The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! - Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

تم نشره في 2021/04/28
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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro finally fixes a problem that I've been having with OLED displays on laptops and it's probably the best display I've ever seen!
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  • Is that a prototype? They say its has an aluminium chassis... Why did it flex like that????

  • Totally convinced me to stay away from it.

  • Thanks Guys ! - You just saved me from hitting the preorder purchase button, thankfully. Close call. 😁

  • *first laptop with a good oled display* *ips laptop is better in every way, including display*

  • Bloody oled again , I have had Oled T'vs' Phones and now it's a laptop. thing...damn you to hell with your perfect i have to have a another burn in device...This all started with my first Plasma TV....a Panny 42 inch from 2008...damn you burn in.......except of course i've yet to get burn in on any of my screens, including my 13 year old Panny Plasma.Perhaps i'm lucky , or perhaps i'm cautious and don't run any of my screens at over half brightness.....perhaps that's it. Nice laptop btw ..especially like the bottom mounted click pad feature :-)

  • Why we still doing OLED? Took so long to catch on that it's already beaten by mini Leds lol

  • Cool !

  • Typical samsung....Outstanding display, Garbage everything else.

  • Let's kiss everytime he chuckles.

  • dell should stick to making laptops and drop there prebuilt gaming pc's

  • How good is the AMOLED screen on this laptop

  • Still oled sucks lol

  • Really hoping the chassis flex is just due to it being a sample. Was about to preorder one until I saw this video.

  • Wait so is the base on this plastic? The specs say its aluminum with a magnesium plate.

  • I just returned the surface book 3 because I wanted to use it outside and the display was terribly reflective. I guess I'm skipping on this one too...

  • I L❤VE SAMSUNG #samsung

  • I was just planning to purchase one but after seeing this video don't know why I'm feeling like I may not buy one

  • I got a toy scope with a bad camera... I think I would sell it to a kid who would like it as much as I did if i could find one... and sell it for cheap with all the stuff I added to the kit. However I would consider buying an old used scope and then mounting my mirrorless camera to it. Would be really cool if there was a way to use the camera auto focus commands via the Z body connector pins to focus the scope and also add some vibration reduction from the IBIS. The Z5 isn't the biggest or best camera but in the future the Z system might be fairly beefy. Digitizing a cheap old scope would be cool... also I could subsidize the cost of digitizing the scope since my camera was bought for other things and adapting to it work is basically a free use case.

  • I think I would try to use a pattern like a bayer pattern and use blue pixels instead of greens since bayer sensors use two greens and one of each red and blue... make a display with same pattern but two blues and one red and one green.

  • After using a spider X calibrater on my 4k XPS 15 it looks absolutely amazing.

  • 10:08 Wrong. LG Display also makes OLED panels for laptops such as the Lenovo X1 Fold.

  • As for the telescope, maybe you should try Oppo find x3 pro [Doggie]

  • I'd trade chassis hardness for thinness and lightness anyday

  • A bit disappointed Samsung did not add a touchscreen unlike the earlier Galaxy Book S. The Galaxy Book Pro is supposed to be a more advanced Book S.

  • This is such a fail...

  • I’ve been watching a ton of other reviews and not a single one has mentioned the flex issues. Could yours be a defective model, or did everyone else just not notice?

  • That flex though 😬

  • So Samsung was lying on their presentation? Here this laptop looks so trash

  • 2:00 this

  • can you guys check out the new oled xps 13 that came out this month?

  • Oh crap, who said OLED is good for anything? It is not, especially for laptop if you care about your eyes.

  • i love the "i didn't expect it to make that noise" just proves ur point a million percent, i hope samsung listens to that feed back

  • On an oled, there is no such thing as a numbered contrast can't divide by 0 Edit @8:41 There are more but smaller green pixels....that's kinda the standard way to do it

  • I was so excited about this laptop, it feels like they sent you a prototype or something, I'll wait for other reviewers

  • But where is the DVD drive?

  • Best TVs are still qled, best 13 inch laptop screen is the new iPad. Oled still has too many issues


  • Got a 4k dell xps 15 and the screen is really glossy. Awesome screen, but the reflex makes it garbage.

  • touchscreens are for weak people who can't use keyboard shortcuts

  • A masterpiece from the king of innovation Samsung 🔥

  • iphone 6 gang

  • Might be hitting the adderall a bit hard there mate - teeth can't get more than 3mm apart.

  • A laptop with Oled display is the worse you can give to your eyes because of PWM.

  • Better Chassi and not reflective touch screen and i will buy it...

  • is that worth it? 1200$ 🤦‍♂️

  • I only care about power and battery life on a laptop. 1080p is more than enough to me. Oh and a nice compact aluminum design

  • HP Spectre x360 has a phenomenal OLED display

  • short circuit not so short ):

  • I don’t understand why the flex is such a big deal? Its a laptop not a kids toy.

  • 06:54 "I figured that you'd have a noticeably better black levels on the OLED" Yeah you would if you weren't in a brightly-lit video recording studio lol.

  • No one Literally not one soul Not one person with half a brain Not even engineers Alex: if you use the product where you feel most comfortable you’ll have a great experience No shit Sherlock

  • I think i rather pay 200e more for this pc if the design is borderless beater speakers(front speakers) and a stronger design...this is sad bc it s not very good pc otherwise but it doesn t feel as a macbook class in terms of hardware.

  • honest review

  • Got an ad for galaxy book pro when watching this well done yt

  • What a piece of garbage.

  • it went downhill as soon as you opened the box

  • clicking the trackpad from the bottom isn't a design flaw, it's a feature

  • Its not a finished product! :/

  • The headache is due to Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), which is a technique used to decrease brightness of screens, it make the screen flickers at high speeds which may cause headache for some people, and by the way it's used for both LCD and OLED but the effect is more pronounced on OLED...

  • I used lcd :(

  • That sarcastic "ahhhh" 0.30

  • Like si no entendiste 😀👍

  • U need to open your mouth... properly.

  • Its like getting everthing perfect on a exam, than forget to write your name on it.

  • Yes my screen is incredible it's so sad going from my phone to my 4k TV this little phone is just so vibrant and sharp it's incredible

  • Someone who will buy this laptop can please go to the Microsoft Store and copy-paste here the link of the Quick Share so we can extract the package and use it also on non-Samsung laptops? Thanks in advance!

  • When you don't want to give something to someone but you are compelled to give @Samsung_Packaging

  • They make it so bendy for lighter weight and better cooling. They explain those in the unpacked.

  • ahahaha I could click from the bottom with a lenovo ideapad a few years ago, what a crapload this was

  • I am a Samsung Fan but the only draw back is the touchpad issue cuz of the really weak chasis.

  • Flex issues... It’s the sacrifice Samsung is making for being so light (13.3 weighs like 1.7lbs I think) & thin.

  • very cool but man the blues hurt my eyes for some reason

  • Its an Engineering Sample, stop sh*tting on the build quality!

  • Poor choices 1. Mirror like display coating. 2. Too much flex. 3. Unneeded thinness. 4. Two thunderbolts? Why? 5. Very boring design.

  • The 360 should be better build than the pro

  • Okay yes it’s sponsored cause samsung laptops suck

  • You're not supposed to view white text on a black background. There's a reason why eye strains happen 🤦‍♂️

  • I think the reason you used to get headaches with older oled panels is because of PWM flicker. All the older gen oleds on laptops had PWM, some companies configured it to 60hz while others 240hz, and most didnt have any pwm at 100% brightness and when plugged in with power. Even phones have pwm at lower brightness but they are flickering at a very high frequency. Lower the frequency, higher the chances of eye strain and headaches. There also used to be an intel igpu driver issue which made oled screens' pwm default at 60hz. Samsung also had several versions of said oled panels which had a pentile arrangement of pixels and it made texts or gradients look terrible

  • Wait until Apple uses their xdr tech on their upcoming MacBook pros. It will be gg for all other laptops.

  • Best laptop display oh that's a fucking mirror

  • Samsung is the best

  • The guys were probably doing their stuff on a zoom meeting so they couldn't explain what is a problem with chasis🤣

  • For $1300+, I expect a lot more. Also I notice on their preorder site, the pricing is deceptive. At first, I'm thinking "yeah, $450 sounds reasonable for the base model"... And then I noticed that the Trade-In For Credit option is checked by default. For shame, Samsung, that's borderline predatory.

  • I am watching on a cracked LCD screen..

  • 6:26 The oled is horribly calibrated. There's smearing and screen-tearing. This was a very sad and laughable attempt from Samsung. If they were going for a thin screen, they nailed it. If they were going for good oled, they failed hard. Also, the oled 'did' have clearer colors thanks to deeper blacks. But, no one is going to complain about the Dell XPS15, either. Not worth it for the smearing and tearing. Not to mention they couldn't even get it up to 700 nit peak brightness.

  • That laptop is one hot garbage

  • Does the 13" body on the Pro 360 flex as much?

  • even though they have a good display with good contrast ratio,(cuz its oled) because it doesn't have the anti-reflective coating or something, so the actual contrast ratio that you see will be worse under bright light. Also, because the display is oled, if you do some work with showing same screen for long time, it will get burn in so fast. But, I think its still good enough laptop.


  • yeah um...seen the specs on all 4 galaxy books..I mean some might like the portability and lightweight and all that but you sacrifice ALOT in performance and ventilation and less ports, I thought the galaxy book pro 360 with tis 360 screen flip to a tablet would be good but then i saw the specs... the GPU is still 11th gen so it won't go farther than 1.1 TFLOPS (tf lmao) .... only the 12th gen Intel igpu have the iris Xe Max which goes up to 2.53 tflops bu thats a discrete/dedicated GPU a.k.a dgpu the 12th gen intel igpu can go up to about 2tflops ..mean while we have the apple M1 that goes up to 2.61 Tflops lol and was put so far in 5 apple devices, the late 2020 macbook air, late 2020 macbook pro, late 2020 mac mini, mid 2021 imac and mid 2021 ipad pro ...I've said it before for now so far the ipad pro is slight beating intel so for now it's the most powerful tablet in the world..ever so slight i mean if they can find a way to put an intel iris pro max gpu on a tablet but even then the ipad pro still by a light edge outpeforms that gpu and thats a discrete gpu the apple igpu is beating lol .... the galaxy book not even worth my time...the onl of the 4 galaxy book notebooks/laptops worth gettign would be the galaxy oddisey which so far samsung hasn't yet made an official page yet for that or the galaxy book plain...all 4 of these are ultral light laptops... andn ot even the odissey can compete with the likes of razer or asus or others because samsung is not know for making powerful laptops lol looks nice..i dig it but meh..idk... cause even the m1 SoC from apple beats the performance of at least 3 of those notebooks... the oddissey is the only one thats gonna be having a geforce 3050 Ti ( hopefully not that crappy max q kind but likely it will be that given the thin form factor sacrificing performance for thin and weight which i get why some like it but it ain't for me) you're sacrificng alot of performance .the 3050 ti (max-p ) can go up to 7.6 tflops...respectable gpu performance but i want the best.. and sure af other laptops are waaaaay more pwerful with their rtx 3080 laptops so i'll go with those (and regular or max p version onon of that max q crap) with their new Core Evo approach and nvidia with their max q approach... both of them now want to make laptops slimmer with ther chips but look at what you re sacrificing by makign them light and smaller...( unless oyou have an external GPU) nah uhif i wanted something light but could have the most pwoerful gpu i can put on it even if iys throuhg a module i'd rather get the asus flow x13 with the asus ROG XG mobile module and get up to 22.2 tflops of power vs a measily 1.1 tflops from the galaxy books that use that 11th gen intel igpus lol...not even the 12th gen dgpu can help either with up to 2.5 tflops..the apple m1s gpu is more powerful than even that from intel lol ..and the fact the oddisey will give you a 3050 ti (max q (likely) or max p) will only go up 7.6 tflops respectable and ok but nowhere near what other options you get from other laptops with nvidia dgpus for laptops.... even if the geforce 3080 is built into the laptop you'll get about 19 tflops from that lol waaay more than what intel is offering or wth is the point of the galaxy books? lol well some might wanted for performance and dig the pro 360 and oddissey but not enough performance grunt for me thanks Samsung but no thanks lol ... intel core evo and geforce ma x q are meant for these kinds of laptops but to me performance means more than portability i mean we dont have giant laptops liek before they got smaller but some are still beefy but at least those give you no compromise in performance even the razer blade 12 ,pro 17 and studio are awesome notebooks with respectable above average power and if you want the big kahunas you go for something ilike an Alienware area 51m or that awesome dual display laptop from asus... nice try samsung but i'll stick with performance over portability..i mean apart from the odyssey's m1 still slightly beats it lol but i do like the 360s flip screen and its actually in a convertible tablet form which i like but the fact it still uses 11th gen intel GPU tech ...yeah no lol might have been worth it ..maybe with intel 12th gen gpu tech least it then would go up to 2.5 tflops.. (apple's m1 still slight more powerful than that even lol) i rather get me razer blade pro 17, ,asus flow x13 with the asus rog xg mobile so i can have the most powerful laptop around but then again theres other companies who make egpus meaning you can put literally an rtx 3090 in an egpu case and connected to razer laptop lol ...but the one from asus is a egpu MODULE not an egpu case like the others, you'd be sacrificing ALOT of performance with those kidns of laptops... just because some people don't want to lift heavier laptops lol ..look at lal the performance you're giving up with making the laptops thin and light lol at least asus mad an egpu module to make its thin and light laptop powerufl because it hasa decent spu but the x13s dgpu inside is shit lol thats the the rog xg mobile egpu module turns that laptop into a beast ..i jsut wished they crammed that power inside the laptop but then that would make the laptop chunkier but it' a good alternative than getting a laughble gou performance from thin and light laptops that rely solely on their igpus and dont even come with dgpus..ifsamsungwants to be competitive in the laptop sector they need to have hardware that match or surpass those from razer,asus and others

    • @Saline ever heard of STFU ^_-? grammar police, maybe I didn't felt like writing in paragraphs so why don't you go sip a cup of sthu instead of trying to correct people's grammar, don't you have something better to do? lmao

    • Ever heard of paragraphs?

  • Comparing black levels in a bright lit enviroment is not uuuh..ideal.

  • He really needs to review the galaxy book ion though

  • The Galaxy One has a Numbers Block. That alone makes it superior as a work machine already.

  • My 2013 Samsung ATVI was 5 years ahead of its time. I cried when I start making laptops. I'm stoked for this

  • OLED burn in on a laptop is gonna suck

  • OLED does not belong on laptops. Horrible burn in coming soon

    • @x.iso For laptops you view content on a static screen way more than you would on a phone, so burn is much more likely to happen. You're right though, newer panels are a little less susceptible. But the lifespan of the color blue in particular is still pretty bad in OLED. Ultimately mini/microLED would be better but not there yet. Hopefully 1-2 years we can get best of both worlds.

    • isn't that a problem with older OLED's? at least on my current phone I don't see any signs of burn in happening, while it was noticeable on 2 previous ones. all of them with different versions of OLED of course.

  • The OLED screens give you headaches because of the PWM flicker of 120hz. I'll pass on OLED. Mini LED has potential but until then I'll take plain LED that rtings or notebookcheck has tested for flicker.

  • This one time at band camp samsung made a laptop. Wait a moment they have and it sucks

  • I'm buying that book pro

  • I always type slow so I really don't notice any flex in any laptop ( I type 32 wpm)