Gabbie Hanna tried to EXPOSE Trisha Paytas... (it didn't work)

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Let's talk about everything that's been going on between Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna...
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  • That ‘somebody’ was Rachel Oats. I know she’s not as famous as the others but seriously… use her name.

  • Gabbi thinks anyone who is cordial to her means friendship / Trisha thinks it's just acquaintanceship. Now tell me who is in the wrong?

  • Dear God, please accept Gabbie Hanna in exchange for Jenna Marbles. Sincerely, everyone

  • yay nice one for respecting trish’s pronouns a lot of people just disregard them ):

  • I think gabbie was probably told by a therapist that she's doing all these things but instead of hearing that she herself is the problem she heard the other way that others are the problem

  • (We stan respecting pronouns) Gabbie just wants attention, and shes getting it, so I guess she won and Trisha just needs to let Gabbie dig her own grave lmao

  • She just never been punched in the face. Its a thing.

  • Here's how we solve this problem: Fucking ignore it. Grow up for 4 seconds and realize this isn't a real problem and move on lmao

  • I'm not a Trisha or Gabbie stan, but also, didn't Gabbie said she wasn't friends with Trisha when she told Jason that Trisha had Herpes? So... I don't think this is a particular mental health issue, I just think she is a compulsive liar.

  • We just need to start completely ignoring Gabbie. How pathetic to try to convince the world someone was friends with you when they’re yelling out they weren’t.

  • We love a channel that respects pronouns

  • Imagine CONVINCING someone you were friends...... i would be so ashamed lol

  • I wish the worst upon gabby. Waste of space in gods green earth.

  • Gabbie is so fucking annoying and Trisha is being so mature about this whole thing, so proud of Trisha

  • Gabbie needs to get offline. You can see the physical toll on her just by the way she looks. She needs to take a damn break


  • lmao gabbie is plain trashh

  • Gabbie and Shallon Lester have the same vibe to me, bet they could be "good" friends and cancel each other out with their toxicity lol

  • Looking at her move makes me uncomfortable.

  • i didn't know trish was non-binary? where did they announce it?

  • The gag is, that no one in the entire internet was losing sleep over wether or not Trisha and GH were friends, except for GH herself. Like seriously noooo one was in anyone's mentions asking to clarify that. No one gaf

  • no one gonna talk about gabbie continuously misgendering trisha too? they use they/them pronouns

  • its funny to watch 30 year olds act like children

  • I am so proud of Trisha, they're doing so well with their growth

  • trisha posts an emoji and gabbie calls it bullying? What the fuck....lmao

  • maybe i’m living under a rock but why is she referring to trisha with gender-neutral pronouns?

  • Friendly acquaintances are different then friends.

  • I love that you’re respecting trishas pronouns

  • My perspective on friendship is it has to be mutual. I will ask people “hey you wanna be friends? We get along quite well.” If they say no it’s no. If they say yes we’re friends. I have a feeling Trisha might view it the same way. Edit: Gabby! Respect their pronouns even people who hate Trisha are respecting their pronouns! L

  • So, what you're saying is that Gabbi is basically that Nice Guy who takes your courteous or friendly smile as a sign you want to go home with him?

  • Also, why is she calling Trisha "she" when they said their pronouns are "they"??

  • didn't gabbie say that the reason she couldn't ask trisha about her std and told Jason about it was because they weren't friends then

  • you're really cool for using trisha's preferred pronouns

  • Gabbie seems unhinged. I hate to see her face and I wish she’d go away...but here I am watching the video.

  • Gabbie stay mad!!! Girl if your esteem is that bad that you stay mad go fix it !!!!

  • wait Trisha is non-binary?

  • Trisha seems like she’s over the drama. I think gabby and Trisha were the same, they both needed help and it seems like Trisha got it and got over her childish ways and gabby can’t accept that.

  • Why would Gabby think someone being friendly makes them a personal friend? So basic human kindness is so rare you immediately think someone being nice is a super close friend?

  • I think TRISHA PAYTES and GHABBIE HANA are friends

  • I’m starting to be afraid of gabbie

  • side note: cant gabbie just respect trishas pronouns?

  • Crazy how Gabby is almost a senior citizen and is worried THIS MUCH about somebody saying they weren’t her friend. She doesn’t have mental issues she just knows how to stir the pot to get her videos views! Remember people, Drama makes her pockets grow.

  • thank you for using trishas correct pronouns. i dont like them, but they do deserve human decency.

  • thank you for using trisha's correct pronouns!

  • Anyone notice how Gabbie just completely mispronouned Trish? When was that comment made? Was it before or after they announced that they go by they\them pronouns?

  • One of the things that I find disturbing is how Gabbie keeps misgendering Trisha. Cmiiw but Trisha’s pronouns are they/them right?

  • Gabbie should’ve respected Trisha’s pronouns

  • Gabbie Hanna SUCKS like ewwwwww go read a book

  • Im sorry, when did i miss trisha’s new pronouns? Do they use new ones?

  • I read the title and uncontrollably said “again”

  • It's weird when you hear the words gabby Hanna poetry and Oscar wilde in the same sentence. Even if its the Gen x Oscar wYlde. 🥴 Jus' sayan gorls 🤭

  • I feel really bad for Trisha because they're getting gaslighted from Gabbie and Trisha just wants to let go of their negative past

  • Gabby wants Trisha do be her friend sooooooooooo bad

  • Gabbie should be put back in high school so someone can rock her shit. Legit looks like the only way she’s gonna learn

  • I’m proud that Trisha is growing, good for them 😌

  • I don't know either one idk why I'm here but I've researched narcissists and Gaby is very much fitting the profile. Yikes.

  • Does Trisha use they/them pronouns? I've been noticing you use it for Trisha a lot in your videos.

  • They should just be... Friends

  • it makes me mad that people who got rich just being on the internet can actually afford the treatment for their personality disorders but completely refuse to admit theyre awful, mentally unwell people meanwhile i see so many people online with mental illness who want to get better so badly but they have no way of getting treatment

  • arent they supposed to be adults ? sounds like some teenage bullshit to me

  • Trisha isn’t even fighting with Gabbie. They have Gabbie the benefit of the doubt to squash past drama and she’s STILLL going at it. They even posted a 2 minute video showing REAL proof that Gabbie was lying and she still posting and making videos about something she admitted wasn’t true. Like wtf.

  • shoutout to tea spill for using trishas they/them pronouns!! i feel like everyone ignores it

  • Ugh i hate both of these garbage people. I hate Trisha for always being in other people’s business. She is so annoying and irritating. And I hate Gabbie for the obnoxious way she acts. She is so pathetic, trying to lie about Trisha being friends with her (although I am not sure who would even want to be friends with Trisha)

  • Trisha posts AN EMOJI and Gabbie comes for her lmfao Gabbie get your life together no one who's truly happy will keep coming for someone the way Gabbie is literally verbally attacking Trish

  • I feel like Gabbie is just milking this “drama” and trying to use trish for clout.

  • 3:40 always using the Gabbie furiously typing meme lmao

  • Can we also talk about how Gabbie refuses to respect Trisha’s pronouns?

  • lmaoooo even a drama channel is tired of this drama

  • gabbie has the creative karen haircut so um ......she is alr karenized

  • Goes to show drama doesn’t end in your 30’s

  • Bruh gabbie really acts like she’s schizophrenic

  • thank u for respecting trishas pronouns so many people don't omfg

    • YES omg people are so dumb 😤👋🙄

  • I love the fact that your using Trisha’s preferred pronouns and gabby can’t even respect that through and still claims to be their friend?

  • I swear gabbie is sooo obsessed with Trisha😭😭plas

  • her life circles everyone but herself in her life its actually sad

  • Wait, minute 9.06. Gabbie‘s T-shirt‘s print should mean kiss right? Then why are the two s‘ written like the Nazi organization Schutzstaffel or SS for short, I may be reading into this a bit too much but if I am right Gabbie should think twice about what she wears smh.

  • Gabby seems like that girl in highschool who thought she was like Regina George but was really a Gretchen without the redeeming quakities

  • I can't help but feel as though Gabbie is going downhill, and she knows that, so after seeing Trisha thriving and doing so much better mentally and socially that she can't handle it

  • Trisha is like a totally different Trisha now! Yeah she's still the same woman with the same personality but without the chaotic ups and downs. Seeing her progress is so inspirational, who would have ever believed that Trisha Paytas would be the one trying to de-escalate and squash drama?! I'm so glad to see how happy and stable she is now :) Gabbie on the other hand is infuriating. I know she could be going through a manic episode right now so I'm trying not to take anything she says seriously but my patience is running out.

  • Thank you for respecting their pronouns babe xx

  • 1:26 before u start talking about what i wanted to know, why can’t ppl just save their sponsors for the end


  • trisha has grown so much and you can tell in their tweets, that’s stuff a therapist teaches you. they’re learning and won’t deal w mindless stuff like gabby, who not to mention continued to call trisha She. like ??? i wouldn’t want that friendship either. 😐

  • Video starts at 1:24

  • I hate Trisha as much as the next guy, but Gabbi misgendering them pisses me off so much. Whether intentional or not, it's teaching her stans that it's ok to do it to a trans person they don't like; it's teaching them that the most basic respect for trans people is conditional and can be taken at any time, for any reason

  • I love that you respected Trisha pronouns

  • Let's sign the biggest petition ever to just pay a group of the finest therapists for Gab. Like, we need to stop her. 😂🤣 Even tho I don't care for her music, she should focus on it. Periodtttt. She say she only need do to music, she live for it yadayada. Why is she still talking about drama related stuff then..... Please stop this walking disaster.

  • as someone who A. is studying psychology on a grad level B. Is an adhd diagnosed person. She is showing signs of the comorbidity between bipolar and ADHD. A lot of ADHD patients have been diagnosed with Bipolar I or II. And a lot of Bipolar patients have doctors who ignore the symptomatology of ADHD. She clearly has shown manic and depressive symptomatology online. I don't know if its for show but if it isn't??? she truly needs to find either another therapist, or a psychiatrist....or both. Both is the right path for her. Also her commentary over BPD was not the best take. As a Psych undergrad, that really was a bad take on that diagnosis.

  • I get Trisha from 5 years ago vibes from Gabbie, yikes.....

  • You used Trishas pronouns 🥺

  • Gabbie Hannah is ageing so horribly. 🙄

  • Is trisha using they/them pronouns now?!

  • She needs the attention, She lacks true affection, Her reflection is her projection, What a life she lives, So empty and broken, The way she treats others, Their torment her token, She needs the validation, She lacks imagination, Her frustration is her medication, The people she bullies, They hope she will change, A delusional assortment, Gabbie is deranged. ~A poem for Gabbie Hanna

  • Ethan is the friend trishas needed, I'm so glad she has better people with her now

  • I luv the video but we need to appreciate the correct use of Trisha's pronouns

  • gabbi have something wrong with her 100%

  • wait I'm confused why is Trisha being referred as "they?"

  • does trish go by they/them?

  • gabby not respecting trisha’s pronouns of they/them.... wow what a friend

  • Is nobody gonna say anything about gabbie misgendering trisha-