How To Properly Check An Airbag. Neutral Drop #Shorts

تم نشره في 2021/04/19
Cameraman shows you how to check your vehicle's airbag to make sure it works. Enjoy folks! Neutral Drop
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  • Don't let this guy ever get a rental

  • Their goose a perfectly good used airbags to use under someone's bed

  • He did this for views and almost got people coming to his viewing tard it couldve blown on you

  • To check if the car is real you blow it up

  • You should check if your brains still there The same way ofc

  • Wow. Who knew it took roughly 800 dollars to check to see if your airbag is in there

  • Junk yard? Lol

  • What an idootic video

  • He sounds like John leguizamo

  • He probably had the battery disconnected!!!

    • I actually had a fresh interstate and a booster pack on top of that

  • Mission accomplished my good sir half the world is TRIGGERED by your actions, and SPEWING their entitled ingenious opinions.😂💪☺️🤣👍

  • Poor expedition

  • Please read the entire thing before you go judging

  • If you were in my car and you pulled out that let's just say do you know what a 45 hollow point is because if you don't you might find out you want to know why because the car that I drive is a classic 1964 mustang matching serial numbers it ain't going to have an airbag in it so don't even try because it took me over 23 years with my dad and me to restore that car people who love classic cars understand in those who say that this is too violent this is not nowhere near comparison to what other people have done in the past over stupid little things but the car ain't stupid it's past that made it into the present it's a piece of art not a piece of metal

  • I hope he doesent open his girlfriend/wife up to check if she is real or fake.

  • I love neutral drop

  • No sense

  • Is this cancer

  • Another spoiled brat

  • You are just an idiot why don’t you just walk lol

  • I just crash the car to check if the air bags working

  • This dude sounds like Toneh

  • I hope you don't rip your wife stomatch just to make sure she had baby inside when she was pregnant.

  • Some people will do anything for a little attention

  • Tiktok is a cancer. Brain cancer.

  • Like a true new yorka

  • Why do people waste money like this?

  • The airbag has the power to break necks, and you playing with a knife near that thing, oh gosh what is happening to the human race

  • To properly check one must hit a tree at high speed

  • Bruh

  • I’m this is why we can’t have nice things

  • ...and now his air bag is worthless!

  • How does cutting the bag tell him its real real or not. I guess people weren't lying when they said these shorts are pure cancer

  • Remind me not to ever give you a ride . Unless you give me like $100k gas money...

  • What the fuck is wrong with you

  • Now how is it save🙄

  • Fkn idiot

  • What if some kid watches this vid and try to repeat it without any guidance. 👎👎

  • Alternate title: how to get sued by a dealership in 20 seconds

  • Fuck...

  • You also can check your car bags With Hit a car with wall

  • omg why

  • Moron

  • Now your friend eats the dashboard when you crash.....genius.

  • Thanks for the advice, definitely gonna try this

  • 븅신 이제 사고나면 후회하겠지...

  • Some people think it's sTuPiD

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Holy shit, this video blew up more than that F-250 one lol. Congrats!

    • I know man it hit 65k views an hour for a time last week ...crazy

  • (How to basic ) check if your car is safe

  • This the type of guy that shoots himself to see if the gun is loaded

  • This is shit

  • U are a fu......... idiot


  • Dumbest

  • Had to make sure my car had petrol in it so I lit my car on fire.

  • He’s the type of guy to reverse into a pole then blame it for the accident

    • Hey 🥵😡😡😡😡

    • Who would put a pole where I'm backing up?👊😡

  • When you find out that it's a real airbag, you won't have an airbag anymore

  • The stupid things people think that others would like to watch

  • Wow so funny! Not

  • you are sick mind

  • Genius... do you know what you could get for an airbag? $$$$$ Just remove the wires on the other side and you can safely handle them.

  • Out of 3 million tadpoles he's the one that got through

    • I cant tell you how many times I've thought that looking at someone

  • 100% pure ID10T I guess fools have that special angel that 100% dedicated to them so that they don’t get killed!!

  • the airbag wont work of you cut it silly

  • I’m not even there and I leaned back🤨

  • I like to cut into my parachute bag to make sure it's in there, just before we know the plane is going to crash! Good job CAMERAMAN! We gotta teach these kids...ya know! Later. Jpol.

    • I leave the parachute at home so it's safe

  • Next I like to do is take out the whole air bag and it’s components to make sure it’s all there, and set it on the passenger side seat so I can keep an eye on it.

  • "If I cut my rear brake lines, more fluid will go to the front brakes which means I'll stop faster" -Stuntman probably

  • Dumbass video

  • 👊

  • He must also test the antifreeze by drinking it

  • I didn’t think humans could get stupider than this man

  • Looks like coke in the airbag

  • Now u don't have airbag

  • Uber driver is shocked

  • Stop vandalizing that ford you northern fuck

  • Weird!!!!!

    • You too I thought it was just my family

  • Tiktok is cancer.

  • Unnecessary stupidity

    • Subscribe you'll see a lot more of it

  • Fucking idiot.

  • Glad the bag didn't deployed

  • Check is there any engine in your car…

  • The battery must be disconnected 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise his face would look exactly like Edward scissor-hands.

  • டேய் மெண்டல்

  • This is the type of guy to grab a chocolate bar and rip it open to see if anything looked bad in it then pay for it

  • The airbags like yooooo bro are you a freakin moron you cuttin me ova here

  • Well, that was stupid.

  • Your fucking idiot

    • @SOLLIX yes you

    • Yro'ue*

  • Just destroy your car then check

  • Does the same to his parachute.

  • Ideot

  • An other stupid video

    • besides making less stupid videos, learn english better, since you can use both forms, but you don't know it ... but that's not my problem, as my waste of time with you ends here .

    • Another is not two words