10.000 KM Bike review Royal Enfield Himalayan (2018) - BS4

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Want to know what gear & equipment I use?

Two months ago I left Delhi, India and rode my brand-new 2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan across India, Myanmar, Thailand and into Malaysia.
After 10.000 kilometers of riding, I am talking about 4 topics in this video:
- General Specs
- Modifications I did on the bike
- Spare parts / tools that I carry
- What I love and hate about this bike.
NOTE1: People have been asking about my opinion on this motorcycle. And that's what this video is about. My honest opinion :) I am in no way an expert, I'm just talking about my experiences with riding this motorbike and my thoughts about it.
NOTE2: The tyres that I've been riding on so far, are the original tyres from India (CEAT). If you buy this motorbike outside of India, they come standard with MT-60 tyres which are higher quality.
NOTE3: In addition to the spare parts I've been showing - I am also carrying a spare spark plug and spare battery with me!
NOTE4: My height is 1.68 meter with quite short legs :)
I tried to cover as much as possible in this 20-minute video, but without a doubt there will be topics which I could not cover now. But don't worry! I will be riding my Royal Enfield Himalayan 2018 around the world for quite a bit longer!
I am now preparing the bike for the next big leg of journey - and I have another 30.000 kilometers ahead of me. So there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about other aspects of this motorbike.
If you want to follow the rest of my journey - you can follow me on the below channels as well:
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  • Noraly you are a terrific travel mate. I got a feeling you are talking to me while watching. Also, I got a feeling sitting next to you on the bike which gives a 'live' feeling. You have one or two gadgets I didn't have in the 1980s while travelling behind the Irion curtain (the Soviet empire). Hade to rely on Russian paper maps. Not an easy task. This marvellous ARdown hasn't been invented as well as the Internet. Not to forget, the smartphone. Anyway Noraly, you make my day. Thumbs up!

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  • Great video. The boxes look like the Trax system by SW Motech, made in Germany (just a few km from where I live;-))

  • Noraly, Royal Enfield should sponsor you and make you their spokesperson!!!

  • the suspension travel has commonly been a major issue reported in this bike so your suspension compliment seems suspicious to me

  • Noraly, I'll post this here after watching you change the tire in Argentina in the hope you monitor these comments. I'm a Mountain Biker here in Western North Carolina where the trails are steep and the Mt. Laurel thorns are long. The most important piece of kit I always carry after tubes and water are several pairs of Venom Steel Rip Resistant Industrial Gloves from Medline Industries. Whether these or some other surgical gloves, they're invaluable for working on the drive train. And doing dishes ;-}

  • Noraly, you are simply great and simple. I just came across your video and now I subscribed to your videos! What an excellent review you gave for this Himalayan 411cc. I'm in Oklahoma, USA. I own a Harley 883 since 2008. But after seeing you ride this Himalayan, I ordered the 2021 US version yesterday!!

  • One guy in a shop once told me; Better have and not need, than to need and not have. I bring that word of wisdom with me every-time I'm about to buy something that I'm not sure if I'll need or not.

  • Hi! I’m a great fan. This is to inform that you could put an abs on and off switch into your handlebar on Basanti. The wire will come from the abs fuse box underneath your seat. I just saw it in youtube “Must For Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners !! switchable Abs” on this caption. It’s on hindi, though it might help. You can discuss with your mechanic. Love you.

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    • I got your height from description. 1.68m

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  • Thinking of buying the 2020 model here in Cambodia. I do like riding on-road MOST of the time but want the option to go off occasionally (and most of the roads here are bad anyway). To this point I've only been riding a 250 Suzuki Volty, which I enjoy, but I don't want to sacrifice the fun aspect of the power I get on-road. Would I be sacrificing that significantly with this bike? Alternatively, I could go for the RE Interceptor 650 (although this wouldn't like the majority of Cambodia's roads). Thanks!

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  • Hi Noraly. Have been so inspired by your videos so far in season 1, I've only gone and bought myself a 2018 built Himalayan. Really looking forward to riding the Himalayan. Your such an inspiration to many, myself included. Keep safe & ride safe. Dave Clugston.

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  • This bike is for power not speed that people misinterpret.

    • Parag Devghare it’s 24 HP, that’s very little HP

  • looking at the condition and environment of the road you went through, certainly a decent and sufficient horsepower are enough. Knowing how the fix the motorbike problem for example changing tire is a big plus!

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  • Insurance company: do you plan to ride outside of India with this vehicle ma’am? Yes

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