PS5 Impressions: My Thoughts!

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First thoughts on the Playstation 5 reveal!
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  • PS5 looks like General Grievous

  • ur amazing bro

  • 0:52😂😂😂

  • Yasss the ps5 is coming out so the PS4 for will be cheaper so then I’ll be able to get the ps3.

  • ive had this for 3 years now

  • wait.. so you're telling me.. this video uploaded more than 4 months ago???

  • (You have to read this carefully) it’s weird that it’s weird that we haven’t seen his house. Right?

  • I love ps5 plz gift me bro.....

  • Why would they do it in WHITE AND NOT BLACK!!!!!!! This is such a dumb move, I feel Sony are so bad at launch, they have to wait until it flops before they give people what they want, I mean this will not do well until they release the black version, who has a white TV, white speakers, white anything? It looks very cheap unless the entire room has a white aesthetic, but then it turns into a sterile showroom and not a living space for comfort and relaxation, which is what you want for gaming.

  • I saw the golf game and I thought... I like wii sports better

  • I genuinely forgot about GT, I dont play much racing games besides the occasional NFS but im really looking forwarr to seeing more of GT and how it'll look in 4k.

  • When you ask sony whats the price of the ps5 0:45

  • The Xbox X series looks more modern?? 🤣 😂 😂 😂 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 120 hz 👀

  • Nah ps5 is better looking than the Xbox series x the Xbox series X look like a mini fridge that doesn’t work

  • whats with the praying position that i occasionally see on your thumbnail bro? couldn't get enough of your tech creed bro? 😂

  • X box is biggest boring block for a console no imagination no pushing the limits of design they just drew 4 lines on a napkin & said done least playstation pushed the design & i think it looks great

  • You where literally $50 off

  • MKBHD: I have had the PS5 for a year now! I could not say anything when they revealed it

  • Instagram-Post 👀

  • It was perfect 🔥 im coming in 2027 to see PS6 price

  • It just works?

  • Wait you dont need to install discs anymore

    • If you get the digital version

  • I don’t play fifa


    • I think everyone in the world knows that

  • Finally a console reviewer that doesn’t focus on final fantasy and elder scrolls or something like that 😂 thank you

  • Can you verify DolbyVision support for Blu-ray movies on PS5?

  • The jet sound problem is because your playstation is probably dusty on the inside


  • When he said I'm gonna buy the digital version I raised an eyebrow so I knew his getting paid to lie by sony to lie about how much a failure that's going to be. If you want a digital only get a labtop and a stream account, consoles are disk drives 4 Life

  • Yes

  • Wow he actually nailed the prices

  • Is this guy hating on the ps5??!

    • When did you ever hear him say anything like that

  • My ps4 fan doesn't work too well I just let my ps4 burn up

  • 399 499

  • holy shit how did he know

  • Been using xbox all my life. Xbox, xbox 360, and xbox one. Now I'm thinking about moving to PS5.

    • @Martinez Auto Detailing all the versions support digital downloading

    • @Devilbager I'm thinking about getting the disk. But if the digital one allows downloading ps4 games, I'll definitely buy it.

    • @Martinez Auto Detailing disks or digital games

    • @Devilbager Thanks! Just one little thing I'd like to know. Do you think, we can play ps4 games on the ps5?

    • You’re welcome to switch

  • The fact he got every single prediction right.

  • Lol Sony was waiting for your price suggestion. Next time say 299$ :D

  • In india it is exactly the same price as the new Xbox !!! ₹50000

  • $1000 in turkey. We are very rich.

    • Mrbeast: today I’m buying a ps5 with turkeys

  • Seriously who even gets golfing games so thats probably why they didnt put as much work into it.

  • Crazy how you got the price right, months before the revel.

  • *People who came here after the showcase and the price reveal like this comment*

  • just found this page... love your stuff man

  • This guy is crazy! The xbox looks better and modern? Looks like a subwoofer, wtf is modern in that?

    • its looks like patrick's speaker when he put it in spongebobs house

  • With less than a month to PS5's launch it is clear that Sony is King when it comes to gaming. Spiderman: Miles Moralis and Demon's Souls Remake looks stunning! The views and likes on this PS5 video compared to his Xbox One speaks volumes to how next gen will pan out. 5.5 million views and 255 thousand likes for PS5 versus 2 million views and 105 thousand likes.

  • Who is seriously disappointed he isn't looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Well I am fro. The future it is 499 for the disc one and 399 for the digeral

  • Playstation is trash

  • This youtuber is just clickbait and trend thats it, he isnt good nor reliable

  • There will never be a perfect fully immersive video game that uses a four button analog control system... There has to be improvements made in the user interface before any real improvement can be made... Cause better graphics does not Lead to a better gaming experience.

  • All my life I have been watching ps12345 and it's gameplay on ARdown. Never bought one.

  • On disk vs diskless: while the diskless console is cheaper, you'll be able to save money by buying physical games. So in the long run, the one with the disk drive is the better option for people gaming on a budget.

  • dude he actually predicted the price for both consoles!

  • Wow He Called the Price dead on

  • 2:00 4:50 9:15 I've come from the future (right after the PS5 teardown vid) and... wow, you're right about everything.

  • bro you are a prophet

  • Seriously you dont have 8k or 120hz🤔 Let me call the cops....

  • Folks, buy Xbox, its the way to go this generation. I have owned all systems each generation, however, for this generation, I will buy the Xbox only.

  • You called the price on the money

  • when my consoles are cheaper than my phone and my gaming pc, I don't complain. I'm stoked

  • Oh my gosh he hit the price 100% perfectly!

  • I don't really like it or the xbox series x look either

  • If Sony Made Ps5 Black Edition I Will Buy For Me And My Girlfriend...!

  • Looking forward to the ps5 new gta

  • Wool i am seeing this 3 months after uploaded and they announced now. Ps5 is expected

  • He got these prices spot on

  • Marques ain't even a true gamer lmao... How is his first console a ps4... wtf

  • sorry but the prices you guessed are 100% exact.

  • 5:00 WOAH this dude called it! Nice.

  • You all wrong!!!! The price will be 199$ for the main console and 99$ for the digital one. Afordable prices for everyone. But WHY... just WHY?????!!!! You made the stupid controler design plain white? What in the name of all good was in the head of the console designers? Everything white.... they said. Its Futuristic!!! How about take that plain white and shove it down your console. I just loved the PS and Xbox controlers where the buttons were like colorful.. When i was playing Games with my kids they were like, Dad what is they key for passing the ball? I could easily say the red button, or whatever.. Now when my son asks, Dad what is the button for passing the ball? the X, son. Son: Xbox? sure Dad lets play on Xbox. Btw Dad, they say its 499$!! Thats our food for next month. Yeah son, they make the console for 99$ and they sell it for 499$ no wonder they get rich.

    • I believe it cost them more than 1500$ . 🙃

  • What does his shirt means?

  • warrior

  • he said 7 year till ps4 i filped out cause i use my ps3 till this day

  • *Giannis Antentokounmpo has left the chat..

  • haha zion williamson the future face of the nba, man you crack me up!!

  • Nice

  • Woah

  • 4:50 he was spot on.

  • He guessed both the prices right bro

  • Bro this guys a fucking genius

  • How do I pre order the PS5? PS4 was so easy to pre order but with this console I went to a few stores and got the same response but not really an answer. I went to Gamebox first and they told me that they won't be selling the PS5 Digital Editions due to unknown reasons. I went to GameStop and asked one of the employees and before I could finish asking my question the other guy shouts out check your phone (which tells me absolutely nothing) then I went to Target but they told me that I can't do it inside. Again no reason why. I've never been so confused in my life.

  • Sony is ahead of the game but MS won’t admit..When you have to buy a company that supported Sony for years, we know the pressure is there.

  • Well my TV is 4k at 60hz first i have to buy another tv with a better refresh rate...than what i play now with my ps4pro ,dammit i just both the dam tv....does anyone know what means "game mode" display setting on a LG 4k Nano cell ? Does it gives you more fps and if many ?

  • Hey guys I need your opinion the new Xbox or the PS5

  • I know the console and controller design gets a lot of hate, but I absolutely love it! Finally something unique, and I think the black and white look is amazing. Just hope it doesn't yellow.

  • Wen u realise he predicted the price right 😳

  • Wow he was on point on the pricing..

  • Damn the price is spot on

  • Digital games are significantly more expensive here in Australia. They aren’t tradable which is a big issue for many. The digital console is significantly better looking, but until digital games are the standard and discs are gone most people (unless they can afford it) will get the disc version, digital version better, yes....cheaper in the long term? No

  • Is he a gamer?

  • I was gonna get the digital butttttttt with the pre-order status I just had to get what I could so......I got the disc version

  • I’ll get the one with optical drive just cuz I can resell the games I don’t wanna keep anymore and I can buy games second hand. Big market for those, lots of money saving

  • How the xbox better than the ps5

  • This man is a legend dude!! Guess the price 3 months ago

  • But will it run flight sim 2020

  • Was Marques quessing the exact price of both consoles an inside job???

  • did anyone else find him out frim the wallet commercial

  • Do not buy the digital want to own the game disc to trade or sell later.