KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV

تم نشره في 2020/11/29
KAI's 1st Mini Album "KAI (开)" is out!
🎧Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KAI_EP
🎬FILM : KAI: ardown.info/down/h9CahJLVq4DQ3b8/fydyw.html
01 음 (Mmmh)
02 Nothing On Me
03 기억상실 (Amnesia)
04 Reason
05 Ride Or Die
06 Hello Stranger
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  • Please let's make it 50m before 30.

  • Kai is the best dancer and singer

  • U know it's a masterpiece when it comes from kim kai

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  • quiero gritar sin que los vecinos me apedreen pero lo ago sin pensar 2 veses lo amo te amo te amo gracias por existir te adoro

  • non-exols are buying kai's album and i love to see it

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  • The song is for jennie🔥

  • I always listen to Kai's album since I had a digital copy of it😍. And I love all of the tracks♥️♥️♥️


  • Kai's favorite hyung is coming out today!! D.O.


  • EXOLS dont sleep on other members mv, lets not play favoritism pls.

  • Anyone who watched sehun's inster live yesterday ?? He said members met...


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  • mmmh

  • I like when he says “don’t you worry”

  • Very futuristic

  • Omg!!!!

  • Is kai making love to all who is watching this video?


  • I searched Kai's album and the amount of love his album is getting from non stans...everyone saying its a no skip album and the best album of 2020

  • Kai now currently holds the record for the SM artist with the: • Most iTunes Album No. 1s - KAI (开) (72) • Most iTunes Song No. 1s - Mmmh (52)

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  • Apuesto que varias exo-l tienen outfis inspirados en este video

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  • - LYRICS 내가 너무 나빠서 네 맘을 전부 빼앗고 싶어져 Don't you worry 어느새 네가 내 세상을 가진걸 You make me feel so (mm-mhm) 숨을 내쉬고 뱉어 like (mm-mhm) 경계를 넘어서 like (mm-mhm) 내 품에 널 안아 like (mm-mhm) 다른 생각은 하지마 Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said The scent of a flower, girl, is this yours? 네 곁에서 맴도는 자스민 (ooh-whoa) It's kind of familiar 너도 이게 잠옷일지 궁금해 (whoa-oh-oh, ah) 내가 너무 나빠서 네 맘을 전부 빼앗고 싶어져 Don't you worry 아마도 네가 이 세상을 전부 가지는 일이 될 테니 Got you like (mm-mhm) 숨을 내쉬고 뱉어 like (mm-mhm) 경계를 넘어서 like (mm-mhm) 내 품에 널 안아 like (mm-mhm) 다른 생각은 하지마 Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said 그들의 질투가 네 몸을 떨게 만들어 내 자켓을 받아 걸쳐 입어 My shawty, that's not your (fault) 그냥 내게 (안겨) 원하면 날 망가뜨려 whoa (려) 숨을 내쉬고 뱉어 like (mm-mhm) 경계를 넘어서 like (mm-mhm) 내 품에 널 안아 like (mm-mhm) 다른 생각은 하지마 Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said Mm-mhm (yeah) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah) I said, I said 이미 취해 휘청거려도, girl, I just want more 내게 무슨 짓을 한 거야 (yeah) 너의 모습만을 그려 whoa, whoa, yeah 숨을 내쉬고 뱉어 like (breathe it out, mm-mhm) 경계를 넘어서 like (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, mm-mhm) 내 품에 널 안아 like (내 품에 안겨, mm-mhm) 다른 생각은 하지마 (uh, huh, huh) Mm-mhm (yeah, you) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm (yeah, 다른 세상을 가진 채로) I said, I said Mm-mhm (yeah, take control, 네 멈대로) Mm-mhm (ooh-whoa-oh) Mm-mhm ('cause you know you're my love, yeah) I said, I said

  • I felt like this is for Jennie HMMMMMMMMMMM

    • @Catherine Ogang jennie is an ex, I’m the new one

    • @kayla iz lmao who u

    • actually he wrote it for me !!

  • this is why I always say my hearing is this really bad I've been hearing "I said I'm a flower girl is this yours" 0:49

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