’T STOP ME [Music Bank / 2020.10.30]

تم نشره في 2020/10/30
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  • 1:05 Ring a ling who else is obsessed with it?

  • Wow this so amazing 💛💛


  • .

  • ملكات فخر

  • I'm still looking for a stage where they are using a real and live voice instead of pre-record one.

  • Mina: *exists* Stylist: *BLAZERS*

  • twiceeeeeee \

  • Dahyun 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • This great performance was ruined by the director by excessively switching between multiple cameras in motion while zoomed in that prevented the viewers from seeing how good this choreography was.

  • 00:25 Feels like the start of making your character in a SIMS game or MMO.

  • No more male fanchants....since their dating news. Sad.

    • @C Mu ♥️♥️

    • @ItzITZY TWICEBTS thank you, i feel better!

    • No its because of corona no fans in the audience.

  • Tzuyu is so beautiful 😍

  • super lip sync

  • 솔직히 나연 인형임 어떻게사람얼굴이 하얗고마음씨 착하고 예뻐

  • I NEED more rap from Dahyun !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • اشتقت😩🤍

  • their level of beauty is.. wow

  • Sana and Nayeon's stage presence.. my god

  • Wheres jeongyeon

  • Nayeon so gorgeous 😍

  • Once you can set up a comeback video reminding twice in the late show with stephen colbert

  • 뭔가 상의부분이 노출이 아예없는게 더좋아요ㅎㅎ그전에는 좀걱정스러워씀ㅠㅠ

  • Ohhh my Tzuyu 🥰

  • Oh My GOD.

  • so catchyyy

  • great artists

  • Sounds like korean old song in a karaoke or radio🙄 or intro in an old anime

    • Nope sounds more like: blinding lights by the weeknd(both are so amazing)

  • Black mamba! Ayayayayayayay! Hahaha

  • I still Nayeon is the best center

  • Why are there only 8 members twice? Where's jeongyeon?

  • 이번 앨범은 파트분별 진짜 잘한듯

  • Nayeon the face of the group.

  • Uwuww

  • The following events (Sixteen, Produce 101 series and 2020 APAN Music Awards) share one important common ground: It is corruption.

  • Twice!😍😍

  • Jihyo' *loosing my self* is my new obsession

  • GANDA NI MOMO!!!!!!!!!!

  • アイドルの膝はなんでこんなに綺麗なの?すごいな

  • Twice OT8

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • APAN judges are 친일파

  • El rap de esta canción es básicamente de lo peorcito...para esto no hagas nada.

  • 妆容太奇怪了...人还是好看的...

  • i miss jeongyeon )):

  • The best song of 2020 for me

  • i miss jeongyeon :(

  • Sana is driving me crazy

  • Mina’s eyes are so piercing

  • Dear friends, once, twice finally wants a foreign variety show called the late show with stephen colbert 30.11.2020 time 12.30Am

  • ياريت المصور لو يبطل حركات يعنني المصور المحترف عشان ما ادخل جزمتي فحلقه انحولت من كثر مايزوم ويحرك الكاميرا

  • Gonna tell my grandkids i watch this everyday during online class..

  • クセになる〜〜〜〜〜!!

  • How many members in twice?

    • @angelo Oh, I see they are nine but sometimes I see they are 8. Thanks

    • 9, but one is absent here due to health reasons

  • Guys which one is jeongyeon ?

    • she is not there in this stage sadly due to health reasons :(

  • 4:18 Sana Sexy Face

  • Sana gives me a big gay panic.

  • 1:22 Sana's wink😌

  • gorgerous girls fighting

  • Nayeon shines

  • 0:42 omg mina....😱😱 Don't look at me like that 😳😳

  • I recently got into Twice and the biggest shock i got was that NAYEON IS THE OLDEST. HOW?! I swear believed she's the maknae

    • @A A haha thanks

    • she's literally aging backwards lmao, btw welcome to the fandom baby once 🍭🍭

  • Their formal outfits and the asthenic background is AMAZING 😍 They deserve a prize!

  • 0:42 Just look at that lustrous beauty omg im ded

  • MOMO ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • 3:57 just a timestamp to remind me how much i cried for mina

  • Excellent performance. I love their outfit. It gives them a mature, lady vibe. Sadly Jeong Yeon is not here. I hope she recovers soon. Mina's introvert confidence is mesmerizing. And Sana display of her ever increasing feminine, sweetness and sexy is wow. Momo's hairstyle is refreshing to the eye. Nayeon's and Jihyo's vocals are becoming increasingly powerful. Tzuyu's mature demeanor is as amazing as ever. Of course, I can never take my eyes off Chaeyoung and Dahyun, the only two members I saw without make up, beauties they are 😍 The world is blessed to have these 9 goddesses 👍

  • この曲は本当にダンス良い〜 ちょっとカメラの動きがうるさいなw

  • where is charyoung sister? like jeughyong???? like i count then i look and then when i see the reaction its like 8 and now the concert is 8 to

  • Love this song!

  • Please i hope they perform this at MAMA

  • نايوننننننننن 😍❤️

  • This is everyone’s era I swear

  • Intro] Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh [Verse 1] Allami ullyeodae ring, ring-a-ling Seoloui nungili daheul ttaemada Almyeonseo bingbing doneunde Jeomjeom dagagajanha, I know it's too late [Pre-Chorus] Maeumsogeuloneun da algo itjanha Gyeolgugeneun seoneul neomge doel geolaneun geol I’m warning to myself neo geuleomyeon an dwae Maebun, maecho, nae mami nae mameul chuwolhae Out of control [Chorus] Naleul gamsihaneun jeo spot, spot, spotlight Bichulsulok eodum sogеulo ppallyeo deuleo Kkеutchi boineunde I know it's not right I can't stop me, can’t stop me No woah, woah Nae ape nohyeojin i red, red, red line Geonneopyeonui neowa nan imi nuneul matchwo Neukkigo sipeo jjalithan highlight I can't stop me, can't stop me No woah, woah [Post-Chorus] Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh I can't stop me, can't stop me [Verse 2] Nungama dallagu (Yah, yah) Ttak han beonman no rules (Ah, ah) Moleun cheokhae jwo lights off tonight Na chameul su eobseul geo gata losing myself (Yeah, yeah) [Pre-Chorus] Ijeneun turning back bulganeunghae Nan jeomjeom deo gipeun eodume (No, no, no way) Neomuna jjalithae, na nuneul gameullae (Hey) Dasineun dolagal su eobseul geotman gatae Out of control (Ooh, yeah) [Chorus] Naleul gamsihaneun jeo spot, spot, spotlight Bichulsulok eodum sogeulo ppallyeo deuleo (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Kkeutchi boineunde I know it's not right I can't stop me, can't stop me No woah, woah Nae ape nohyeojin i red, red, red line (Red line) Geonneopyeonui neowa nan imi nuneul matchwo Neukkigo sipeo jjalithan highlight (I can’t stop me, yeah) I can’t stop me, can't stop me No woah, woah [Verse 3] Risky, risky, wiggy, wigi This is an emergency Help me, help me, somebody stop me ’Cause I know I can't stop me Dabeun algo itjanha Geunde gago itjanha Ileogo sipji anha Nae ane naega tto itna bwa [Bridge] Naneun wonhaneunde (Ah, ah) Wonhaneun ge andwae (Ooh, ooh) Guilty nan silheunde I can't stop me, can't stop me, can’t stop me (Oh)

  • 임나연 어디가고 체리토끼공주가 와있네 ㅠ.ㅠ..





  • Bkit Ang konti Ng Linya ni tzuyo?

  • THIS IS TRULY MOMO’S ERA dance? She owns it. The visual, clothes, hairstyle? She has them. The most perfect, beautiful, amazing, talented, wonderful, cute, sexy and hot wonen in the world? YESS SHE IS!!

  • 3:29 nayeon opss lmao😁💃

  • Ai kstop mi :,D

  • 소녀시대 제일 강력하던 시절을 능가했다고 봄 그러면 이제 다음 수순은 내리막인데.....

  • nayonの出だしがちで好き笑

  • 1:05 1:06

  • Can we talked about how mina suits that hair she's literally beautiful like a doll, and here's daehyun looks cute as usual.

  • 最高です!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

  • Tzuyu is too gorgeous to be called IDOL. She's a Goddess. The epitome of beauty

  • 0:25...can somebody tell her name please... Idk her name... And I'm new to twice 🥺🥺🥺

    • chou tzuyu, taiwanese, lead dancer, maknae, visual

    • She’s Tzuyu ( pronounce chewy ) the youngest and visual of the group

  • I just wonder where’s Jeongyeon

    • jeongyeon is taking a break due to health issues

    • She didn’t feel well so she take hiatus

  • Mina my Idol 🥰

  • i like these look nayeon with her baby face jeongyeon best girl :))

  • why nayeon look's like the maknae in here me : search in google how to be nayeon :))

  • I really love dahyun's part ''I can't stop me, can't stop me'' ugh im obsessed huhu

  • Jihyoooooooo

  • Jongyoung

  • 모모 치마 길이 실화냐 코디 미쳤ㄴ8