My NEW Living Room (Studio) Upgrades

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Finally upgrading our studio setup with a new Sony TV and Sony soundbar! Would you add these to your living room?
Find them here:
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Sony HT-G700 Dolby Atmos soundbar:
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  • that was the best review ive seen.thanks for the info. just ordered the soundbar from best buy, open box, excellent condition,$400 OTD. TV wise have a X900H 65 inch. but whatever you do don't tell Sony I play Xbox and pre-ordered the new series X lol

  • Quick question where can I get that tv stand from?

  • hey man . great video . quick question why you went for Sony tv and not something like LG CX especially when it comes for gaming

  • It's.... UrAvgConsumer with convenience tech over quality.... Here's a Sony soundbar for no proper surround sound... Only for the convenience of not having to wire up speakers... Tech users love to go backwards with inferior (latest) products 😆😆😆😆

  • Sony X800h doesn't have a eArc port. So how did you experience Atmos? Since, gt700 needs eArc to experience atmos.

  • Impressive!

  • It's... UrNotAvgConsumer

  • UrAvgMillionaireConsumer

  • How is a soundbar Bluetoothed from a phone going to sound good?! 🤔😆

  • UrAvgGayBoyWithAPiercedEar

  • You should review the LG GX oled

  • Men I wish you be my friend my living room need help and some money

  • Sorry bro but I have to give it thumbs down how there surround sounds with Dolby Atmos is 🤢I gave it away htst5000 in exchange with Bose 700 and Bose 700 is still king of the hill. The hstst5000 sound good in stores but when it's installed at home it's garbage and I do have the E-Arc

  • How much debt are you in?

  • Can you pls review the hw q60t Samsung soundbar

  • What was the movie at 3:38??

  • Sony advertising

  • What camera do you use to fillm?

  • What camera are you using to shoot your videos? SUPER CLEAN!

  • What movie is that lol ??

  • my setup: sony x950h 55 inch jbl bar 9.1 seagate 5tb portable hdd for movies

  • Yo bruv we got the exact same setup! how mad is that? click on the red dragon twice and have a look but please bear in mind, mine is the 'welfare version' lol

  • Z9f or g700

  • Very good this soundbar.

  • Bro I am about to puchase soundbar yamaha yas 209 or Sony HT G700 please put ur feedback. Alexa integration doesn't matter to me. I am cinema Dolby & DTS sound lover. Which should I go between this two soundbar.

  • why is bruh sitting like that

  • My guy still uses Spider-Man: Homecoming when legit Far From Home came out a year ago

  • Will they do rear speakers for this soundbar?

  • "uraverageconsumer" indeed, 600$ soundbar lol

  • Why do u mute the part when you say “Alexa” ??

  • This sound bar is it good for gaming ?

  • What movie was that look like king king but not king king

  • Bro tell me the best tv in every video you tell about a new tv I don’t understand tell us the best

  • Mann ive watched most of your ARdown video and I think you really need to change the name ......... Cause I'm an average citizen and the stuff you consume is way past what I can afford

  • How does this compare to the HTZ9F?

  • What’s the title of the movie

  • Can I get a link to that necklace, straight 🔥

  • Why was Alexa muted

  • Where did you get that tv stand?

  • Does anybody know what movie was that Jud was playing with the gorilla chasing a car

  • Bruh just pass the damn name to somebody else because you’re definitely not an average consumer

  • So crazy, I remember when you had like 50k subs including me....smh...sweet come up!

  • Can you plug this bar to any ARC TV set even when not Sony brand?

  • "A couple cool stuff......"

  • Im proud of his success on you tube. You have worked hard for all of your blessings and thanks for sharing. I hope to come over to play you in some Marvel Avengers Game stay fly and dope 1. God Bless

  • what UrAvgConsumer forgot to mention that this TV has an IPS panel. Which means poor black levels and contrast but great viewing angles. Additionally, this is a 60 hz panel, so if you're gamers this TV isn't for you.

  • What kind of tv stand is that?

  • carl passed the vibe check

  • You should review the Sonos ARC

  • Got this a week ago and it doesn’t sound THAT good. This video overhyped it :(

  • It's weird every black youtuber that I have watched are actually funny much more funnier than the white youtubers

  • You're going to put PS5 in your room

  • That soundbar is so big it looks like a metal beam lol

  • My understanding is that if the speaker isn’t up firing it’s not true Dolby atmos?

  • how is alexa a bad word

  • What’s goin on guys

  • I had that soundbar but wasn't feeling it.. sound was ok. Then I found Samsung HW-Q70T(2020) the quality of the sound is way better.

  • what's the chance of this going on sale for Black Friday

  • What’s the name of the video/movie with King Kong ?

  • This sound bar has only one hdmi input.

  • You need to start getting side show statues or other brands

  • Does the soundbar work with a samsung tv

  • This tv has eARC?

  • Dope sound bar...Wait...was that all Spiderman? Including the king Kong scene?

  • Hey. What is the sound Atmos quality like compared to the older more expensive HT-ZF9

  • Since both TVs are now the same price...which one is better? X950G or the X900H?

  • This is wack, this guy is amping. Atmos on those units are barley noticeable, got one from Best Buy and took it back.

  • If on a budget and need a soundbar, JBL 2.1 soundbar is under $300 range and features Dolby atmos aswell :)

  • I live in a apartment, should I get this? Or should I not be that guy with the loud system in a apartment lol

  • Compares to sony st5000 which is better?

  • What couch is that?

  • Who is the 45th President of the United States? TRUMP!!!!!!! 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 2:29 Carl looks high asf right there

  • Really great enjoyed videos

  • Real enjoy your videos fantastic seeing you OMG YOUR CAMERA MAN IS PERFECT YOUR VIDEO IS GOOD

  • I got a ad about huge tvs before the video 📺

  • Does the Sony 65XH9005 has the same dimensions as this TV? I'm looking to get this soundbar plus that TV. Looks pretty good together imo

  • Dope couch! Where’d you get it from?

  • So basically this guy asks companies for free shit and does an ad for them in his videos.

  • I watch and care for your channel. My subscription is genuine 🙂

  • omg if yall did a life movie vlog I would os watch and we could all watch the movie live with you I mean we not there but it would be cool to see your reaction and stuff and watch the movie

  • Bro you live in america because I also live there I wanna meet you

  • Introducing the new Sony xtwyxjxo7103jsndksn7283hdhdb700

  • This dude gets new gear sent to him everyday for free so I can't trust any of his reviews.

  • Where'd you bought the lamp stand?

  • I just saw another review of g700 and from what I can hear, see and read, this may be the sweet spot for many consumer. But want to see more unsponsored video about this product before buying it.

  • The whole video is only about Sony's 2 products.

  • It’s really impressive 🥰😍

  • Also it's just a new tv and s speaker

  • How much did they pay him? Hmu with dat sponsorship

  • This is the best commercial I’ve seen in a while

  • 4:51 bro he looks so weird in that vid tho

  • Dolby Atmos. Just hung my speakers in the ceiling. DOLBY ATMOS complete! 👏👏👏

  • 1:52 I tought he was in front of the tv

  • A whole ad

  • the tv is soo affordable wow

  • Soon as you said sony sent it you lost all credibility

  • What a long ad lol

  • $600 in the US.... 450 euros launch price in Europe.... It's already marked down to 350 euros.... Steal or something wrong with the product?

  • I just saw after hours there 👌👌