AMD and Intel are VULNERABLE

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0:00 TechLinked is not edible
0:09 Facebook could charge a fee?
1:07 Spectre exploits for Intel and AMD
1:50 Folding iPhone?
2:35 Seasonic
3:12 Epic vs Apple trial prank called
3:42 Verizon sells AOL, Yahoo
4:21 Intel puts 3.5 Billion into fab
4:51 Discord on PS5
5:15 Amazon's liable for 3rd party products

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  • Can TechLinked do an entire video dedicated to all the learnings from the Epic-Apple trial, after it finishes? As maybe a full recap?

  • The moment Facebook starts to demand money for their services is the day FB starts to die... spectacularly.

  • They always have been

  • @TechLinked - might do a follow-up concerning Spectre. Intel said all the ones mentioned are mitigated by following it's protocols established back in 2018 when the first Spectre/Meltdown debacle came out. Per Intel "no other mitigation steps are necessary".

  • Hence why I am no longer on FB or any of it's other platforms.

  • the presenter got fatter....he is getting old, get in shape dude, the youth calory burner machine dont last forever and you are on its last legs.

  • Who would pay for a subscription to Facebook? They should be paying us after a decade of harvesting our data and selling it off to the highest bidder. lol

  • I don’t want to pay for Facebook but at the same time I pay for ARdown premium ONLY to remove ads. I don’t use any other feature. If the price isn’t stupid high, I’d be happy to pay social media if it got rid of ads.

  • Me who still has an AOl. email address

  • Well, time to switch to arm

  • the host is a Fatt Chris Pratt!

  • You don't need to collect every piece of data to monetize advertising.

  • The best way to be safe is to unplug your internet and be offline.

  • Facebook: You are not the customer, you are the object we sell to business with your data to use to target with ads. "Iphone update" - oh! WHAT!? Pay us or we will charge you -in put object name-! LOL yea right

  • nothing wrong with facbook premium.. as long as no ads... and it should allow me to customize my home page... like friendster days... :3

  • 1:50 Me, watching this on my z fold 2 - excuse me? But NOT going with Apple at least so long as Tim's at the helm.

  • California law might have just played themselves. It would very well backfire with Amazon just solely selling its own products and not at all supporting third party people. This is after all, very clearly, Amazon's devious ploy.

  • Keep facebook free of charge lmfao fuck zuckerburg his gonna kill his own platform idgaf ima just delete my accc if he tries

  • This amazon law change is VERY good, Jay's Tech Vault managed to order RADIOACTIVE FUCKING STICKERS from a third party Amazon seller. Like, come on amazon, how the FUCK does a LITERAL RADIOACTIVE STICKER get sold on your website????

  • Before investing in tech stock: Everything is well and good you should invest After investing in tech stocks: HEY HERES NEW ISSUES AND PROBLEMS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT CHANGE THE STOCK VALUE

  • If facebook require payment, maybe more people realize they dont really need it anymore

  • More Jake Host!

  • Mister Suave, ako si mister suave hay hay hay hay.

  • Foldable phone user .... Hey guys where's Austin

  • We can tell Riley directed this 😄🤣😝

  • Ohno. People will have to pay for facebook. How terrible. It will be much easier to convince people to switch from messenger. I am horrified.

  • Jake is a REALLY good techlinked host.

  • For the Love of God stop trying to be funny. 🤦🏿‍♂️ If it's not organic, then it's never going to be funny.

  • Foldable iPhone that'll be 3000$ please

  • *Don't* bring back up New Mexico's ancient battle of "Red or Green"!! The Red will never win!! 😣

  • Good presentation mate.

  • LMFAO "tourism". besides the 500 and gencon; our tourism consists of other midwesterners. as someone who grew up internationally as an expat i can say without hesitation: nobody i've had visit me here ever wants to come back.

  • 2:33 Hermès, lol, love the fashion joke.

  • I legit just found out a sixth grader in my school has a z flip... who has a z flip?!

  • I finally got access closed to my facebook account (whether my info was actually erased or not) a year ago. Best decision I've ever made on the internet.

  • Jake is a natural! Such a great voice for this

  • Boy how things have changed. A year ago Jake hosting a LMG video would be filled with endless angry comments. Glad to see everyone has calmed down.

  • >title exists >me on my m1 mac

  • Oh, you said there are lots of _shady_ products on Amazon. That's not what I heard at first...

  • WTF KURWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yahoo and AOL, eh? $5 bil 2021 vs $9 bill 2015 makes more sense haha At first I thought what the hell because i only heard AOL and not Yahoo as well.

  • More so AMD since they depend on someone else for all their CPU manufacturing ;)

  • 1:18 Literal scientific nomenclature is extremely useful, easy to remember. Just don't go and translate it into a dead language, that would complicate things, obviously. =D

  • Jake, I am sorry... but I thought that I’ve gain some weight during past covid year... but now, when I see you... I don’t feel like fatty any more. Thanks ❤️

  • wow epic lawyers are such geniuses... saying A = A that's why we need to use B lol... like why the curve ball... it doesn't make sense if you break it down to the most simple form of the matter... the email proof they want to fight with is so stupid because it proved what the old 2008 apple said was that the app marketplace experience was going to be so good that people would want to buy the future hardware because of it... and they did a 2013 email that stated as such... and thus they should break the ecosystem to gain more profit for themselves... yea... not buying it... epic can die in hell for all i care... and i hate apple but i can objectively see when they are not doing BS.... and i hate epic because they are anti-consumer.... and monopolies... yea... like as if you weren't aiming for it in PC space...

  • It really hurts to participate in the "open mouthed thumbnail pic on ARdown".... but ... I also want tech news. [winces and clicks]

  • You know we're in the weird timeline when Apple is copying Samsung

  • 9 billion, 5 billion, and I will buy it for a penny soon. YAHOOO!

  • Riley really let himself go

  • 5:26 oh gee, but where will I now get my "5G radiation-blocking" actual thorium radioactive phone stickers? :(

  • I really missed jake

  • There is many solid alternatives to facebook that dosent keep personnal info

  • Yes

  • 5:30 Not a fair ruling, Amazon is marketplace, not a distributor, if it's not housed in the Amazon warehouses, they should bear no responsibility for the safety or quality of the item. Not being pro Amazon, it's just unconstitutional to make a company responsible for products they didnt manufacture or sell directly, else you'd be able to sue your local supermarket for a cigarette that's placed upside down in the box, these types of court rulings have a ripple effect that quite frankly the judges are too stupid to see, I think it's time for a new law, when a judge passes a ruling and it's found unconstitutional afterwards, they should be held personally liable for the loss of income of said company, else they just target the big companies because 'they can afford it'.

  • Yeah no, iPhone foldable is a bad idea. Who wants a useless phone that transforms into a useless tablet, with none of the 'benefits' of those platforms

  • I still don't get that Seasonic ad. That platinum PSU is super expensive, and it has a 50.000 hour life expectancy? That's just 5 years? Your phone charger could be older than 5 years and still work fine. That's some piss-poor endurance. What will even happen with a 12 years warranty? you bring it in after 6 years and they'll tell you to fuck off because you used it for more than 50k hours? wtf

  • A jumper wire i can make for free is worth a buck.That's why the PW makers are getting away with murder with their artificially high pricing.

  • If you are hipster enough to love closed up phone that you pay for but are not the owner then throwing in social media fees shouldnt be all that weird considered the target audience.

  • Pro tip: delete Facebook. Your life will be better.

  • Facebook... PLEASE start charging. LOL. I can't wait to delete your outdated, social destructive app.

  • But the silicon packet that comes with my Technews is delicious

  • B I G L I N U S

  • So about spectre, if your pc uses a public IP with no firewall/uac/defender/updates disabled, your screwed?

  • Please don't have Jake do this

  • i like this guy.

  • i have folding phone, f.. u.

  • I dont discriminate chilies

  • Discord on PlayStation that's pretty sick ngl

  • ive never seen a red mustache before

  • Honestly, that was a really good episode. Whatever was different, keep doing it.

  • Real privacy monster is apple secretly 🤫 not Google or Facebook 😂

  • Honestly... Foldable phones are the future for anything related to multitasking so I sure hope the technology becomes widespread

  • Ah yes. More cpu vulnerabilities

  • Ick, Apple making foldables mainstream. Plz no.

  • Covid has not been kind to the weight

  • Facebook is bad

  • Yay silica gel.

  • new variations of spectre i refuse to patch as they are irrelevant and cost performance. all these leaks are so irrelevant for consumers.

  • Wow dude you have put on weight shit! How do you still fit in your BMW ?

  • I'm not interested in using Facebook when it's free so the chance of me paying for FB is less than not gonna happen.

  • Now it's tiiiiime for the quack bets!

  • pewds actually uses a foldable daily

  • I would rather pay a reasonable fee than allow businesses to collect an unknown amount of data no one knows how it will be used.

  • Can we all please agree to just pay for Facebook? If everyone paid only 25¢ a year Facebook could stop all ads and make double its record revenue.

  • Dear phone manufacturers, just stop with the foldable phones. It's a bad idea and nobody wants them. Stop creating e-waste.

  • You guys used quack bats already.

  • So much meth.... 😆

  • Now it's time for the QueefBeefs. oh..oh no.

  • Any app facebook would charge me for, I just wouldn't use.

  • How would paying for Facebook affect Oculus users??? Would I be forced to pay a damn fee or something to keep my account in order to use my headset?

  • So, Facebook wants to charge me... for selling my data?

  • Jake , u getting fluff

  • Why are you employing so many overweight people? It makes your videos hard to watch.

    • "why didnt i get the job?" "you fat lol"

  • Everyone knows Amazon won't kill us, Alexa will. oh wait.

  • Discord on PlayStation? Lol

  • Probably shouldn't be selling a 5000mW blue laser-pointer with crappy unusable laser goggles.

  • doesn't that mean less kids gonna use both, isn't that great? don't they charge people to use whatsapp back then?

  • Oh cool. So you say, if not enough people agree to being tracked, you are gonna hide the platform behind a paywall? Not like that's gonna cause a mass exodus or anything. Finally some competition would have a chance on the market

  • I hope all FB type apps start charging and it kills the lot of them.

  • Oh man I hope Facebook starts charging people haha