POLICE STOPPED US at Khunjerab Check Post - Pizza in Passu Jungles, GB

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This is the part 7 of Wildventure series. Enjoy and wait for the next episodes...
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    • Shapack Gang Likhaa hai na ticket wali jagah per

    • Bhai please is series me use ho na waly song k name bya d

    • Bhai yeh series ramzan sa phlay record kr li thi ab ramza ma post kr rahay bhai. Taka hamara ramzan acha guzray

    • Please name the song

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  • Aslam o Alaikum . Thanks Hamza to show us our beautiful Pakistan.

  • Keep making such video

  • Duji post wale balle hi kaminae a, chaa v nhi puchi.😀🤣😆

  • Masha ALLAH beautiful and keep up the good work

  • Thanks God, You have made our earth so beautiful, and a lot of thanks to Shapaks who have made us to see such the most beautiful places

  • Ramadan mai ghanay go na lagay karo

  • Pls use local Pakistani songs

  • Next go take timber to fill the gab

  • Aslamu alaikum ,Good morning ,I'm enjoying your tour ,very clean talking Allah's blessing with you always with you blessing from Fiji islands

  • Add subtitles

  • زبردست سیریز ہے بہت ہی مجا آیا. آج کا سوال. 😉 حمزہ نے حسینی بریج کے ٹکٹ ہٹ پر کیا لکھا تھا. 1 آپ کا بھائی پکڑ نہیں جا رہا 2 شاندار جبردست جنداباد

  • Beautiful! do trip to kotli Nakiyal and surrounding areas please

  • Such a passionate guy. Good luck bro.be safe and upload more videos like this. You deserve much more appreciation. Its not easy thing to capture the moments such a good way. Specially drone footage is mind blowing. 💯 Likes from my side. 👍

  • I hope you produce a video for 3 minutes and put the most beautiful shots and landscapes in order for us to publish it on social media and to give a beautiful picture of Pakistan.

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  • Zabardast bhi 🥰

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  • bhai agar nai jane diya kunjareb to ap passu k sath he astor ko rasta jata ha wahan sy deosai phr skardu ajta ha wahan koi rok tok nai karega

  • bhai ye drama kr rhy police waly hum feb mein 125 py pura kunjareb k gate tk gae huwe jb k tb 2 feet tk baraf thy tb to nai roka ab ye paisa kamane k chakaro mein apko jeep ka keh rhy

  • Glad to see the video but I think it was wise of police to stop you. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Great vlog

  • Im indian,but i love bike riding vlogs,wo india ho ya pakistan faraq nehi parta,,,lovely vdos bro,, Kas dono des pe public easily visit kar pate ☺️☺️

  • Chaa bhi nhi pushi sanu 😂😂😂😂 yr punjabi ch hi vlog bnaya kro

  • You should have seen the message on the first step of Hussaini Bridge.

  • mai yahn tk k mere abu ami dadi b bina telescope k pahaad pe kitne mal maweshi hy or kis colour k hy dekh k bta sakte hy ...hunza ka hr local banda bata sakta hy ...

  • Just started watching your videos,enjoyed.Pls keep emphasising to the people to keep our amazing NA clean when visiting.Its heart breaking to see litter all over the place by our fellow Pakistanis.

  • mjhy bhi jana ha yar

  • I am indian and OMG what a great country you have

  • ap ne Humain animals nahi dikhae

  • You write on hurt clean the place

  • Gilgit India Ka part hai

  • Why does that bridge reminds me of “Need for speed” 😅

  • I loved it

  • You would have written Shapack Gang

  • Really maza agya video dykh k har video 100% awla hoti hy pr ye crore % awla hy MashaALLAH or jo dill kr rha tha jis trhn ap dykh rhy un animals ko phar pr hum b dykhy or jsy apny camera m dikhaya swad agya thank u for every amazing video of u

  • @Shapack Gang; please consider to do something like this @R7-k

  • Bro you tell at the khunjarave pass they us monopoly, that's wrong bro , beacuse you have visited at wrong time.at that time the roads is very slippery,. They just warried about you.... If you visit at the time of June,july you can goo on your bikes ,..but thanks for visiting ❤️

  • Sardar Burhan Khan Chandio❤

  • Good job guys, stay fact full stay polite, so families can also watch your videos. I wish It was like that in Pakistan when I was growing up. Not many (normal life) folks can get where you have been on the motor bike in those days. Next time I visit Pakistan, I will go to these places too if time allows, iA. BTW - what drone (make/model) are you using to capture videos? My small will probably won't able to withstand strong winds you are talking about in the video. Regards from San Francisco, CA

  • Ap ka roza nai 🤔

  • I've seen few episodes and I have to say that you guys explore such a amazing beautiful places hidden in Pakistan I've never seen before. You two are doing great job.

  • Bhai aap bohht achy ho or aap ka sense of humor b bohht acha hy

  • Its risky to take four wheelers at the dangerous places.. it happens in other countries as well .. when there is slope and high elevation, they sometime ask to take locals and four wheelers only. Its for the security and locals benefit.

  • Alot of love for you bro for delivering such a beutiful series loving it want to be with you in this tour


  • mushkil hi ha men to ghar ke pas Khan Pur Dam aik dafa gai hn😒

  • Salute to worker, Labour & engineer those that are built a khunjerab road.

  • I am from srinagar kashmir I m your fan bahi

  • Bhai you are greatttt tusi cha gae Pakistani's bestest ARdownr❤️❤️❤️

  • Aap ki tabhiaat bohat achi ha kush mijaaz haan dil Mara bi kerta ha aap k saat kabi na kabi mullqaat ,,

  • we want 4K vlogs! Such a beautiful place, cant enjoy the best in 1080. Love from India!

  • رانے مزہ آگیا وی لاگ دیکھ کر۔

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  • Bhoooooot hi zabardast video hy . I Really appreciate you bro ... We are enjoying this series . Beautiful scenes MashaAllah 👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍

  • making milkshake without milk

  • I saw your video for the first time.. watched full and loved it sooo much.. i remembr my tour to hunza and khunjerab... This place has my heart ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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  • Himalayan Ibex one of the rareist spicies on Earth.

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  • Great video. You are doing a very good job by showing the unexplored beauty of Pakistan to people on ARdown. It enhances our knowledge and makes us proud of our country. Keep it up and continue to make such awesome videos 👍

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  • Plz. Also see hotel rooms and washrooms with rent. And care urself.

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