Tech You Should ACTUALLY Save For!

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Time for my favorite tech of the month! This time around we're looking at the tech that I PERSONALLY use, which isn't cheap, but absolutely worth saving for.
Find everything here:
Astro a50(2019 Model, not the old one in this video):
Astro A50 Base Station:
Samsung Q90 Series 65-Inch QLED 4K Smart TV:
Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard:
Microsoft Surface Book 3:
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  • 0:37 camera facing bed 🤭

  • How do you have your game systems away from your tv I'm so confused

  • You gotta realize he don't buy all these things stores and company's send him things to review slash promote

  • Rtx 1660 are u serious?????

  • Dude, give your consoles a room to breath.

  • Dude all this stuff is over 50 wtf

  • J, Setup a tech tour of your Master bedroom... Thx

  • literally spoils his wife but has to hide a game console from his wife?

  • I doubt he uses all of this tech equally tho

  • its gtx 1660 ti

  • How are your consoles so far away from your tv?

  • Now ik he knows nothing of tech cuz Astros sounds like shit and the mic is ass their sound stage is terrible and they are WAYYYY over priced they are cheap plastic with a bunch of gimmicks

  • Thats a lot of emails

  • What pokemon game is that?

  • I appreciate you putting your wife onto ATLA, I just hit subscribe!

  • All American is a great show

  • The tv worth it tho trust me guys I own one before this video

  • With all this tech I want to see his electric bill

  • Yo what is a “family bedroom”? Is it like a bunch of bunk beds or something? 😂😅

  • My Astro A50's started out great but now they shut off at random and I'm stuck hearing myself in party chat. I have tried everything to fix it and nothing has worked. I would not recommend them for the price. I was so excited when I bought them and they were great for about a year then things started to go wrong. I feel like it was a lot of money for them to stop working as they should only 1 year in.

  • Apex is such a good game, love the vid man

  • Team OLED... 💪🏾

  • That picture TV is everything

  • For cable management how do you connect your ps4/xbox to the tv without the HDMI cables being shown???

  • 8:48 my mans got 16,000 gmails

  • Ari in old vids: ANOTHER PORTABLE CHARGER Me when i see new vids: ANOTHER SURFACE BOOK

  • Me: *Goes to a tech store* Shelfs: $350 IPad CASE and a $30 dollars for a similar one right beside it Jud: *Walks In Store* Also Jud: Oh these cases both have keyboards...... $350 ONE IT IS

  • To those console aren't getting any air

  • Bedroom Tech Tour would be sick

  • Do you play PlayStation or Xbox for Apex?

  • Who ever is reading this do not get that shit pair of astro a50's. They are dog shit and overpriced because they are astros.

  • what do you use to connect the consoles wirelessly ?

  • Does the base station charge the headset?

  • Apex let’s go

  • Get s7tab and replace it with ipad pro and Microsoft surface ppl who want to save money

  • Rule no1 : never place your console inside..Keep it out for cooling purpose

  • MS Surface Pro is still the ideal form factor

  • Aidan Pierce would have fun hacking this dude’s house scaring the hell out of him with all of the technology he bought

  • Step 1: get money

  • Yo I feel like I’m watching 5 ads in 1

  • Me: 👁👄👁 people can actually afford that stuff

  • This dude has to be Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. The amount of money it would take to have his bedroom alone would be ridiculous. It truly must be nice.

  • Wanna give me a console or pc bro 😩

  • 0:58 Gee i wonder why no one has ever thought of that , Mabey its bcz its the stupidest idea ever you dont put ur consoles in a shelf bcz there no air flow

  • Where did you get the console table under your tv and coffee table? Looks good

  • Bro how did you connect your PS4/Xbox without the wire to the TV? Pls help me out in the comments, thanks 😊.

  • Yea bro, you’re no longer the “average” consumer. You’re now a high end consumer.

  • I feel absolutely dunked on.

  • Did u rly say rtx 1660? It’s gtx 1660 bozo.

  • I knew the graphics card was wrong lol I was like RTX? that’s the 2 and 3 thousand series...

  • Seen a few videos and while I am a fan I can't help thinking the channel should be called UrAboveAvgConsumer because the average consumer buys stuff on a budget...

  • You should check out the Bose qc 35 ii gaming headset!!! It’s dope.

  • ayy he got the lazarbeam headphones

  • I actually didn't know there was a "frame" television like that I thought that was a joke I looked it up. Not even gonna lie.

  • The fact that he plays Apex makes his channel so much better.

  • Hey guys your average consumer here... in today’s video I’m going to show you my multimillion Lamborghini collection

  • Me counting how many organs I’m going to have to sell

  • Good video. I'm more interested in how he manages cables from his consoles to the TV in his bedroom. And how does he connect things to the TV in the family room? He's living the dream it seems like with no cables in sight. Not even a damn power cable running down the wall from the TVs XD

  • i have astro a10's recommend it if u dont wanna spend 300 dollars

  • Pornos on the Xbox in the family room .. real nice

  • Upgrade to the Gen 4 Astro 50

  • Man plays apex legends

  • How rich is this guy? lol

  • really need to change ur youtube channel name

  • Show us your gaming so we can play with u

  • Jud... UrNonAvgConsumer

  • Tech that real average consumers cannot afford....

  • It's... UrAvgChavConsumer

  • Bruh i just got flexed on for a full 14-15 minutes at 12:53am

  • I got the stealth 600s probably the best gaming headset i ever used. The mic is ridiculously a high grade mic and the headphones are so sensitive you can hear everyone and pinpoint their locations perfectly. Not like other ones that kinda mess with your hearing. I love it.

  • Give him an Oscar. The way he acts like he actually uses half this stuff is phenomenal

  • Real gamers don’t game on a tv

  • UrAverageMillionDollarConsumer

  • UrNot-So-AverageConsumer

  • UrAverageOverpricedIpadConsumer

  • UrAverageAppleSheepConsumer

  • UrAverageOverSmartTechConsumer

  • UrAverageOverTechedOutConsumer

  • UrAverageOverPricedHeadsetConsumer

  • UrAverageChavStyleConsumer

  • Judd is no longer an average consumer time to find a college student to endorse and carry the brand. You have out grown this branding.

  • Rich

  • Yes we are interested 😁

  • I love this mannnnmm

  • 350 for a keyboard thats pure robbery

  • I've been looking to upgrade my setup and been looking for cool tech under a certain amount and no videos have really given anything that fits what I need, maybe I need to start looking for this style of tech video.

  • frane tv should be in the living room

  • How do connect your ps4 away from your tv

  • This is low-key a flex video.

  • this man has a camera in his fridge wtf

  • Sometimes i ask why i watch this knowing that i can afford it

  • how does he set up his ps4 and xbox like that making it look cordless

  • Where are all the cables omg

  • Wait how the consoles connected to the tv from across the room

  • Not gtx 1660, RTX 1660.

  • Yo bro you definitely should do a video on the tech in your room...I would like to see what I should spend my money on💰..great vid bro thanks!!

  • Part 2 ?

  • More like tech you should sell your body parts and your property for

  • Dr: Congrats it’s a boy! This dude: “This completely changes the game”

  • A Apple and ducky collab