Teching Out Our Kitchen! (Smart Kitchen Tour 2019)

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We are kickstarting our "Building the Ultimate Smart Home" series with our tech'ed out kitchen! Check out the connected suite we chose for our appliances and how they all work together to create a super modern kitchen.
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL Day in the Life!
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  • “Pinkies up”. LOL!

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  • My buddy has a smart fridge so I browsed the web and turned on porn.

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  • Dish washer has a tablet on it and a slider to pick how clean it gets

  • Replace your smoke detector please!! Lol

  • I bought a Samsung fridge with the family hub for my parents and it's a great fridge but after a while the novelty wears off and its just a fridge.

  • 249$ for a garbage can?

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  • Every “tech” youtuber that’s shows their home has a smoke detector chirping. As a firefighter, I hope the batteries have been replaced.

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  • Remember when fridges opened

  • "My kitchen is expensive than your house"part 1

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  • crazy impractical. lol!

  • why do you need an oven + microwave combo if there is also a big oven in the cooking range ????

  • Sorry dude you're not an average consumer...a tech out kitchen and don't even cook in the thing lol

  • Love the bit about electric Kettle and that they don't have to countdown with a stove kettle. I'm like... That's not new, we've had electric kettles for as long as I can remember. It clicks off when boiled and everything.

  • Most relateable thing I have wanted. Was Great😂😂

  • Can afford all the fancy tech but yet can't replace a battery in a smoke alarm! 🤣

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  • I choked on my food at the chopping board that's a digital scale🙆🏾‍♀️

  • Thank for sharing all the gadgets. I really like your'e videos.

  • Channel name: urAVERAGEconsumer His light switch: has a camera in it

  • With everything you have in there and you don’t cook, you need a special sink

  • Did he just say he has a smart cutting board?

  • lets see who's the one to get a brain tumor from all the radiation on the house.

  • How much tech is too much tech?

  • He's LOVING his trashcan not knowing it will annoy him in the future

  • I cannot imagine this guys electric bill

  • Why is there an app on the fridge to see the inside of the fridge on the fridge

  • Can’t believe that he’s so surprised about kettles. In the I’m LITERALLY EVERYONE has one

  • I came here just for the trash can

  • how bout you add a battery to the fire alarm


  • hmmm.... do we really need all these to feel good? reminds me of the saying "we have the answer. We don't know the problem is, but we have the solution". being able to view the insides of your fridge... do we need that ? being able to watch TV on your fridge, so much for home theater dens.

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  • But in all honestly dude, your kitchen is awesome

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  • That smoke detector beep

  • His refrigerator has more clout than my set up

  • Which company was the double oven door. Ur Ag consumer

  • Add a smart bathroom also 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • arie gets mad triggered that the knobs are different. i honestly didn't see it until she pointed it out, then I couldn't unsee it

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  • When you can flex your toaster, you know you have made it in life.

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  • 7:15 is it still 0 times?

  • Did it break yet

    • @BasicallyImOrlly if u have 15k every yr to spend then do it

    • @CC CC Uhh you usually replace your phone every 1 year or so. So why not your appliances

    • @BasicallyImOrlly not really not made to. Last... Only 2 to 4 yrs most of the time

    • Why would it break it would be better than a regular kitchen.

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