Guy Pulls Off A Black Mamba's Skin Tiktok: herpin hippie

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#shorts #tiktok
Guy Pulls Off A Black Mamba's Skin
Credit: herpin hippie (tiktok)
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  • Ew

  • Kobe

  • I had a green mamba chase me around my room for what felt like an eternity but was less than 30seconds

  • Aespa

  • You’re fuckin nuts dude you won’t even make it to the shit

  • Normal people don't play with snakes!

  • Stop doing that the snake will bite you guaranteed. I’m tired of people owning pets they can’t take care of.

  • I’m in an Animal Science program and this girl will rip the reptiles shed off instead of waiting for them to do it themselves

  • Then why are you doing it !!!!!!! Wow

  • And hear I am scared of my corn snake

  • Me a kpop fan black mamba ayayayaya

  • Meus parente trocando de roupa

  • Dude says it like it's something you do every day

  • He got a Kobe snake?

  • "You should never do this but I can"

  • You want to die that snake can kill a horse ...I would have a shovel to kill it .

  • Lunitick

  • Lol my dude get killed

  • Thankyou i needed to know this

  • It’s called shedding. Babahahahaha

  • That escapists music in the backgroung is giving me an anxiety attack😬😟

  • Eso es tener huevos

  • “You should never do this” While you are doing it

  • Real homies are responsible

  • Thx for the info :d

  • this snake is adorable ❤️🐍🌜

  • Satisfying

  • Him:this is a black mamba My brain: *whistles*brainbots bring me the black mamba

  • I don’t even have a snake 🤣😂

  • When I read what snake it was....

  • Does anyone know what the background music is from its creepy as hell

  • Eww

  • Lol

  • Or you can just let the snake do it’s own thing?

  • Everyone’s gangsta till they realize the escapist music in the background lmao

  • once they have started shedding it does not hurt to help, because they shed all at once

  • Yeah not one of the most venomous in the world but can still kill you in about 20 minutes

  • 🤮🤮🤮

  • 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤧🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Ewww wat the hell

  • omgosh I love snakes!!

  • Kobe

  • Not me singing BlaCk Mumba

  • Me tryna figure out why I give a damn about snakes 🧐

  • Him: You should never attempt this Also Him: *Does it*

  • “Never attempt to pull off the skin” Then pulls off the skin....

  • Dont worry, I won't.

  • Shake gon bite you and the next thing you hear is I got hooooooooeessssss

  • He: don't pullout snakes skin Me : i dont have even a snake at my home

  • AMC to the moon!

  • Kobe is that you

  • I have a snake x it's a boy

  • Add a public comment

  • Yeah as if everyone has them as a pet..

  • Kobe

  • Shittin and sheddin

  • Ewwww

  • I nearly died as a child from a black mamba. I was sitting in front of our fireplace as a todler when my caretaker saw the snake and grabbed me. It was so long that even on a ladder its body draped on the floor. She no longer works for us, i mean we are all old as shit. But isend her birthday wishes and money every now and then. I lover her very much.

  • wait snakes poop? 💀

  • *Me who thought they were talking about aespa song "black mamba" * 😂😂

  • Video: you should never attempt this for two reasons Me: you should never attempt this AT ALL!!!

  • I’d name it mo bamba

  • Don’t you just hate when you pull your snakes skin of prematurely

  • Ah yes, the shit 'n shed

  • There is something deeply satisfying with you helping the snake to shed.

  • I still want a pet snake, but I want a baby one.

  • Its fun and games until the snake trys the same with your skin and says my turn

  • okay so now i need black mamba snake as a pet

  • Gamestop to the moon??

  • Eww

  • I know this is dangerous and life-threatening, but I swear the music in the background is the lockdown music in The Escapists.

  • Im Just Finding Out Snakes Poop-

  • Rip Kobe

  • Aww she's so cute..! Yes I like snakes

  • you: man she is gonna bite me if i am not careful black mamba: jeez a fresh start , thanks human

  • I'm not gonna believe any animal is dangerous untill brave wilderness dies from an animal

  • ARE U NUTS😳😳😳😱😱😱

  • The snake: not scary The music: Scary

  • damn why i see kobe like that

  • Gross

  • Why do you have a snake !!

  • Shed n’ shit

  • bruh aespa

  • Satisfying

  • thank you for respecting her and not forcing it

  • This is herpin hippie on tiktok

  • You should never do this period.

  • Snakes are fucking vile

  • Then why make the video if we're not supposed to do this? 🤣

  • Leave kobe bryant alone

  • Honestly, that's so gross

  • Imagine if the snake just smacked him in the face with its tail O_o

    • I‘ve seen that happening on a other platform though 😏

  • Also, don't poop in the tub. Good advice.

  • I don't understand how people are scared of spiders when snakes exist.

  • Eww

  • "Faster than you can say GME 🚀🚀🌑"? Damn thats fast.

  • Mamama mamba oh oh oh eyeyeyeyeyey 🎶🎵🎶

  • Yo that is crazy

  • I promise I will never touch a snake 💀💀💀💀