SuperM - One (Monster & Infinity) (Live From The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

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  • 💜💜💜

  • Ten cantas hermosoo

  • SUPERM getting the attention they deserve, let’s keep supporting them! Taeyong over here just stay taking my breath away, not just his looks but his rap line and voice 😌

  • Lindo TAEMIN, trabajo en equipo es lo mejor 👏 hermosas letras de la música 🤩

  • Kaibaek♥️

  • Son los numero uno


  • I love their voices they sound very harmonious

  • Only baekhyun - looks cute while highnote - his highnote sounds soft

  • too much lipsync

  • They are amazing keep going we will support you

  • Missing Member: Laun

  • Hyojin ETion J-US Wyatt MK U

  • ONF

  • Kai is everything 😭😍

  • The mini vocals Baekhyun did at 1:52 wtf❤️

  • 2:05 awesome

  • dang! they nailed it!

  • this is a baekhyun song just sayin

  • Grabe talaga si Baekhyun mamaw kung mamaw ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Taeyong deja de hacerme ojitos 💕

  • Kings

  • Baekhyun hair remained me Call me baby song...

  • (Singing in korean)

  • I love it

  • love how Baekhyun looks like a baby even tho he's the oldest xD

  • "Dark cloud blocking out the sun, I ain't scared, got me feeling kind of numb" YOOO DID NO ONE HEARD THIS LINE FROM LUCAS??? DUDEE SOUNDED SO HOT HE NEEDS MORE LINES OMLLL 😩🔥💚

  • BROOO ten's highnote with baekhyun omggg my two biases OMLLLLL actually they're all my bias sjfjsksks the feels mannn

  • 코디....무슨일이야..........애들이 다 왜저래.........

  • Respect to this group.

  • I can't understand because I can't take my eyes from TAEYONG!!!

  • I love these outfits. I've seen the other lives...I prefer these outfits.

  • 👁👄👁 B.R.U.T.A.L

  • so cool

  • baekhyun’s no at 1:50 😎🤏🏼 lemme take my glasses off 🤨🕶🤏🏼 um- NO sir that was unreasonable

  • Can we please talk about Mark and Taeyong's rap? Damn it, they kill that


  • In min 1:52 taemin said "we was" and it's "we were" xD

  • SM = Voice 🥰

  • did anyone notice glitched audience woooh at the start lol

  • 1:30 he was gonna dance love shot 😂😂😂

  • 루카스 파트 더 많이 주세요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 표정 풍부하고 목소리 넘 좋음 ㅠㅠ

  • Eventho Lucas has the least lines, but he always gives the best and maximum effort. I Lu(v)cas.

  • KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out.

  • KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out.

  • KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out.

  • I wish more people were excited about this group. seeing idols from different k-pop generations working together is so interesting! plus each member has such a unique style to them with the way they dance, sing and carry themselves!

  • This is my No.1 favourite song from Kpop from now on.

  • when the subtitles just said "[singing in Korean]" i CACKLED

  • I'm here for lucas.

    • @Pemuas Reemar agree with u. So now we stan for lucas forever

    • Same here... Eventho he always has the least lines, he always gives his best effort. Just...look at his dance and expression.

  • dang i wish they did n't lipsync


  • Slowly this song addicting me..

  • When Taeyong is my ultimate bias but i cant take my eyes from Kai bruh


  • Is this One (Monster and Infinity) is about the Mad Titan Thanos...Also SuperM you we're called the Avengers of Kpop

  • Baekhyun es increíble OMG

  • Oh yeah 😎

  • kai smirk is everything for me

  • KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out. 카이의 첫 솔로 앨범 'KAI (开)'는 11월 30일 의 나올겁니다. 외출시고 경청하고 응원하는것을 잊지 마세요!

  • Adiccted to SUPER M 😍❤

  • Love you Ten!!!

  • (SINGING IN KOREAN) Yeeeaaah~

  • "Singing in Korean", why i think it's funny

  • Mark

  • Lucas

  • Ten lee

  • Lee taeyong

  • Lee taemin

  • Kim jongin

  • Byun baekhyun

  • Everyone was perfect , Kai's expression was... ❤️😍 I was expecting more of my fav Lucas 🙁

  • i honestly dont know where to look... the camera movements are making me dizzy af

  • Kai😍killing smile😇

  • Love love love love love

  • 스마트폰에 정법앱,유튜브에 "정법강의"가 1~10,500강 이상 있습니다 최신강의가10,001강~10,500강이상있습니다모든 어려움 궁금증 검색 가능합니다 점검해보시고 좋으시면 주위 가족 지인분들과 공유하세요..

  • 2:56 oh my gosh he’s aNGRY-


  • Hai perkenalkan nama saya Ocha. Jujur ya lagu ini sih sangat enak dan bagus ya kan teman teman..👍👍👍👍

  • taeyong, lucas and kai has me... feeling some type of way

    • You should check Lucas at WayV, dear. You'll see how fierce he is 👁👄👁

  • Can SM stop pretending and holding Taemin back with these BS half second solo and just let him be what he is in the group, the best dancer? Just give the man a 10-15s solo and every performance would be GOAT tier status.

  • I don't think people in west realise how big this is is.

  • 아니 왜 원은 멤버별 포커스 캠 없어요ㅠㅠ 있죠? 언넝 풀어줘여

  • It's time for SM to introduce soloists and other guys to the main group, the monotonous voice of the leading soloists is too intrusive. Why not give the lead parts to a different artist in each song, bringing them to the fore?

  • Sorry, but Baekhyun in a baggy suit does not fit into the overall picture of the participants at all.

  • Kai, as the center of the centers with a honey voice, is mesmerizing.

  • 텐님은 진짜 음색도 좋고 노래도 잘하고 춤도 잘추고 표정도 좋고 못하는게 없네



  • Wow i never knew ten is so handsome.. And his highnote?? Chef's kiss

  • SuperM mark hits different. Jesus.

  • Holy crap TEN is really no joke. He is so perfect in every single way. His voice his talent his dancing omg thank you TEN for serving us lookz ❤️

  • kai and taemin ❤❤

  • the bts footage of them shooting this is better than the actual footage. Why does the camera keep panning away while someone is doing a solo????? It's so distracting X'D

  • Kai


  • man, they all looking good plus i love baek's outfit why does this reminds me of loveshot from exo

    • Love shot is the territory of Kai. By the way, Baekhyun's outfit is awkward, except for the color.

  • 이마크나올때 가슴이 웅장해진다

  • I think it's Mark is breathing thru the mic. I've been listening Super-M's live performances. Did I just solved NCT mic conspiracy? Lol

  • The flow from baekhyun to ten with those high notes is just **chefs kiss**