LIFE HACKS FOR PARENTS || Travel and Camping Gadgets for Smart Moms and Dads #shorts

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Incredible Gadgets you'll be thankful for
Are you ready to be surprised? In today's video, we show you some incredible gadgets invented by geniuses. - they're designed to make your life easier when you're out and about. There's the great feeding spoon, the chair which attaches to your suitcase and many more.

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  • i don't understand the 2nd one can someone explain

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  • Ну,ложки на первом видео только у ленивого нет. На втором прикольно перепутать и выпить

  • Was the 2nd one necessary?

  • Umm what happen in the car...


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  • Alright ma’am, before we can let your board the flight we just need to inspect your lug- is that a child?

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  • Disgusting. Most of the stuff on this chanel is fake. I feel bad for people who tried this.

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  • I don’t care about the little cup on top. My car upholstery would need cleaned.

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  • Ok but... is anyone else wondering how the second one actually works? She puts it the other way up to the way they squeeze the juice into it, and there’s no space for a whole bottle under her so it’s more likely to just backflow up her skirt that way... just ew all round.

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  • Bro I have water bottle a bit like number 2. I USE THAT FOR MY YOGURT!!! N.A.S.T.Y stands for: N,othing A,s S,afe T,hen Y,ogurt


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  • the 3rd hack. Was so cute 🥺 when the little goes sit in the suitcase she was so happy, and so smilly 🤗

  • And her bf on the passenger seat drink it.

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  • these arent hacks, these are just products that you can buy

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  • The first video its kinda weird and discusting

  • "LIFE HACK" Take better care of your ALL-WHITE SHOES

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  • I think I've seen to much 😅

  • Gurl that second one I just can't rn...

  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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  • What does the second one mean I am a young child well a young girl I'm going to have to go to this at one point older ladies watching this what do this mean

  • Oh yes that child looks very happy on the suitcase I tried that on my little sis and she almost broke her arm😂😂😂

  • The first one really surprised me😳

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  • 1st video: nothing wrong with it, 2nd video:how are you gonna wipe, and what if im with friends or not wearing a skirt 3rd video:nothin wrong 4th vid:notta

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  • At first I was like “why are they a Squeezing a grape fruit in that thing

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