Maher Zain - Ramadan Gana | ماهر زين - رمضان جانا | Official Music Video | Nour Ala Nour EP

تم نشره في 2021/04/ 9
Watch @Maher Zain ’s new music video "Ramadan Gana" (Ramadan Has Returned To Us) from his new EP (mini album) Nour Ala Nour (Light Upon Light).
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Nour Ala Nour (Light Upon Light) is the name of Maher Zain’s new EP (mini album). One song from the EP will be released every week throughout Ramadan until after Eid inshaAllah.
1. Ramadan Gana رمضان جانا
2. Qalbi Sajad قلبي سجد
3. Nour Ala Nour نور على نور
4. Laytaka Ma’ana ليتك معنا
5. Sun 9/5 Huwa Ahmadun هو أحمدٌ
6. Hubb Ennabi حب النبي
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إصحى يا نايم
O you who is asleep, wake up!
وحّد الدّايم
And profess your belief in the unity of the Everlasting!
لا إله إلا الله
There is no god but Allah
رمضان كريم
Have a blessed Ramadan!
فوانيس الحارة تنوّر
Our neighbourhood's lanterns are lit,
تحكي عن ضيف جديد
Announcing the arrival of a new guest,
يملأ قلبي أفراح
Who will fill my heart with joy,
ويخلّي الدنيا عيد
And will turn our days into one big celebration
رمضان جانا
Ramadan has come back to us,
وفرحنا به
And its arrival has brought us so much joy,
بعد غيابه
After being gone for so long
أهلا رمضان
Welcome Ramadan!
غنّوا وقولوا شهر بطوله
Sing along and say, all month long
غنّوا وقولوا
Sing along and say:
أهلا رمضان
Welcome Ramadan!
رمضان جانا
Ramadan has come back to us,
وصوت الداعي فينا يبان
And the voice of the caller rises amongst us,
بيندهنا بكل أذان
Calling us with each call to prayer (Adhan),
يقول حيّ على القرآن
Saying: Come to the Qur'an!
ويملأ قلوبنا بالإيمان
And filling our hearts with faith (iman)
و ترجع لمّة الأحباب
Loved ones gather together once again,
ونسمع دقّة الأبواب
And we hear the sounds of doors being knocked on by guests,
وسفرة حب تجمعنا
And a dinner table filled with love gathers us,
تلم الشمل بعد غياب
Reuniting us after we were apart for so long
رمضان جانا
Ramadan has come back to us,
وفرحنا به
And its arrival has brought us so much joy,
بعد غيابه
After being gone for so long
أهلا رمضان
Welcome Ramadan!
غنّوا وقولوا شهر بطوله
Sing along and say, all month long
غنّوا وقولوا
Sing along and say:
أهلا رمضان
Welcome Ramadan!
رمضان جانا
Ramadan has come back to us
Directed by: Ahmed Moghazy
Lyrics: Anwer Hussam, Hussein Tantawi
Melody: Anwer Hussam, Mahmoud Elsherif
Arrangement: Mahmoud Ammar
Mixing: Ronny Lahti
Mastering: Bjorn Engelman
EP Photography: David Lagerlöf
EP Artwork Design: Mohamed Ali Dhifet
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  • Thank you for all your love and support, and keep sharing the love! 🙏🏻❤️🥰 And don’t forget to stay tuned for a new song and music video from my new EP every Friday at 12.00 GMT till Eid. 😊

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