KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) (Acoustic) [Official Video]

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Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) Acoustic - ksi.lnk.to/PatienceAcousticID!AOV
Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) - ksi.lnk.to/Patience!ID!AOV
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  • Fun fact: Every video on this channel has over 1mil veiws Even if u didnt ask btw

  • I wonder what polo g would sound like on this version because on the original he sounded great despite his normal style.

  • banger!

  • Fun fact i come here because Tommy innit

  • I was listening to this on the way home from America

  • That's very attractive.❤💖❤❤❤❤❤💖

  • its just the Auto tune .. realisticly these guys cant sing but solid beat and nice lyrics i guess

  • I didn’t think Polo G’s verse could get any shorter than it already was, but here we are LMFAO

  • Is it bad when you enjoy acoustic more

  • Dude sings in cursive

  • 🔥

  • I wish polo g was the main but no it was yung blood think the song wouldve been better if polo g had more verses if u can make a polo g version like this one it would be appriciated

  • "You got 1m views in 2 weeks, which means 21 million people knew that this would be shit" ~ W2S 💞

  • 🖤🔥🖤

  • Who here after the real version

  • Ksi has evolved best song 2021 needs to win awards

  • facts

  • ew

  • At first it sounded like shit but the more i listen to it the better it gets. Damn the logic of music got reversed

  • Best song in 2021 for sure!!!!!

  • I love this

  • why is yound blud hair so fuck up, man some one buy him a comb

  • Go to bgt

  • Idk

  • I think the acoustic is great!

  • I remember when youtube rappers was but he's doing a good job

  • man jj impressed

  • Acoustic and still uses auto tune

  • Lord KSI

  • Beautiful vocals from the both of you. You’ve come so far JJ, keep going

  • New subscriber here. I absolutely adore this! You both did amazin! 🖤

  • What's NDL stand for


  • *Popular opinion: The majority of people prefer this version to the original.*

  • *What would you do if you saw Dom sitting on a car bonnet, playing guitar and singing beautifully?*

  • is it just me or has jjs songs slowly progressed from intense rapping to singing

  • Jj singing give me goosebumps 😭

  • Acoustic version !! Auto tune : ON

  • The 2K+ dislikes are all Jake Paul's alt accounts

  • This version is just too op

  • *confused twerking*

  • love this song still i prefer the "Tables turnin', I don't need bad energy" part so i guess im stayin with the other version

  • what is the reference to "don't call me Wayne" .... like Bruce Wayne lol?

  • JJ can sing that’s a fact

  • Polo is John cena

  • Went a little gay for jj when he started singing 😁

  • the acoustic hits so different and KSI singing hits just as different with that Guitar in the back

  • Love this song

  • Couldn’t get polo g back cause he only got 10 seconds of fame 🤣


  • So Polo G is a ghost,okay

  • Gg jj

  • Yungblouds on a car

    • Well done genius I never noticed

  • ‘Acoustic’ yet JJ is using auto tune

    • @TRM thankyou bro, finally someone who actually has ears

    • @Matthew Eder I'm trying to i am telling u

    • I really like watching JJ but this is autotuned lots skip to 1:24 you can hear echo and autotune

    • @G.C 9 so ur trying to tell me that U don't hear the autotune in his voice?

    • @Matthew Eder he has been taking singing lessons he sounds like that normally singing have u not heard him

  • I ain't cool with yungblud's basic major chords , boring, though this song is chill i loike it

  • Really class song🎶

  • JJ did not perform enough in the normal one so he made this to fill the gap 😅

  • A dumb as fuck guy like this who can barely speak English who makes himself a success on social media should be an inspiration to us all...

  • 🖤🖤

  • JJ won everything what he wanted in his life and jake Paul will fucked up when he listen to this song

  • Wow Youngblood hell I would!

  • Yes its me, the real KSI here.

    • Find something better to do, if it was you can see a verified symbol

    • You dont fool me fam your an imposter

  • I only wish Polo G’s verse was on here too that would’ve been fire

    • I agree. But they didn’t use the same recording. Because he’s American and they are English they had issues with COVID restrictions

  • ksi when has the same voice just like in his official music video

  • Dead.

  • JJ is a surprisingly good singer, would love some solo songs from him

  • I thought ksi was just a rapper.......

  • what a song this is. It doesn’t deserve a review that I got into it

  • great song and love the video yungbluud just said fuck walking fuck getting in the car IMA PLAY ON THE BITCH

  • thethe

  • omg i see the €$ flying around!

  • Vibe

  • Hearttt and Headdd are my new favorite words

  • I think KSI is using autotune -_-


  • I feel so bad for this generation. They're just so lame. Damn it's sad how bad this is and how many little kids like it.

    • @Bryan Black I listen to alot of older music such as bands like iron maiden, and ima be honest, this is just as good! But, we all have opinions. Have a great day!

    • @Ian Searing Well pretty much anything that isn't pop, rap, R&B, or this garbage. You have so much good music to pick from. Classic rock, 90s alt/rock, real country.. Hell even 80s and real punk rock have some good bands. Lots of good stuff out there. It's just mostly 20 years or older cause after that it mostly turned into a bag of shit. But this right here has got to be on the top of the shit pile.

    • @FalseFaythe Rap? Lol no. No jungle beats for me.

    • Well cmon then big man what should we listen to

    • Bro you probably only listen to rap 💀

  • KSI's first verse on this how it started I love it. Should do more of that.

  • This hits different

  • Nice

  • Jj is actually getting better at singing

  • Why this lowkey hit different

  • Not to bad (I ain't a hater, I love jj. But the original is better, in my opinion. If you like it that's cool I don't mind and neither should anyone elde) (idk why I go off on a rant for no fuckin reason XD)

  • Sad polo g noises

  • JJ u should make a song with versatile

  • What brand clothing is JJ wearing

  • AMAZING bro

  • This is actually amazing , if you came with a peaceful mind

  • the official vid is the bomb. but this gives your voice more scope and scale...

  • love the red hair its so you mate!!

  • love ya youngeblood sweep that country dry....,

  • Better than the original song

  • KSI stands for kong skull island K S I KSI. Just kidding. 🤣

  • Harry styles

  • Can you do behind the scene

  • yunblud is kak emo

  • Wow wow wow wow wow wow

  • This has to be my favourite verse JJ has ever done. Respect bro keep it up

  • The normal is better I think

  • 1:22 JJ looked like he was feeling it when he sang

  • j'adore