Vardi ka dum (Adanga Maru) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna | Karthik Thangavel

تم نشره في 2019/08/24
"Watch #VardiKaDum (#Adangamaru) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Starring
#JayamRavi, #RaashiKhanna , Directed by Karthik Thangavel.
Movie Name : VardiKaDum ( Adangamaru )
Director : Karthik Thangavel
Music : Sam C.S.
Producer : Aditya Music (India) Pvt. Ltd
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Movie Synopsis :
Four youngsters, sons of rich & affluent businessmen in the city. Subash (Ravi) is a young SI who respects & safeguards public but works under corrupt seniors. Subash comes to know that, these four rich guys had raped & murdered an innocent girl & have been doing same with many other girls. In process to arrest & target these criminals, Subash also gets suspended, however returns back. The rest of the film is about how Subash turns a vigilante and uses his cyber knowledge to get it sorted.

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