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The PS5 reveal was awesome in today's Sony announcement. Here are my thoughts on the new PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, DualSense Controller, DualSense Charging Station, HD Camera, and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.
Check out the PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer here:
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  • Play station and digital costs about $299 and digital about $399

  • I’m not typically the person who buys new products first day but my brother hogs our ps4 so I’m mostly just getting it to shove it in his face

  • Am only going to get it if they have black version

  • I wish we could use home assistance with PlayStation, that feature would be cool

  • If it uses internet to play games it shit very boring to me. Great video thoe. Anyways what if you keep playing the PS with internet then all of a sudden your out of data and next thing you know someone calls you to search up an important page and you do. Since your internet is out of data your phone would load the page you search very slow. I rather have a phone for an emergency to call or text and watch videos or play game than a stupid game that just wasting your internet for just a game. No offense but great video. Those who love it it cool I don't my opinion. I still like your videos man. Also that kinda dumb lowering the price. If it cost to much perfect the company makes money like that.

  • I have enough to buy it but it comes near december😤😤

  • Ps5:there’s no limits Also ps5: I have good wifi

  • The real question is do you want a mini fridge or do you want a wifi router

  • I saw u holding a ps5 where is it

  • Looks amazing Hands down!!!!!!!

  • i hope and pray that you and arie have a healthy baby boy or a baby girl.

  • X box is pissed

  • Have fun keeping it looking fresh.....

  • Looks good but I’m going to stick with the Xbox because of their backwards compatibility. I can’t see why Sony doesn’t do it, Xbox goes all in back to the original Xbox so I can play games I grew up with. Plus Sony is finally kinda catching up with 4K Blu-rays, Xbox has that since the One X came out in 2017.

  • Bro you are pumped up and if you’re pumped I’m pumped

  • Do the ps5 have a group that you can build up your man

  • even though I have never played on a play station before I might take a brake from the xbox one and go over their because of the look of the console and the shear amount of games that they the ps5 has between god of war and Spiderman... I just can't wait for it

  • It looks so cool but it not out until October

  • I like how you're saying the PS5 will cost $600 and the digital one cost $500 if that's true then Jesus Christ I'm hoping that the disc version is going to cost $500 and the digital version will cost $400 or $450

  • We should have the PS1 and PS2 games on the PS5

  • Why people always dislike the degine of console each and every time whenever new console come out like seriously if they dislike them that much why don't they make their own console..

  • I am going to get the ps5 for the games

  • 600 bucks? In Sweden it cost about 1500 dollar right now, you should be happy dude!!!

  • God created the heaven and the earth, and on the eighth day Sony created the PS5, gaming paradise.

  • Nahhh I fw Xbox’s

  • Sony said the PS5 coming on 20/20 is coming on holidays on Christmas Eve Miles Morales Spider-Man Miles Morales is coming on 20/20 on holiday on the Christmas Eve

  • I have use the PlayStation since PlayStation 3 but I’m going with Xbox because I can’t afford the $600 consul and yeah I wish GTA six will just come out

  • 1:08 Chill bro, it's PlayStation, not porn star.

  • Me: What about the PS6? Sony: It will be released maybe in between 2026 or 2030 Me: WOW im a sucker for future gaming. Let me Quit PS. Ima switch to XBOX or Google stadia or Nintendo switch

  • So does he have it cause of the thumbnail

  • I’m team PS5. Anyone who has a problem with that, I’m allowed to have my opinion, and you are allowed to have yours.

  • The future of gaming is here

  • I can afford 600$ with my savings because i never actually spend it so i can afford the PS5 100% but I don’t have to because my dad promised me to buy it for my birthday and the PS5 launch is very close to my birthday (and when I get the PS5 i will spend all my money on V-Bucks (i know, im dumb) but it might be worth it but i dont care)

  • If there isn’t loading screens then it means we won’t see the GTA V loading screen Also theres no point of selecting a loading screen in Fortnite

  • So sad it doesn't have WiFi 6.

  • Is fortnite free to play?

  • Where did you get that shirt?

  • Ima Xbox fan but I think I'm going back to Sony on this one. It may cost a couple hundred bucks more than the xbox but those graphics are amazing. It'd be worth paying 600dollars.

  • *This is bad WHITE does NOT AGE WELL*

  • Team PS5

  • Me looking at my Xbox 360 and my pc. My xbox and pc: stop no STO-

    • Looooool thats so relatable 😂😂😂😂😂

  • you don't even show us your PS5

    • 1:36, 2:03, 2:12, 2:32,

  • Fake

  • i love every thing about it

  • team ps5

  • In all honesty, at this point in time consoles are not meant to have the best graphics. that is a job for the pc to handle due to gaming pc's ability to upgrade. When i pick out a console im looking for feature you wont see every day in your normal gaming pc. For example the Switch. Such a diverse system and sold very well maintaining a great reputation through out the gaming world. But do you want to know something crazy. It lacks power. It probably cant even play Cod modern warfare in 1080p. Despite its lack in power it is a creative console and the games utilize its small power making a amazing system. When i see the new Consoles get better hardware im happy cause it should but i always will know it will never be the best. Which is why these consoles to me seem so boring. The Ps5 has no spark or a amazing eye catching feature where everyone has to get it cause the feature is so amazing. The Xbox X seems cool with its backwards compatibility up to the Xbox duke. But the Playstation 5 seems like a ps4 Pro+. It will have to have something so extreme that will make it almost like everyone has to get it. But it literally seems like a console where i would play it at a friends house and say cool i tried it now im done. Which is not a good thing for playstation. If it has full backwards compatibility i would be extremely impressed. But at the moment i see it has a better ps4 pro.

  • wer and the ps5

  • Team ps5 forever

  • team PS5 dude

  • Hope u don’t need to plug in a mic

  • Each ad makes me lose one brainsell

  • Lol digital version? Trash. Get the 4K blu-disk versión, it will be worth it. A lot of PS4 players complained of not supporting it.

  • Sony is trying to end racism with the color scheme

  • Can someone explain wtf haptic triggers are like what does that mean

    • The triggers will have different resistance so it feels more like a bow being drawn for example.

  • I honestly love the exclusives for ps. I literally have only owned an xbox360E. I can't imagine the difference in going to get after I get the ps5. I feel like the ps5 is going to be the future of gaming. They have better exclusives and it's time for a change. I love xbox for their beautiful colors and I enjoy how modern it looks but it's honestly hard to decide which console to get. I don't really like the home of the ps4 and I don't know how the ps5 will look but if it's going to be up for games I'll get a ps5 just for the exclusives.

  • Sony needs to release GTA San Andreas on ps5 now!!!

  • Man i hope the Pulse 3D headphones have the same rumble feature the Pulse Elites had. It changes the gaming experience soo much.

  • Team ps5

  • The gayStation

  • Ps5 all the way and where are all my PlayStation players

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼let’s go ps5


  • If i had the money id get the ps5 and the new xbox

  • I’m having a hard Time, which one to choose

  • I go with the ps5 dawg

  • Love your tech videos, man! But now I wanna see your Gundam and other anime collection lol

  • 😩 what u mix with talking like this

  • He means the Wi-Fi router I actually do like the PS5

  • Shit the way they goin with the Xbox freezer. I think i go with the PS 5

  • So when you said that you would buy the limited edition console kind of like into the new spider man just imagine the way that the headphones would look

  • I can already see all the returns . Some spoiled kid saying but dad! I told you i wanted the digital one.

  • It looks like an upgraded notebook this time around or that alien organism from Life.

  • You should do an indepth about a year in. By then they'll really have shown us what they can do.

  • Im gunna sit in the middle of the war as a pc player

  • Xbox Series X.

  • Who loves this mans vids? 👍

  • Me too I fucking love it !!!!!

  • Would ps4 VR work on the ps5, can we also play mouse and keyboard on the ps5 ?

  • I'm a PlayStation person so PS5 is the only option for me. It looks amazing but I need soooo much more info about what it can do. This is what we should have got as a teaser in April.

  • Nice shirt. Link please 😊