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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  • Yo this is fire!!!!!

  • This music video is a pure journey into a story that leaves me with massive goose bumps.

  • That was so intense, but I was so into it! I was on the edge of my seat! So this is what it's like to be in Nate's's his cinema.😂😂😂😁😁😁

  • Waching it the third time now😂do another

  • Teach us ur ways master😢❤

  • 👌🔥

  • Malheureusement histoire vraie 🥺

  • Nyc one NF

  • This is hi hop the art form💪🏾

  • Story time we need a NF Joyner Lucas and Eminem collaboration

  • That's a masterpiece

  • TF we want more

  • corniest shit i've ever witnessed

    • Okay

    • Your comment is the dumbest I have witnessed

  • Honestly, a week ago I had never heard of you. Then I started listening to some tracks, and now you drop this. I'm completely blown away. This is outstanding. The first thing that grabbed me was that every beat is like a movie soundtrack, then your flow on top of it is ridiculous. Cold bars and super relatable. Now you're actually making movies. I love your music. I hope you make more of this stuff. It was great.

  • ASss-Tray ambiguity...hmmm

  • NF is a f*cking god dude he rapped a story

  • This guy is phenomenal 🔥

  • Wtf... this guy is amazing...

  • Best rap ever

  • Is nF The first gun man?

  • This story sounds like me a lot...except I don’t own a house nor do I own a car but the rest of it does 😶😶😶 very speechless

  • I dint wan the song to end ,,,,#chills

  • NF🔥

  • ALV!! 🤘🏼👍🏼🤘🏼

    • A la vergaaa??!

  • Best music video i've seen so far in 2021

    • What about this one?

  • his music videos are some of the few i actually enjoy watching

  • broooo it was the boyfriend!!!!!

  • I'd be ok with this if the girl didn't have dude wrinkles and a Adam's apple...

  • Wow

  • Ladies and Genteleman and Queer and all...This is the "american dream" .... every day.... Im Glad I live in germany, with higher taxes, but atleast we buy our jeans, and the jeans store...not the guns in the jeans store... :) bye american carens :-)

  • holy fxxk! intense

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  • Remind me of younger em

    • @CHROMA definitely

    • 1999 eminem is goated

  • Oh my god that story telling is amazing, I had no idea.

    • story and good messages are what rap needs

  • When I heard that song I don’t know if it was my heart that was racing or my adrenaline but whatever it was NF just proved how good he is at story telling. Impressed NF and keep up the good work!

  • 😔😢😭

  • Just wow, he is one of the best Artists of out Generation i Love hin

    • by being lyrical

  • He did the most unique thing ever NF cant fail

    • yeeee

  • its a shame she had to break up with her boyfriend when's the break up song coming

  • NF... LEGEND

    • i know hes dopeeee

  • That was one hell of a story

    • i know it was a chapter in a storyline of a movie


    • i got goosebumps

  • Only this man can turn this story into a rap that's better than any other rapper can dream of

    • he is phenomenal at his craft

  • I am wondering if this is a true story or it?

    • @CHROMA oh ok. lol. Because the channel is called "NFrealmusic" So I thought it was real.

    • it is just a" story"

  • You can tell the first robber is NF playing him because of the way he moves. NF is always so hyped and bops his head around. LOVE IT

  • Me: comes home from work, looking for a new bop ARdown: This video

  • Was anyone else on the edge of crying?

  • Wow

  • Shit gave me mad anxiety towards the end but the shit was so intriguing

    • mans really spit fire, that plotwist was crazy, nate is honestly amazing, part 2 please!

  • "Too early to tell but at this rate, I think it might be a bad day" Erin, honey, you have NO idea

  • Wow

  • “What’s an acting performance that was so good you forgot it was acting?” I’ll go first

  • This song ruins me. I survived a school shooting, so while it was different from a robbery, this video captures how it felt.

  • I’m sorry. I don’t wanna listen to Ariana grande having ✨it✨ right now

  • Man!!! This is awesome. I always listen to your songs almost everyday being it am happy, depressed or sad. Your songs are boosters. I wish I meet you somedays

  • Holy shit this was an experience

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  • Okay, but I need to know..... did she get the cigarettes?

  • Ok, who wants a video to see what would've happened if she just went for the Twix?

  • "any blessing that you had for my future can you send them now '

  • mans really had me listening again after the comments and its still fire!

  • I was not expecting this song to make me go from just vibing outside in the sun, to intensely focused on the video and desperately trying to hold myself together, but unable to stop watching... NF can you ever just...not be a genius? Is that possible?

  • mans really spit fire, that plotwist was crazy, nate is honestly amazing, part 2 please!

  • Keep up the good shit bruv

  • Best bloody story I ever heard

  • The 3.6K people that disliked this can't tell a story and rap like this.

  • Anybody else notice the Oyster Crackers and soup are from Kroger. Idk why I think it's so funny to see Kroger brand items in the gas station 🤣

  • Nate you're the BEST! Big fan here ❤ Much love from Saudi Arabia.

  • 1:40 📍

  • Already heard this like 40 times

  • This song in intense for sure

  • my fingers are sweaty wow this is a great song

  • F**k sh*t...NF bro your amazing... 🔥🔥🔥

  • I could probably picture this just as clear as the music video is. Nate's lyrics are so clean.

  • Are we all going to just ignore that the cashier is a savage

    • Ikr he needs an Oscar

  • Did the cashier survive? Are both of the robbers dead? NF, please we need more.

  • what a good rapper

  • Where did he come up with the story???? It was insane!!!

  • Holy shit

  • Damn if she didn’t interfere no one would e died probably

  • I think I'll be back in a few years

  • NF can’t do what Eminem can do, because he’s to busy doing what he can’t


  • I can't wait for this guy to have a beef because he's going to murder someone without saying a single swear word, and I'm going to be there for every second of it.


  • Woah..

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  • The realest dude in the industry.🐐

  • I listened to this on Spotify first and deadass thought it was NF recapping an experience he had. I was so confused at first when the robber said sorry Aaron.

  • Whos watching after listing to Green Lights. The robbers don't stop.

  • amazing

  • Holy shit this song was a ride

  • Say hello to the new rap trend

  • This- was so good you can't make words for it...

  • wow

  • Hellow from Greece i hope see you soon live

  • Dang dude this was sick but also thrilling

  • Cant believe im using this song as motivation for my gym

  • Absolute fuckin fire!!! 🔥🥶🔥

  • absolute insanity

  • That’s why you don’t just aim a gun at a robber, you pull that trigger as many times as you can!!