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  • You can always announce in advance that all expenses are in such & such currency. Convert per your suitings.

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    • His brother is in Canada , sunny

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  • 1600 dollor to tumne bhi bana liye aur 14 episode sai aur usse phle ke sare vlog he profit ke thai

  • 1600 dollor to tumne bhi bana liye aur 14 episode sai aur usse phle ke sare vlog he profit ke thai

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  • Bhai vanlife bhi dikhao khali rasta na naaapo

  • Hi Mohit. Regarding your grocery expenses, Some of the superstores will not be pocket friendly. Here I am listing some of the stores that are healthy and economical. Also I will recommend some of the food products that are good for Travel. Stores - Aldi, and Trader Joe's. You can also install Instacart app in your phone which will ensure delivery from Aldi, and wholesalers like Costco and Sam's club. Instacart offers $10 membership monthly which will ensure free delivery. ALDI has also pick up service, so even if you don't have instacart membership, you can order all your groceries list on the app, and they will pack it for you. If you pickup curbside, it will only cost you $2. Trader Joe's doesn't has delivery, but if you go just half an before the closing time, you will find very less customers. Also, the frozen section and salad section of Trader Joe's has really good freshly cooked food. the Indian brand of packaged food that you picked from Safeway is really the worst. No taste, weird smell and no veggies inside. Also if you see any Indian grocery store, you can look for "quick tea" packet. it's just like instant coffee mix, you can mix it on hot water and pakka chai would be ready. Amazon also has it. Have fun, enjoy your trip!

    • This is so helpful. He should see this.

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