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0:00 Intro
0:12 For Context
1:28 Our Lightsaber
4:50 Science of Heat Transfer
9:12 How Hot?
11:38 Testing Begins
13:10 Wax Hands
15: Do Not Try This At Home!
16:35 Outro
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  • Go to NordVPN.com/Hacksmith to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

    • In your first lightsaber video you talked about how salt can change the color of the Saber so I was wondering if there is a way yo guys can figure out how to make different colored lightsaber's by making a special contraption you can attach to the Saber

    • @Brian Rickey look at top of power loader in the back also aerogel is expensive af so idk if they can afford that

    • @hoodie kid huh

    • Googly loader

    • Could you not use aerogel I don't think it's brittle and it can withstand the heat so why not try that

  • Wait. Busses have wifi?!?!?

  • Is anybody else scared how he just whips out his pistol

  • 15:30 the bit everyone wants to watch (your welcome)

  • This man decided to just make real life versions of our greatest fantasies

  • If you dont want to watch the whole video then at 15:00 is when he puts his hand through

  • hey I'm from German and I love your videos so much

  • Miletary vepon in the futer

  • with his googles he looks like the time keeper from spy kids

  • I do this with bonfires a lot

  • make a mantis blades from cyberpunk 2077 we are waiting

  • I am of course referring to the Japanese Samaria sword six layered blade. if you mix the steel with the material you originally used. the bond between the two would become stronger between both heat and impact of of the same nature.

  • try this hacksmith do what the Japanese did for the thin piece of metal it is a quick fix form what I am seeing. you need to layer it in order to make it not just withstand the heat of 4000 f. but it will also be strong enough to use in combat.

  • Very cool

  • Make emp grenades from R6s Plis

  • Anyway don't try this at home Lol of course I have light saber at home

  • POV: you saw this and put your hand in a blue flame on a bunson burner

  • Dude i was like "i know he wont do it" and then it happened, i screamed so loud

  • My brain this whole vid:↖️⬇️↖️⬆️↖️⬆️⬇️↘️↙️

  • Jedi can’t stop bullet (WTFFFFF!)

  • Him: do not try this at home Me: ah dang it that means I have to put mine away

  • please, ohh mr. hacksmith, make the winter soldier's arm. like to him see, PLEASEEEEEE

  • Can you make a nerf gun shoots melting bullets

    • For your next video if you can

  • 11:15 just casually pulls a gun from his pants😂

  • The certificate says my BDAY

  • i imagine it get quite cold on your back when the gas tank freezes

  • James: “please, do not try this at home” Me: *wondering why he thinks I have a plasma powered light sabre at my house*

  • 15:20 the part you came here for

  • it seems so dumb “pffft nuhh it doesn’t burn because it doesn’t have time to do so”

  • They make gas powered rods to melt through large masses of metal , if you could fuse that design with yours would be intriguing

  • girls be like: "Why do men die so much faster than we do?" Men: haha lightsaber go hand

  • POV: you just got 12M sunbscribers

  • he could've just siad he wanted a vaca

  • What you could do is do some thing like the staff saber from the old rebublic

  • NordVPN doesnt work on Netflix

  • Another fine addictions to my collections.

  • how can we even do it at home if we do not have one unlessif you give us yours

  • the dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

  • Hey could you do Mr. fantastic stretchy arms

  • Hand could of went brrrrr

  • You guys should try to get on Netflix or something you guys would make the best show and get millions of views as you do on ARdown

  • ur hair was so majestic when you chopped the lightsaber

  • 3:00 is a frase that Howard stark sed in the movie iron man 2

  • Quando ele foi meter a mão no sabre apareceu um avião batendo em duas torres 🤔😬😐😳😳😳😳

  • Plizz make odm gear with jet ang rope

  • Just build your own vacuum chamber! Its only a big tank connected to a pump

  • you vacuumvacuum

  • I remember hearing this kind of thing about people who walk on hot coals. The contact area is so small compared to the size of the coal bed, and they walk quickly enough so that they don't get burnt. The dead skin on the bottoms of their feet even means they don't feel much heat at all.

  • Can you make the six paths orbs from Naruto

  • Wolverine claws? Cutting the Wolverine claws with a light saber? Nerdist?

  • I think i know that how can you make it perfect

  • My lab teacher when we leave the burner on for 0.01 sec: You are wasting fuel! This guy:

  • You should make a full sized version of the cyber truck replica that you guys made a while back. Can’t imagine how expensive that would be though lol

  • When Reditors see a kid who likes Tik Tok 11:16

  • 15:38 is prob what you came for

  • How much of this was the leidenfrost effect?

  • why do men live less?

  • Putting hand on lightsaber 15:30

  • So my man a firefighter to ? 🤔

  • Still can't swing my hand thru the flame of a CANDLE!!!!! ; _ ;

  • This guy made science fun

  • Boys vs Girls meme right here

  • “Sorry I didn’t record that”.

  • The facts that it genuinely looks like a lightsaber is scary

  • james : Do not try this at home ME: Do you think i have a lightsaber at home?

  • YOU should make Iron Man’s jet boots

  • Next maybe ODM gear

  • "based on my calculations, everything should be fine" famous last words

  • You should try to make anakins robot arm

  • So anybody like attack on titan

  • You sound like William Osman

  • Don't try this at home ......hmmm yeah sure only if you send me over a sabre

  • Jesus

  • "japanese cartoons" *angry weeb noises*

  • It didn't cut your hand off instantly? Back to the drawing board!

  • Its a very long candle

  • Make a real working proton pack from ghostbusters

  • This man is the legal version of John wick

  • Can you place a pointed lazer in the middle of the fire?

  • Nonsense... he is made from Beskarr

  • 4:50 you don’t need any explanation if your names shoto 🤫

  • This guy looks like linus tech tips if he got addicted to crack and moved into a cabin in the woods in Oregon to grow mushrooms.

  • *Your lightsaber will be a fine addition to my collection*

  • Next Video he makes Dinosaurs:)

  • With the goggles on, does he remind anyone else of the villain from spy kids?

  • Make a working auto turret from rust

  • @Hacksmith Industries you guys need to contact Samuel Kim. He can put together a Hacksmith theme song lol

  • If you would sell it someone will try it at its friends house

  • 15:30 thank me later ☻

  • When you swing you're hand through a Bunsen burner at school

  • I learnt more from this video than from the whole physics program in my high school

  • Impossible, are u telling me he’s moving faster than LIGHTSPEED 😳

  • 15:28 Your welcome

  • Hank hill would be proud

  • I’m excited for this fully compact lightsaber in the future. I have a feeling it’s gonna be like Hiccup’s sword with little cartridges to fuel it.

  • 6th degree burn it burns through the bone.

  • This guy can cosplay hundreds of characters from wolverine to captain america now he looks like jesus

  • 15:38 your welcome :)

  • Wait but wasn’t the warmthcapacity of water 4180J/kg K

  • Well, it seems like "real" lightsabers would need a blade that is super hot, yet has no thermal radiation. So as to only cut things it comes in contact with. It also has to be a solid, not a gas or fluid as these are too soft and can be disturbed by things like air. (they also wouldn't block or deflect stuff). As well as it can't really use all that much power.