A Day at the Farmers' Protest ft. Samdish

تم نشره في 2020/12/ 4
Earlier this year, the Indian Parliament passed 3 controversial farm bills. Since then, lakhs of farmers across the country have voiced their strong dissent and taken to the streets in solidarity. Samdish spent a day at the Singhu Border, the epicentre of these protests, to witness this historic movement.
Since then, the Government of India has had a few meetings with the representatives of the Kisan Unions.
Till now, these talks have been inconclusive.
0:00 - Mudde ki ek Introduction
06:32 - Excerpts from the Press Conference
08:46 - Problems with the Acts followed by some thoughts on the Prime Servant
18:32 - The calm evening at the protest site
21:59 - Amazing content awaits including comparison between a farmer in Punjab and one in Bihar
#farmbills #farmersprotest #singhuborder #standwithfarmers

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  • शांतिपूर्ण विरोध के कारण 250 से अधिक कीमती भारतीय किसानों को अपनी जान गंवानी पड़ी। भाजपा के शासन ने भारत में पीड़ित लोगों का समाधान खोजने में असमर्थ रहे। मोदी ने भारत को अंबानी और अडानी को बेच दिया है? बीजेपी का पतन हो रहा है।मोदी को पूरे भारत में हर रोज किसानों की आत्महत्या की गिनती करनी चाहिए। पूरे भारत से लोग पहुंच रहे हैं, जबकि दिल्ली में किसानों की मौत होने पर भारतीय सीएम और पीएम क्या खाना खाते हैं मोदी के हर कदम ने भारत में आम लोगों को मौत और विनाशकारी बना दिया है...


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  • Kamine Chor farmers Saale banko Ka paisa leke settlement ki baat karte hai Aur saale yahan lad re hai Chor farmers Shameless farmers Union Those who are supporting these farmers should go to the field and see what they do after taking loans from the bank

    • Fertilizer and seed ka price ve check kar lana l@ñd bhagat

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  • All citizens just have to not buy farm food from Reliance and corporate goon markets.

    • @This channel does not exist. the point u told made sense but this did not make sense that this was only first thought of the farmers. I am sure that 90% of the protest includes mandis because they were told to pay taxes

    • @This channel does not exist. Let the mandi offer higher price anyway they don't pay tax like the others.

    • @This channel does not exist. 17 years doesn't make me a kid

    • ​@Vicky V Ah, so you're a kid, now it all makes sense. Let me explain. Lets say you run a market, and another market is offering what you're offering, but for cheaper. No one will buy from you, so you will never make money, and will then go out of business, your market will die out. Then, the other market will be the only option, so they could sell at whatever price they want as there'll be no competition. That is why healthy competition is important. You're not upgrading mandis to let them go toe to toe with corporates, but letting corporates in, and expecting things to go well.

    • @This channel does not exist. that's the reason farmers have a choice to choose between mandi and corporates. If the farmers feel that they will be exploited by corporates they can choose mandi. I'm sure that the corporates will help the poor farmers atleast. And the 3rd law I'll see it later because my school final exam are approaching

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    • "No one is forcing you to be a farmer" Buddy, try to go from a farmer to a teacher one day. See how well it goes.

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  • Most fucked up video I have seen. Thoo hay aise journalist pe

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    • @Harreet Singh protest with weapons I mean 🙏. Answer my other questions

    • @SHARAD SAXENA Consequences will come with weapons you say? Big words from a keyboard warrior. The farmers have been there for months, what are you waiting for babbu sher? Easy to talk shit behind your screen

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  • This is the first video of famers protest Nd just look at the vibe of samdish. He is so chilled to roam around nd see now what farmers are going through they are in such a critical situations.

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  • Hi ScoopWhoop Team, thanks for sharing the ground reports. Please create a report on morale in protest after 26-jan incident and what does average person feel on what went wrong.

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